Frankfurt am Main Area

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This has long been a popular question for newbies. Which club is best? It all ends up coming down to personal taste. Lets take the latest choices. In alpha order not quality or suggested best order:

Atlantik, Hanau
Bahama, Hanua/Maintal
Oase, Burgholzhausen
Palace, Hessen/Frankfurt
World, Giessen/Polheim

My personal views:
Nice size, good value on Sundays Happy hour at 35 Euros. 10-25 girls at best. Same management from the group that runs World. Decetn food, clean, multi level. Some great service girls (mainly X Malibu girls) mixed with average ones. Getting here requires a train/taxi ride from Hanau. Look for the IKEA which is nearby.

Smaller club with lower entrance fee, many girls here will offer 50Euro service without tight time limit. Mileage may vary, sometimes some stunners and sometimes it’s a bust. A slight edge over Atlantic at times. Management is more aware of what is going on and genuinely concerned about the service you get. Smaller but more often I find great new talent (Diamonds in the rough) here. Not the sort of place you can get to with Public transportation, best to take a train to the Maintal/Hanau area then a taxi to the club.


Once the construction is over this club will offer more rooms, space and a huge outdoor pool. It’s obvious this club took over where Atlantis died. Usually about 100 women can be found during peak periods, 120 at best and down to about 25 during slow periods. I personally like the food, breakfast first and then a dinner later in the afternoons. Their bar even offer “Stilles Wasser” which is the non-carbonated stuff. The owner has this admiration for Las Vegas and Cesars’s Palace which is obvious when you arrive at Oase. Women tend to be a bit aggressive, sitting in the Porn Kino (which recently got mirrored walls all around) makes you a target for women trolling for business. Take a seat inside and within minutes a gal will drop to her knees between your legs asking if you need to part with 50 Euros. 100 Euros if your member does not part with her mouth when your done. This place seems to draw women from all the clubs, I’ve seen girls from everywhere here. This is not the place for women who want the men to come to them but for the women who like to approach the man instead. Still here you’ll find the biggest selection of women period.
Size wise World still might be the biggest facility but it never gets close to the talent pool of Oase. The indoor pool is slated to be filled in for more rooms. A new updated sauna is also in the works for out back. This place is fun in the warmer months of the year since there’s lots to see lounging around in the garden. Driving to this place for the first time driver can be a challenge, it’s not right off the freeway as the map shows. Thus it takes some navigation skills to work out your route. Also needs a train/taxi ride via public transportation. Want BIG/Selection then go here.

The Palace
Second easiest to get to club if coming from the Frankfurt center. Used to be call “Paradise” in the older days when personally it was more to my liking. Now that they’ve expanded and renovated into what the Palace is today it’s become a tourist trap of sorts. Depending mainly on “Messe” traffice (trade shows and tourists) the women know
you might not come back so they have a one shot attitude at times. Sure they have some women that differ from this theme but its figuring out the good from the bad that can be costly. Management really cares nothing about the customer. Food tends to get old and stale at times. Bar service is below average. Can you tell this is not may favorite roost? In all fairness some people love the place and only go here. To each his own, if I had limited transporation and time, then it would rank higher on my list. Once in a while they do have some lookers and some of my favorite girls have tried working here so I still visit. layout is somewhat limited and there’s not many places to go. You have the main room, the Kino, walking circles around the whirpool and then the main room. The other thing that I don’t like is the darkness factor. This used to be the thing I hated about Atlantis, one of the reasons FKK Clubs are nice is that there is lots of eye candy. A dark room does not make a good enviroment for seeing the talent. While the cool factor of dancers on the Harley, hot women lounging around wow the newbie the fact that sharks lurk everywhere turns me off. This place is loaded with operators so buyer beware. Yes Oase has it’s share and so does World but Palace seems to always have more. Still a simple ride to the Haupt Bahnhof and then a short ride on the U bahn to get here. Short on time and want to see a bigger club then go here.

