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I was in Kathmandu immediately after the travel advisory for U.S. citizens was lifted following the assassination of the Royal family. People really wanted money, and a couple were really rude. It was not a pleasant trip; I felt too much like a hunted animal. I don’t remember my hotel name; I do remember that they wanted a lot of extra money for a girl in the room. A cab driver said he could provide women, but needed one day notice. I strolled Thamel, and saw some massage parlors, but sensed old women giving traditional massage.

I did have a good time in one of the hotel (Anna?) casinos. To my dismay, I went to a bank first and then I learned that the casino gives a better exchange rate than the banks, and give U.S. dollars for USD T/C. The blackjack rules are very good. All cards are dealt face up and one can play up to seven hands at once. Even with several decks in the shoe, those are great rules, and I had a rare winning session. Some pharmacies have Indian Viagra clones. VCDs are cheaper than in Bangkok, about the same as in the Angeles.

I went in August.The Thai embassy will do non-im visas, but I forgot my marriage certificate (as usual). Some embassies, including the Manila embassy, want to see the spouse’s I.D. as well. The Vientiane embassy waived this last time. One word of warning about the Royal Thai Embassy in Kathmandu. They require an appointment! You go one day, show your passport, and get an appointment slip for the next day. Then you come back and leave your passport. Then you come back (three days now) to get your visa.

And, the give only single journeys on tourist visas. And, it’s way the phuque out of the way. Nepal rivals Korea in terms of places being hard to find, but even given this, the embassy is secluded. I bribed my way into the VIP lounge at the airport. I flew business, but Nepal Air doesn’t offer it!! It was the worst lounge I’ve ever seen! It was like something in Homer Simpson’s garage. The airport in general is very primitive. I paid for the Everest flight, but cloudy weather blocked everything but the highest peaks. I then got as good a view from my RAN seat on the flight back to Bangkok.

Just returned after a 15 day trip to India and Nepal. The action in Nepal has been quite restricted as compared to 3 years before. No more go-go dancing in clubs and beer bars, still some very cute girls in beer bars, stage dancer dance fully clothed to some loud Indian and Nepali songs, was informed that no one is available for any action, but I doubt it.

Massage Parlors: There are a lot of massage parlors in the Thamel area of Kathmandu, Visited quite a few of them, but available service in only three. The number of girls is limited to 3 to 4 in each parlor.

1. K1 Massage Thamel main street: RS.750 for a full body massage, girl doesn’t undress, only hand job possible for an additional tip of Rs.400/- allowed to feel her boobs through her cloths during massage.

2. A-One Maassage: Located on the Thamel main street, first floor above the east-west music store, very cute girl by name Sangeeta, Rs.1000/- for massage, did a massage topless the first time, but would not do full services for any amount of tips, agreed for a BBBJ for a tip of Rs.500/- and allowed to suck her nipples during massage. I returned to her the next day and at the very start gave her a tip of Rs.500/-, she undressed completely and gave a nice massage and after some insisting and a additional tip of Rs.500/- she gave a BBBJ and a quick fuck. Over all enjoyable experience.

Kanchan Massage: Want to be nude and have a BJ in a semi public area? This is the place. Located in one of the by lanes of Thamel Main Road, with a sign board place on the main road giving direction to this place, its a old house with a family living there, the hall has been converted into a massage area, with three doors to the rooms and Kitchen and other in the family live, there’s a curtain between the reception ( a table and a bench)and hall where 3 mid 20’s ladies sit, I Paid Rs.500/- for a massage and went behind the curtain to the hall where two mattresses are laid on the ground, at the time the curtains between the two where not drawn as there was no other customer, the girl undressed to her panties, but would not remove that, had a average massage and a great BJ of an tip of Rs.200/- Allowed to touch everywhere including inside the panties. All during the massage other house member including two other females and kids would be coming and going from one room to other doing their daily work, also a old lady and a two other females (mid thirties) came in (maybe guests or neighbors) stood in the hall for a few mins and chatted with the girls before going into one of the rooms. Didn’t ask for full service.

I was in Nepal in April. I went into A-1 and another one I don’t remember the exact name. Got a messy hand job at one place and got full service at another. I ended up paying less than $45 US for the full service. Not worth it. You are better off in Bangkok for sex. Might look at it as a challenge to see what you can get along with your massage, but these girls are not pro’s and are scared that they will be caught be the owner or the police or something. The money is too good to pass up, so it’s worth the risk to them. A cop in Nepal gets paid $1 US per day, so does a front desk clerk at a hotel.

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