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Location: Europe / Asia
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Moscow (Moskva)
Main Cities: St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod
Population: 149,476,000 Area []: 17,075,000
Currency: 1 ruble = 100 kopeks
Languages: Russian
Religions: Russian Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist

Visited the (Hungry) Duck on Friday night which has changed considerably from some of the older posts regarding the wild antics. The only naked people were about 4 male strippers who got their gear off at around 1am. The place 90% girls, and it is therefore a good place to meet local girls who are there for a good time.

Hotel info for Moscow and St.Peterburg;

Hotel OKTYABRSKAYA, great location right on Nevsky Prospect (main street). Average 10 – 15 girls per night “roaming” around the hotel, but also found in the bars on levels 2 and 3. Prices were 3000 rubles for 1 hour and 4500 rubles for 2 hours. Quality varied for old women to a Britney Spears look-alike. Girls rotated each night.

Hotel Rossiya in Moscow. Huge hotel right on Red Square. Only around 5 girls each night and much more aggressive than St.Petersburg. Prices for 1 hour were between 4500 adn 6000 rubles. Some girls are unable to come back to your room so you have to go to their flat which appeared to be relatively safe as many were doing this.

Hotel Budapest in Moscow, nice location just off Tverskaya, has 15 bar girls at $40 to $100. I couldn’t get them to stay the night. As in all hotels, be wary of bringing in outside girls.

Victoria-Moscow: Anyone who can seek sexual encounters with such a check list is better off staying at home with a rubber doll ! If this check list is to serve apartment shopping – any one who goes through life with such detail must be a Swiss, or a bean counter, who is unlikely to look at these pages. Isn’t mongering supposed to be fun?

As you wish, gentlemen, I am respectful, discreet, passionate, feminine and elegant. My sense of style is versatile and adaptable to any mood and occasion. Whether it is a romantic dinner or a black tie function, a night out on the town or just some quiet time indoors: I am your ultimate companion! I am a petite and affectionate Lady who is available to spend wonderful moments with you. I am sensual, sexual and so affectionate that no one can ever forget my touch or my sighing. If you share a love of life’s successes and the very best it has to offer, you are in the right place! Why not to contact me now to find out more about me? When you will be in Moscow call me +7(495)5073093-international/from Moscow 507 30 93

The street address is Pushechnaya Ulitsa 9-6 but the best way to get there is by the Metro. Get off at the Kusnetsky Most exit go up the long escalator and out into the street – turn left and walk about 20 meters go through an iron gate and walk through a small courtyard and you are at the famous Hungry Duck. If you are nervous about taking the Metro most taxi drivers will now how to get there. I went to the Duck three times. Once on a Friday “Ladies Night”, once on a Saturday night and once on a Sunday night. Without a doubt Friday night was the best – with Saturday a close second. Sunday was really pretty tame. I understand that the bar serves “complimentary liquor” to the ladies on Ladies Night for a couple of hours to insure all inhibitions are reduced to minimal levels. What a great bar management decision. There is a cover charge to enter (somewhere around 200r I think) You will go past a plethora of security guards who may or may not search you, then up two short flights of dimly-lit stairs and you’ve arrived. The bar is rectangular in shape with a large oval wooden bar in the middle. In the middle of the bar there is an “island” about the same height as the bar. Several powerful “black lights” distort or highlight depending on the activity in question. When you walk in, don’t be surprised if the complete outside bar surface is filled with people dancing to the techno disco beat that is playing. The middle island is the “showplace” for the bar and is strictly for women. Depending on the temperature inside the bar or the mood of the dancers, the women will be fully clothed, semi-nude (dressed down to their bras and panties) and occasionally topless or totally nude for short periods of time. Around the outside of the bar are a series of booths. More on those later. In spite of what some ignorant and misinformed “Moral Majority” moralists might tell you, this place is not full of prostitutes. In fact they are just normal beautiful young diva’s (18-30 yr. old) that enjoy the environment of recklessness and comfortable sexuality that exists there. The women are not seeking money for stripping and dancing, but are simply partying. The emotion is so much different than in any American bar I have ever be inside. The breakdown is roughly 50-50 guys to girls. If there was any leaning one way or the other, I ‘d guess more girls than guys. All I drank while there was draft beer. The local stuff was 60r a glass while the imported beer was 90r a glass. A woman can say no by gently moving your hands away or by slowly dancing away from you but I rarely saw this happen. OK so I was finally ready I approached a stunning long haired well-built young blond from behind and started dancing with her by placing my hands on her hips. I fully expected to receive a stinging slap to the face but guess what?Nothing happened. She tuned and smiled and started grinding her ass into my ever hardening member. Within a few moments my boldness increased and I was cupping her breasts from behind and we were dancing and swaying to the strong techno disco beat. She was rubbing her hands over my hands and arms and then down to the inside of my legs. The smell of her perfume and the feeling of her touching me was absolutely intoxicating. The feeling was wonderful. I’m not ashamed to admit that had I continued in this fashion, I would have achieved an orgasm right in my shorts.