Visit during the warmer months of the year to really see how big this place actually is. Facility wise this once home of the CEO from the furniture factory across the street is now an FKK Club. They claim to be No. 1 but it’s obvious that they’re really number 2 behind Oase talent wise. Here you’ll find mostly eastern block women who sometimes are fresh off the boat. In fact it’t not too uncommon to find women who speak little or no German and only some limited English. Beware of the sharks here as there are some Espanoel gals who come up from Spain to make some extra cash. These women are hard core and make no doubt will do all they can to get you to part with that extra 50 Euros. The commona scam is to push you a few minutes over 30 minutes, get you to blow orally, have a girl friend to join for a double the cost party. In fact I know several newbies who fell for the two girls for 30 minutes, lesbian show and blow in the mouth special. OK, Ok so in the US this would cost much more but at 300 Euros for 30 minutes this is clearly ripping a new hole in Germany. The math is 50 per girl for the 30 minutes equals 100, 100 more for the lesbo show, plus 50 euros each for the oral CIM, which if you think about it is impossible. How can you CIM with two girls at the same time, I guess if they switch
back and forth during the payload drop. In any event if it were my money I would use the 300 on doing 6 girls instead. World does have nice people working there and do their best to keep people happy. While the concept when they opened was to be the biggest it never seemed to happen. With resent police raids undocumented women departed as fast as they popped up. Still sometimes they have some super stars who offer unparalled service, which comes at a price. Still for looking for new, diamonds in the rought World is better the Oase and Palace. It’s big enough to give you room to walk around and not feel cramped. Food is decent but not as good as Oase but better then Palace. Getting here if tough and expensive. While the claim it’s only about 30 minutes from Frankfurt the truth is it’s more like 45-60 minutes depending on traffic. Look at the figures yourself and decide:

Frankfurt Bahnhof to each club is as follows:
World 63KM more then 40 minutes at best
Oase 28KM less then 25 minutes
Palace 6KM less then 10 minutes

No doubt going to World via train and taxi will cost you lots of time and money. Don’t forget if you get lost in love and stay late the trains might not be running. Last I heard a cab from World to the airport was 175 Euros one way. From Oase to World about 65 Euros.

Take my word for it, you don’t want to visit during major events, this means no rooms, fighting to get your gal and lines for food. Not what I think is an ideal FKK experience. A must see to see the biggest (land wise) club complete with a huge pond and two pools.

1. Sharks, Darmstadt
2. World, Giessen/Polheim
3. Oase, Burgholzhausen
4. Atlantik, Hanau
5. Bahama, Hanua/Maintal
6. Palace, Hessen/Frankfurt
My taste, experiences, German speaking abilities and humble opinion was used to make up the list above. I suggest you try them all and make your own list as it will vary.

Usually apparent by neon, red lighting and large lettering on the roof.
Crazy Sexy
Near Pfungstadt Brewery and Continent Super Market. Look for the neon signs and flashing lights. Prices range from 100 Euro up.
Street Scene
In the rear of the “Space Agency” direction Griesheim about 5km follow the signs to “ESOC”. At the main gate look for a road thru the woods, there you’ll find RV’s, van and vehicles with working women. Keep continuing down the road as more action lies ahead.
Some women can be found in the evenings near the Darmstadt Brewery, near the Hauptbahnhof

Private house called Anoushka’s. Located in Bornheim

Brothel 69 Club Busek
Am Rinnerborn 69
35418 Alten Busek

Club 7 Himmel
Steinwaldstrasse 86
66538 Neunkirchen
Tel 06821 865099

Art Hotel Zur Traube
(Cafe Charmant)
Rosenbergerstrasse 4
60313 Frankfurt
Tel 0049 69280388
Fax 0049 69972020 67
11am – 4am
8pm – 4am

Bruno Dressler Strasse 4
Maintal – Bischofsheim
Tel 06109-504300
10 Euro Entry
Drinks 3 Euros
Daily 12 – 4

Bad-Kreuznach Modelle
Güterbahnhofstrasse 12 a
(Look for the red sign with Haus 12a)
55545 Bad Kreuznach
Tel 0671 9201331
Web Site
Discount Coupons can be found here

FKK Club Oasis
Würzburger Strasse 24
97688 Bad Kissingen
Tel 0971 7857267

Candy Club
Russelheim nearr frankfurt
Web Site
Uranstrasse 1
Info 6142 152281
Tel 6142 152280

An old club that was closed a couple of years ago has re-opened with a new name. Something like Wilderness Hotel. I stopped by the other night, and the rumor was there was no entrance, drinks 5 Euro, girls 75. However it turned out to be 25 E entrance, drink menu I could not read without glasses, but not free, and there were only 2 girls there. One I saw was not to my liking, so I left without going in. Might try again, but it is supposed to be mostly Brazillian girls, which can be very hot, or something I have no interest in at all. Depends, but seems to be one extreme or the other for me. Anybody else care to try it out?

