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Street scene
Sparse but getting a little better. You will usually see them if they are out either in the area of the soup kitchen between 13th street and 11th street between the freeway and river street. They are all amateurs looking for a buck.

One lives in the house off of the freeway exit on 11th. She is thin with smaller tits. She must be about 40. She will do what ever you want for $30 or $40. That includes anal and you can cum in her mouth. she will also let you cum on her chest.

The other is a little chunky looking blonde about the same age. I think she just started working last summer. Total amateur. She too will let you do anything for about $20. She even swallows. You can usually see her around Community House around 3:00 when she is coming back from work at the State Buildings. I think she is a custodian up there. You will also see her down at the soup kitchen around 5:00

Aloha Spa
Is the nicest, cleanest, newest. for the most part, a friendly, fresh, attentive staff. If the girl is nice and friendly, you are okay. Some of the newer girls are hurried and bad. Usually always two girls working. Sauna, steam room, nice shower, even a a tub I’ve never seen used. There is parking in back. But I always enter through front door.
Rating: Best chance for a good time.

The Aloha Spa is very good with the right girl. There are two there. The one with the smaller tits and the long hair is the one you want. She has a good body and gets really involved with her work. The other one has better tits but she is a clock watcher and wants you to hurry up. You can pay $60 for an hour or $45 for a half hour. I usually pay $100 dollars to go around the world. You need to strip down first and get a little massage. After about five minutes grab her ass and she will ask you if you want something else.

Joe Jeans
The thin girl mentioned above from Aloha Spa (I think) was working at Joe Jeans last time I checked. Very pretty. They usually always have 1 pretty girl, 1 less pretty. Usually two girls. Parking in back behind Cresent Bar.
Rating: Best chance for a pretty girl.

I disagree with the above postings. I’ve been to Joe Jeans a few times and think it is the best of the oriental massage parlors. I must admit there are several new ones around that I haven’t sampled as yet. I know what to expect at Joe Jeans and the prices are pretty standard around town. Sixty for a massage, $40 for a hand job, and $100 for a fuck (but they will usually settle fo $80). The last time I was at Joe Jeans I got a cute little Asian that was a lot of fun. I told her that if I got undressed, she had to do the same. After a short massage we traded places and I massaged her. I paid her $80 and enjoyed a tight little pussy.

Tokyo Spa
Definitely the most cautious of the four. Rags to Riches either the best or the worst. Sometimes they import some really cute girls, but if not the uglier manager will try to help you. Short manager is good, other manager has rough hands. Entry is off Fairview, a busy street, but you can park along the side behind the hedges. They like to put you in the sauna for awhile. Last time I was there the cute girls were gone.
Rating: Most work for you. Worst chance for a first time home run. Worth it if they get new girls. Ask.

I haven’t tried Tokyo Massage on Fairview but I have been inside once. The girls look really good. The best in town. I just haven’t tried it yet. It is on a main road with the parking out in front so it is not very cool in the daytime.

World Spa
(Place behind Joe Jeans) – They just cleaned the place up and changed the name. Still the smallest and dumpiest. I agree it is the pushiest. Some of my favorite and least favorite experiences were here. Girls are generally not that cute, but energetic and accommodating. Occasionally you find a really cute girl here but she doesn’t last long. I’d ask her quietly when she will be working again and for how long. Often only seems to be one girl there. Parking along with Joe Jeans.
Rating: Best chance for a first at bat home run.

The first time I went here I didn’t know what to expect. They were busy that night. I got a Chinese girl (6 or 7) that took me to a room, collected the standard $60 and told me to undress and then took me to a steam room. She gave me a Hustler magazine and came back to get me after about 10 minutes. When we got back to the room she wasted no time telling me I could get a hand job for another $40 or FS for $100. I paid her $40 for an average hand job and felt liked I was rushed because they were busy.

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