Nova Scotia

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Strip Clubs
Load of Mischie
498 Sackville Drive
902 864-7236
Near Halifax
Full Bar C$4.25
Min Age 19
Cover C$1
No Dress Code

Halifax street action is almost non-existent, and any women you see will be either addicts, or policewomen. There have been couple of murders of streetwalkers, and the police are under pressure from the media. However, all is not lost. As befits a seaport, pay-per-pussy abounds. There are two known massage parlors, “Gentlemen’s Massage Club” at 70, Windmill Road, Dartmouth, behind the Holiday Inn, and “Park Avenue” at 69, Queen Street, Dartmouth. Both have been in business for several years, and never make it into the news. Other sex workers advertise in the “Classified” section of the “Daily News” and the “Mail-Star”.

In Halifax the best areas of town for street action is the Agricola St area and the little one way street behind it, plus Creighton street (also one way). Hollis St. has some but there’s lot of onlookers in that area. The girls are mid-range (4-8’s, once and a while a 10). I’ve only been ripped off once. The quality is quite variable. There’s some gems out there. I met a 19yo once that took me to her apt and for $40.00 we split a joint and then had about 1/2hr of foreplay, she sucked my balls and chewed my nipples then rode me hard and moaned the whole time. This was an exception though, I later tried to find her again but never could. I’ve tried for a few anals out there and had mixed luck, plus I use a car so it doesn’t work well anyway. I’ve had a 2 hour session of oral, Greek, straight plus fingering for $40.00 but that was a one-time thing. She was horny and little drunk so we helped each other out.

Usually a BBBJ is $30-$40.00 (never settle for more then $40.00 – I once got 2 for $50.00). My general rule is that for a $40.00 BJ she should have her pants around her ankles and her shirt up and I should get a few minutes of finger fucking and oral titty action. I’m usually picky and avoid the hard tickets out there. If you don’t mind the hard looking numbers I’ve heard of $10.00 BJ’s. Half and Half is $50-$60 (I like the BJ’s so I rarely get it). The best time of day is 8:00pm to 5:00am. I usually find there’s either no girls out there or about 3-4. Not sure why that is. Never more then 5-6 out on the best night, but I see lots of different girls every time? Strange. Most will give you a phone number if you ask for later appointments.

Girls to avoid: Natasha, a young short haired blonde. She was a great number for a while, used to go for anything. Now she’s into the drugs and the last time collapsed sobbing onto my cock. There’s also a plump young brunette with jogging pants. She looks ok (6-7) and is pleasant, but for the BJ she won’t do bareback and only allows brief touching, then she clamps onto your shaft like a hoover and drains the cum out of you in about 2 seconds. No satisfaction. Then there’s a little short girl with shoulder length, curly hair. She makes a lot of promises and if you like dirty talk with little action she’s the one. She’ll blow you, but usually wants you to stop and get her a coffee or condoms or a lotto ticket. She’s a pain. I know these are just general descriptions, but hopefully they will help.

Recommends: I recommend most so long as they look clean. One I particularly like is Mary/Marie (not sure). She’s not the prettiest and probably ~35 but she likes to “play army”. That is, you lay down and she blows the hell out of you! Wow! I can’t imagine a better BJ, she sinks it into the back of her throat and it basically stays there while she sucks and pumps. Wow Wow Wow! I don’t last more then a couple of minutes with her but they are heaven. She doesn’t mind foreplay either. Hope it helps!

P.S. To avoid cops, there’s a simple procedure. 1) Treat her like a hitchhiker, offer a ride 2) Wait until she gets in the car. 3) She should grab your crotch (you reciprocate). 4) If they do not, slowly grab her (say nothing). If you succeed with step 3 or 4, chat away and be direct. If 3/4 fail, treat her like a hitchhiker and tell her you are going to (pick a place) and ask where to drop her off.

Spring Garden Road down towards the harbor, and all streets south of Barrington (from the bridge to the park). The Ultramar station just south of Spring Garden and Barrington usually after 10.

Massage Parlors
On Windmill Road in Dartmouth, near the old bridge. $80 3, totally nude, reversible body massage, full service with release. Hostess introduces you to girls, usually 2 to 4 you’re then escorted to a room and offered a shower and xxx rated video.

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