Brothel Chicas Night Club
Bieberer Strasse 54
63065 Offenbach
Tel 069 889845
Daily after 8pm
Closed Sundays
Longer hours during convention
Web Site

Brothel Club 69
Kanaltorplatz 8
63450 Hanau
Tel 06181 20109
Free entry
Monday – Saturday 12:00pm – 1am
Sunday 3pm – 1am
Web Site

Brothel Connies Club Wiesbaden
Connies Club in Mainz Kastel is worth a visit for a quickie, some nice girls. It is a small club with little privacy. I did a Polish girl there and she really preformed.

Reisstrasse in Wiesbaden-Dotzheim
Tel (0611)1 84 60 35

Haus Bella Club
Otto Hahn Strasse 18
65520 Bad Camberg
Tel 6463 900410
Web Site
Monday – Friday
11am – 10pm
Haus Bella is just off the A3 North of Frankfurt. I was there tonight and had Angela, she is really hot. She has pierced lips, and loves to have them sucked. There were 2 other girls available but neither had as nice a bum as Angela. It is worth a trip up if you are in the Frankfurt area and don’t want to go to a larger club. The prices start at 50 Euro for a quicke, 80 for regular sex and 150 if you want something special like anal etc.

House of Love
Wiesentalschneise 15
64546 Walldorf
Tried to visit here last night just for fun, and according to the GPS, it finds the address in the middle of a big forest! No reference to this place on either. Suspect bogus information. Is there a map?

Club Jutta
Ringstraße 3
56564 Neuwied
Tel 02631 20409
Monday – Thursday
1pm – 3am
Friday 1pm – 5am
Saurday 3pm – 5am
Sunday 3pm – 3am
4 Women
Most Credit Cards accepted
Web Site

Club Bar Magma
An der B9 Haus Nr. 2
Spay (near Koblenz)
Tel 02628 988244
6-8 international Women
Monday – Thursday
8pm – 3am
Friday and Saturday
8pm – 4am
Free Entry
Alcohol is served

Maintal Erotik
Wilhelm-Röntgen-Strasse 22
63477 Maintal
Tel 06181 6683330The Oase
Adam-Opel Strasse 26a
63322 Rodermark Urberach
about 20 km south of Frankfurt

Orient-Palast (Royal)
Bruno-Dressler-Strass 24
63477 Maintal

Penthouse Weinheim
Bergstraße 6
69469 Weinheim
M-Thu 12-2
Sa 2-4
Su 2-2
Fri 12-4
All inclusive
89 Euros if you do 2 gals
110 Euros and you can do them all
Web Site

Club Rubin
Carl-Benz-Strasse 2
77652 Offenburg
Tel 0781 24540
Web Site
3:00pm – 4:00am
Credit Cards Accepted

Villa Kleopatra
Am Gänsberg 38
35435 Wettenberg
Tel 06406 907010

Mister X
Am Hauptbahnhof 7
63450 Hanau
Tel 06181 33294
Free Entry
Monday – Saturday 12:00am – 1:00am
Sunday and Holidays 3:00pm – 1:00am
Web Site

Nightclub Pigalle
Kanaltorplatz 4
63450 Hanau
Tel 06181 5073747
Monday – Saturday 4:00pm – 3:00am
Sunday 3:00pm – 1:00am
Web Site

FKK Gang Bang
Gang Bang and Bukake Parties
Tel 0172 4783095
Web Site
Hours, Events and Prices
Tabulos Morning Party
Monday 10am – 2pm
Swinger Squirt Party
Monday after 6pm
Nympho Gang Bang Open End
Tuesday 2pm 80 Euros
FKK Gang Bang
Wednesday 75 Euros
10am – 2pm
Bang My Wife Orgie
10am and 6pm
400 square meter area
They have moved and are now off the A3/A66 between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.

