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I’ve been in Rasht for 3 month and had a great experience with Iranian girls. They’re not easy going and sometimes extremely shy. In my opinion they’re mostly attracted to foreign men especially from Europe and North America. You must know that sex is very hard to get in Iran, In fact you can’t find anything concerning to sex through the country and it’s been prohibited by Iranian government who named “Hezbollah” since 1978. It’s even dangerous looking for sex until you might be arrested and something more terrible of course. Although you could find sex easily as I did if you have been thirsty of a fresh Iranian pussy juice. So I’m gonna tell how is the worth of this scary game.

I came to Iran for some business stuff. After couple of weeks -my red alarm is two weeks-I tried to take a look around the city to find some girls having fun and sex of course. Iranian girls are mostly beautiful in the city I’ve been “Rasht” which is located on the North of the country. They didn’t seem to be easy going as I tried to be friend with a blonde in a Coffee shop which named “Bolourack”(spell might be wrong), I told her if she would have a coffee together, I realized that she was poor at speaking English. While I was talking to the girl people around us became quiet and that was like whole people are watching us and hearing what I’m saying.

Damn it….actually Iranian men are very macho, believe me I’ve never seen men as macho as Iranian and totally as I compared in my mind there’s a big difference between Iran and any places in the world because I experienced that feeling which gives you an unsafe feeling. I’ve seen how Hezbolah arrested many of young guys just for having fun with girls in public and the most horrible thing is that Islamic killers may kill you if they find you while fucking a girl in your house. Such a wonderful country, that’s alike another planet!! I’d never imagined a place like this before.

Anyway I didn’t care of what they think I just kept talking to the girl and I told her it would be great if we could get out of here and just walk along the street which named “Golsar” I made sure that nothing is gonna happen and it would be safe for her. I found her gorgeous and sexy she explained that she’s studying at university and her parents don’t live with her. While she was speaking English -better than first- I could see the truth and interest of being with me in her eyes, I told her I’ll be delighted if she accepted having dinner in my apartment, she paused for seconds and agreed with a shyness eye contact. She requested walking behind me as Hezbolah may be everywhere.

I expected to pay any girls who may come to my house for sex but I avoided as I knew that will be unacceptable for her, she wasn’t prostitute, she was nice. I’d found her beyond just having sex perhaps it might be even love , I should say. I invited her for a bottle of beer which a German neighbor of mine gave it to me the day before and it’s amazing while drinking. Alcohol is forbidden in any place and anytime at all even in your house, Wow.. it’s unbelievable, isn’t it? She answered that she doesn’t drink alcohol and asked me what’s my nationality. I told her I’m from Holland and I told her such a dangerous country you have, she giggled and seemed to be pretty shy. After minutes I wanted her to take her scarf and long mantle off at least and she agreed, she had a slim body with a curve around her butt and a big breast, that was my favorite I must say. I felt she’s afraid of situation and asked her why? She surprisingly said that she’s still a virgin . I sat beside her hugged her and told her it’s normal for all of girls at first and I kissed her on the cheeks and I kept kissing in order to make her comfort, I repeated kissing around her cheek and neck and finally her lips, she became horny after a while and her reaction surprised me , She kissed me passionately.

I undressed her and tried to explore her fresh virgin pussy i licked her clitoris and she got orgasm shortly, I cut her virginity and it bleed with a loud scare of her. I got managed to clean her bloody pussy and stimulated all of her body with kissing and handing. She’d been incredibly horny after that, I put my cock into her pussy and started kissing her warm lips. My penis was exploding in her really really tight pussy, she was getting orgasm so was I, she was kissing me like as she was eating an ice cream in a desert We continued kissing passionate until both got orgasm, I came on her stomach and then lied down beside her and kissed her lips.

That was great. The best intercourse I’ve ever had in my life during 26 years. I used meet her every week and sex was great. I fall in love with her actually, Before I return to Holland she cried, but I promised her to be back as soon as I can.

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