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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Bratislava
Main Cities: Kosice, Zilina, Presov, Poprad, Nitra, Zvolen
Population: 5,274,000 Area []: 49,040
Currency: Slovak Koruna
Languages: Slovak, Hungarian, Czech
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant

Visit Forum disco. Ladies can be found in the lobby bars. 7000 for the first night and 5000 for the second.

I had more fun in small towns, like Trnava and others, just a couple of hours driving from Bratislava. It’s so easy guys. Lots of women, you just go and chat them during the day and you’re dating after 10 minutes. Most of them will be very polite and smile at you but wont follow you just like that. You have to play them a bit, and after some failure you’ll find your girl. Trnava is a University city, and many girls speak English.

I have experience with Slovak girls in Austria. Nearly 80% of the escort girls in Vienna are Slovak. They have perfect bodies and are good looking. I cannot believe there are no brothels with beautiful girls for a good price in Bratislava. Trnava is about 1 and a half hours driving from Bratislav, direction north-west towards Poland, I dont have the map here with me but its really easy to find.

I stayed at hotel Junior, a good compromise between price and quality. Moreover it has one of the most men visited discos in Bratislava, I’ve actually met some nice girls there, which I’m still in contact with (not pro, only students or young ladies). Negative points are the loud volume at night that keeps you from sleeping until 4:00, and also the light drapes on the windows, which wakes you up at first morning light.

The best night club in the city is Casanova, Janosikova 8 in the north west part, at the bottom of the castle hill. Every time I visited I found high quality girls. I really appreciate the homy feeling of this club compared to the other more professional disco like clubs. Which open 20.00 – 4.00, 1 h cost 3500 Sk, 45min 3000 Sk, Striptease 1000 Sk. The girls change often but you’ll always find high quality good girls.
The second best club is Royal, Jelacicova 16, in the city center. Open 17.00-06.00, 1h cost 3000 Sk.

The other clubs are:
Celentano, 2600 Sk 50 minutes, Jaskovy rad.
St Pauli, Budysinska.
Rega bar, Krajna 24, 1h 2000 Sk, 2 h 3000 Sk but not nice looking girls.
Mikoviniho, Mikoviniho 2, 22.00-05.00, Hand job 700 Sk, Blow job 1500 Sk, Sex 2800 Sk for 45 minutes, Sex 3100 for 1 hour, 2 girls 3500 Sk.
Bellevue, 4000 Sk 1hour, 3000 Sk ½ hour, Osadna.
Sad krala,  in the park Sad Krala.

You can find many girls on the streets here they’re located in the area around the Tesco Supermarket until the intersections of Vajnorska and Bajkalska streets. This is including Spitalska, Steinerova, and Vajnorska Streets. The area is good for cruising in a car but be careful. The street scene starts to heat up around 10pm, but a few girls can be found earlier in the night. The best time is after 11:00pm you’ll find 20 to 30 girls working. Around American Square and Fr.Zupka Square is the spot to look if you want the best girls. The girls are mostly young and good looking. They charge 600 Slovak Crowns for a blowjob, 1200 for sex without bj, 1700 with bj. The current Exchange rate is ~47 Slovak crowns for one US dollar. After you make a deal the girl will get into your car and take you to her spot. Some girls here speak English and or German but most of them Slovak so a few key words may be helpful. Be careful of the girls you pick many junkies can be found here are bargain rates but not worth the risk.

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