MaiHof(Swinger Club)
Bring a lady as it’s couples only
Hotel Maihof GmbH & Co. KG
Talstrasse 17
67317 Maihof
Tel 49 6356 8015
Fax 49 6356 1020
Reservations 49 6356 356

About 100 km south of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main-Airport.
See a map for Autobahn A6 between Mannheim and Kaiserslautern. Exit Grünstadt.
From there go 8km further at the round-about right after exiting the Autobahn take direction “Altleiningen” – “Sausenheim” and at the first signal go straight ahead, don’t turn right. Turn a the next road left, follow signs “Altleiningen”.
The Maihof is on the road that connects Grünstadt and Altleiningen. Leaving Grünstadt – Sausenheim follow signs “Altleiningen” / “Maihof”.
Yellow sign “Maihof-Drahtzug” is right next to our parking – space. If full, park across the Street.
90 Entry, under 30 45, under 25 30
110 Entry under 30 55, under 25 40

Treff 188
Lorscher Strasse 92
60489 Frankfurt-Rödelheim
Tel. 06934 1662
Mobil: 0170 76 56978

Villa Maron
well the address is 360 Marbachweg….if you come down A66..continue until it turns into Michelallee…..go north on Eschenheimer Landestrasse….until you come to a big intersection…that’s Marbachweg…turn right and find a place to park on a side street. Usually Frau Schmid answers the door and there’s usually two or three girls there, usually from Eastern Europe…and they change every week or so.
The deal is 100 dmarks for a 1/2 hr straight; 200 dmarks for bath service 1/2 hr; or 300 dmarks for 1 hr w/bath services…or the same for two babes at the same time for 1 hr. There’s also a massage service that runs 30 dmarks per 15 mins min 1/2 hr.

Carmens Massageparadies
Something different:

I have recently had a couple of visits to a very nice massage place a friend pointed out to me. It is a high quality place, and they offer massage on a table (auf der Liege) or Body-to-Body. I have tried both, with different girls, and each was nice. Don’t think this is another FKK club where you can get full service – you can’t. I am not sure yet how much touching is allowed, but it is generally not a lot. You are here to be pampered, relaxed, and teased. Sessions are 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Costs depend on what type of massage, and if the girl is naked. Generally figure prices of 75, 100, 125 Euro for a naked massage for the above times. Both times I have done 45 (100E) and found it about right. They don’t watch the clock real close anyway. If you are interested, here is the contact information:

Carmens Massageparadies
Hanauer Straße 10
63505 Langenselbold
Open Monday – Saturday 11-22
Langenselbold is just past Hanau on the way to Atlantis (from the south). There is parking on the street or in the businesses next door after hours. It looks like (and basically is) a private apartment. Very classy with nice quiet music, good smells, and very clean. You shower before and after. Generally they speak no English, but a couple of girls speak some. But then you already know the score if you have read this and taken a quick look at the web site! ;-}

FKK Traumland
Steinstraße 6/Gewerbegebiet
D-99885 Ohrdruf

Palais 6
Industriestr. 6
61191 Rodheim
M – Sun 1pm – 1am
40 Euro Entry
25 Euro for 15 minutes
This might be a good idea, you can give a gal a try for just 25 and if she’s great do the 30 minutes for the standard 50.

FKK Sauna Club Night & Day
Die Ammenwiese 13
68642 Bürstadt
Industriegebiet Ost
Tel 06206 964232
39 Euro Entry
50 Euro 30 Minutes Sunday – Thursday 11am – 2am
Friday – Saturday 11am – 4am
Web Site
American Express and CC cards accepted

FKK Waldhaus
Ausserhalb 4
65428 Rüsselsheim
Tel 06142-175517
Daily 10am – 4am
25 Euro Entry
75 Euro Sessions

FKK Paradise
Ausserhalb 4
D-65428 Rüsselsheim-Königstädten

FKK Pazifik
Industriestr. 6
64807 Dieburg
Daily from 11pm – 4am
Opened August 03, 2002

Club “Tucholsky 16” T16
Tucholskystrasse 16
60598 Frankfurt
Tel 069 60504580
Monday – Friday
3pm – 11pm
Web Site

FKK Club PussyCat
Nibelungenring 60
(Querstraße Am Rhein 300m by Meßplatz)
67547 Worms
Web Site
Daily 12:00-4:00
Entry 10 Euros for Towels, Slippers
Softdrinks 3 Euros
Wine and Beer 4 Euros
Alcohol 5.50 Euros

FKK Club Beach New name

Atlantis FKK Club
Im Industriegebiet 9
64839 Munster-Altheim Bei Dieburg
Tel 06071-496466
Monday – Sunday
10am – 4am Wednesdays Dessous tag
Web Site

They have the same URL or web address as the previous Atlantis located north near Altenstadt however this is not go be confused as the same club with the same owners.

Malibu Club Mambo
Anyone ever try this club? The pictures on their website don’t look bad. I did stop by to check the place out several months ago. They go by world FKK also. There were only 5 girls present the evening I visited. I went on a recommendation from a German guy at Atlantis. You get to throw a pair of dice for a freebie trip to the room when you pay the entry fee. However all the women were below average. The blond German girl from Koln that I selected did everything with condom and service was poor. The friend that was with me had an OK time but the girl was nothing to write home to Mom about. So as my conclusion I would suggest you avoid this place. Poor selection, not much (FKK) service and not worth the drive. It’s half way between Oase and Atlantis and I think most of traffic goes to those two places. There was only one other guy there when we visited.

FKK Club Chantal Chevalier Exklusiv
Eschersheimer Landstr. 88
60322 Frankfurt
Tel 069 95524610 or
Hours Daily 12-4am
Entrance 60€ 50€ if you enter before 8pm
Sessions 50€ 30 minutes

3km from the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station)
Finally a decent club close to the train station. About a mile walk this club opens at noon daily. Many faces from places like Atlantis, Paradise and Oase now work here. Some women just prefer the slower paced places to the big clubs. I can certainly agree that slow is better. It was a no brainer to open an FKK club in this once authentic sauna club (non-sex). It’s perfect and complete with not one but 3 saunas ranging from 80 degree to 100+. It goes on with 2 more greek style steam baths, a whirlpool and large indoor pool. A patio with lawn chairs for those who like outdoor action and several large well equipped rooms. Now in their 3rd week of operation this place is co owned by Chantel Chevailier the famous European Porn Queen. She actually visits and works the bar we’re told. No news if she plans to go to the room with clients as of yet. 60 Euro entry and 50 per session, drinks are included as well as the pretzels and peanuts.

Fun and More Girls
Tonnerrestrasse 56
Tel 02602 9979793
(Previously Pearls)
50 Euro Entry
Sunday – Thursday
11am – 3am
Friday – Saturday
11am – 4am
6-10 Women
Dungeon complete with rack, chains and cross, theme rooms, indoor pool, garden, sauna,
food and drink is included. Robs or towels are furnished.
Happy Hour
Daily 11am – 6pm
25 Euro Entry
Web Site

Club Niloticus
Mühlbergstraße 15
36205 Sontra
Tel(0173) 839 3070
Monday – Thursday, Sunday
12:00 – 1am
Friday – Saturday
12:00 – Closing
Web Site

Saunaclub Pearls
Tonnerrestr 56 Montabaur
Tel 02602 9995999
Just off the A3, near the ICE station, look for the red lights off the highway on the hill at night.
Sunday – Thursday
11am – 3am
Friday & Saturday
11am – 4am
6-10 International girls
50 Euro Entry
50 Euro 30 Minutes
25 Euro Entry Daily Happy Hour 11-6pm
Includes drinks, pool and sauna

FKK Club Neunkirchen
Betzenhölle 20 Industriegebiet König
66538 Neunkirchen
Tel 06821 865503
Tel 06821 865606
Web Site
Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 2:00am
Sundays and Holidays 6:00pm – 12:00am
50 Euro Entry

Erotik Saunaclub
Hohenkirchner Strasse 8
Across from Fire Station
Ohrdruf (near Gotha)
Tel 03624 335828
Cell 0178 8837477
Web Site

FKK Club Sweet
Hanauer Landstrasse 587
60386 Frankfurt
Tel 069 40893535
7pm – 4am
*40 Euro Entry
*70 Euro Session (estimated prices)
Web Site

This club was formerly Club Napolean, which had closed. Photos of the women can be viewed on the web site. Prices may have changed.

Frankfurt Tourismus
Hanau Night Life
Discussion Huren Forum Frankfurt (German)
Train Travel in Germany
FKK Sauna World (formerly Fantasy Land)
Hours Daily 11am – 4am
Jacuzzi, Sauna, SM Studio
Huge VIP Lounge
Large outdoor pool
Entry: 50€ Happy Hour 30€ (8p-9p)
Sessions: 55€ 30 minutes
5000 qm Garden, Swimmingpool, Whirlpool, Sauna
I was impressed with the layout and details of this club. It appears they’ve converted a huge mansion out in the country. A large parking lot is next door if needed. The rear yard is huge complete with pool and several wooden cabins for getting away with your favorite girl. A large jacuzzi overlooks the pool. A dance pole has been installed in the lounge where the bar resides. The girls do a two girl strip show that often includes visitors. Plenty of monitors with the typical porn films. Upstairs accessed by the spiral staircase are several rooms behind a custom wall each with its own theme. No doors on the rooms but they are arranged for complete privacy. Downstairs you’ll find a SM studio complete with rack and whips. There’s also a large VIP room for those so inclined.
The women, mainly from eastern block countries they were on the younger side. Some wore sexy items such as stockings. There was a good mix of hair colors as well as race.

This club is now closed. The owners have moved operations to FKK Finca Erotica, in Dierdorf.

It’s true the club was closed for several days. I also heard several stories from girls who had worked there previously. I saw several girls who had previously worked there the same week at other clubs when they were closed. One story was that one of the security guards had murdered a girl and the club and the guard was under investigation. To add to this I heard some other info that pointed in this direction in regards to the actual guard and girls who also had run ins with him. I actually visited the club a few days after it re-opened. The food was gone and Im told will not return as they did not have the proper licenses to serve food. The bar was removed (they were still ripping it out when I arrived). They fastened the cash box to a cabinet where the bar once was. Jasmine the barmaid is still there. Talent pool was small and not much different from previous visits. I would guess 6-8 girls were present during my 4-5 hour visit. I counted about 8 customers who arrived and departed during my stay.

Pro: They still have some of the best towels in the business. Extra large, super soft, white. There were a couple of cute Italian girls. One slim. petit eastern block girl (Lucy?) who I’ve seen before. All the other faces were new. The new additions are welcome, the new lounge and bar area has a more open feel. The lower level is now off limits unless you’re with a girl. The massage is still one of the best, however you can no longer get the 4 handed massage as the husband and wife team is without the wife. Some nice minor details are the barbed wire, clear toilet seats. (I know, I know, who cares we visit for the service). Plenty of parking in front and in the lot just before the club.

Con: The famous buffets are a thing of the past, they won’t be back. You’ll have to settle for pretzels or chips. The pool outside is more of a pond, I’ve never seen it in usable condition but then again there are not too many days that permit swimming in Germany.

Additional: I have only good things to say about the owner who I’ve personally met a few times. For the first time I heard from a girl who no longer works there that he has two sides, one we see and one the women see. This was her reason for leaving the club plus the fact that business was very slow. Interesting enough she did not move to one of the (Super clubs) but another small club not far away.

There are 3 clubs within a few miles of each other in this area. (It’s a good place to stop along the 2 hour drive north)


My preference is to visit in the order above

Here is the current data for these clubs – it seems the old management has left (removed ???)Fantasyland, and the people from Laguna have all moved over here, and closed the other place. I have not found any girls that tell me they came from Laguna, as most I have talked to were here for a while. The overall situation has improved greatly!

From a facility standpoint, the place is starting to look more like Happy Garden, Relax, etc. There is a guy always going around cleaning up, picking up trash, cleaning ashtrays, etc. The showers and locker room are very clean, and most of the junk from the girls that used to be on the counter is gone. I guess they have their own area, but some use this for a quick make-over. Also, some seem to shower with the guests (a very good idea in my opinion). Drinks are still handled with coins they provide for machines, and they need to pay more attention to when stuff runs out. However, you can ask at the desk and get a warm one if the machine is out. Food is provided, but you need to ask for it. It is very good I’m told, but have not had the urge to eat (food) there yet.

The girls are still are a broad (nice pun, huh?) spectrum. There are some very cute ones (Anna, Celine, probably others), and some that don’t belong in this business. I have been here twice over the last weekend, and had decent experiences. Not world class, but not bad. There is a good group of Russian girls, and I tried one that was not exactly my type physically, but not bad either. Ended up having a nice time on the couch, and even better in the room. Speaks good English. Unfortunately I did not get her name, but she has red hair and works 3 out of 4 weeks here. On Sunday I had a nice time with Celine, a very cute girl from Cologne. Speaks no English, but is the typical sweet, cute, friendly girl I have come to expect from Cologne girls.

Also the pricing has changed a little – 50 E entrance (30 during happy hour 20-22 every day), and 50 for the girl (1/2 hour). If you don’t know and give them 55, they will likely say nothing and keep the tip!

There seems to always be a masseur here as well – Manfred is early until 9:00 PM, then Marc comes in. I know Manfred is very good (even without Renata and the 4-hand massage), and I have heard Marc is also good. Try them out as well – 20 Euro is not that expensive.

If this trend continues here, this club should continue to improve with time. More guests will bring more and better girls, etc. It’s the same drill everywhere. Check it out for something different.

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