After a half-dozen different 5-10 minute encounters like this – I was ready to try my luck with a possible pickup. You will discover that at “The Duck” conversations with diva’s can be problematic. Don’t expect any long detailed conversations when you get there. Most of the diva’s don’t speak much English. And I was informed by “Mr. X” that until the regular girls see you there a couple of times and recognize you as a “regular” pickups can be difficult. But what the hell I was feeling great why not give it a try. I moved out from behind the bar and right up to a cute little brown-haired divas and started dancing. We danced
nonstop for the next 1 1/2 hours. During that time I was able to take liberties with her and she with me
than would have earned us both an arrest and conviction here in the USA for public sexual perversion (or at least people yelling “Hey – get a room!). After a while we sat down in one of the little booths that surround the bar and that’s when I discovered what they were there for. I began thinking that maybe it will be possible for me to have sex with this lovely young lady right here in this booth.

Now this fact can be good because any of the ladies left in the bar after that time are now all out for the evening until 6:00am when the Metro starts running again. Or, as in my case it was bad because she
stopped – looked at me – and said she had to go home before the Metro stopped running so she could be at work tomorrow. I gave her my telephone number and she said she would call me and just as suddenly as I had found her, she left. Just like that. WOW that was very strange to illustrate the contagious attitude that is prevalent in this bar. To these girls, the physical contact is fun and exciting, and not really sexual in nature. That’s what makes this place fun and exciting to visit. Check out the website for pictures and photographs. The link is: Hungry Duck

At about 2:00am, “Mr. X” tells us its time to go to our next stop, Doug & Marty’s Boar’s Head (otherwise known as Chesterfield’s). It is a short cab ride from The Hungry Duck. Turn left out of the Duck and walk down an alley to a side street. Do yourself a favor bypass the waiting taxis that are there on that side
street. These guys are just waiting and anxious to take advantage of an unsuspecting American. Walk another 100 yards to the main street and catch a taxi there. You will end up saving yourself a couple of bucks. It should cost you between 30-50r for the taxi. I hate to overpay guys that are trying to screw me
Chesterfield’s is a well lit Western-style bar. It has a western USA decor and theme. They have a techno-disco and a large dance floor. I have a Preferred Member Card to this bar so I don’t pay any cover charge. For the rest of you, I think the cover charge is 50r on week nights and 150r on weekends. 1/2 that for any
and all ladies. The bar has two American-style pool tables but be careful about playing pool for money with any of the ladies you might see there. Unlike The Hungry Duck, this place is filled with prostitutes. I would guess that 95% of the ladies there are “working”. As you walk into the place you will notice that you will be “eyed up” by ladies sitting at the bar and in the tables across from the bar. All of them will be attempting to make eye contact with you. They will not mention that they are “working” until you ask them. You are safe to assume they are ALL working in this place. A few of the girls are “pretty rough” but most are extremely attractive. Some are quite beautiful. At this bar, the going rate is between $50 -$150 and is definitely open to negotiation. I have been told you won’t get much action below $40. But guys, this is not the time or the place to be pinching pennies

I decided that an evening utilizing the services of a “professional” was definitely in order. I was immediately drawn to a tall shapely ample- breasted brunette that was smiling at me.  Her name was Natasha and she spoke passable English. After about 30 minutes of looking and I came back to Natasha and negotiated the deal. Probably the best $50 I spent on the trip unlike in the USA where the objective of the hooker is to make her “john” cum as quickly as possible employing a Russian hooker is an “all night” experience. They treat you like you are a boyfriend and not a customer. She stayed with me from 3:30am to 7am.

Although I didn’t actually go to this bar, I understand that this is the place where you will find the most beautiful women in Russia. The cover charge is $25, but if you go early and eat a dinner for $25, there is no cover. Hookers here run $200-$500 and up. I’ve been told by several different people that they are
“fashion model” beautiful. Absolutely stunning!

On my last night in Moscow, “Mr. X” came up to me and said, “come on, I want to show you something” We got into a taxi cab and he instructed the driver that were interested in finding dyevuskas. The guy knew exactly what I he meant. We drove a short distance and pretty soon we saw two “ladies” standing on the street. The driver stopped and told them we were looking for prostitutes. They directed us back to a small alley behind the building. I rolled down my window and an older woman in the company of her male Mafia “roof” asked me how much money I was willing to spend. I said $50. She clapped her hands and ladies started appearing out of nowhere; scrambling for a spot in front of the headlights of the taxi.
Within seconds, there were 40+ ladies of all shapes and sizes, standing in front of the headlights.We repeated this process two more times at two different locations all within a 5 block area of the first spot. At each spot there were 40+ ladies all wanting to sell their services. I ended up going home alone that night but was wiser for the experience. I understand that the ladies that are involved in this process give over 1/2 of the money to their Mafia “Roof”. Most do not speak any English and are brought to Moscow from the small villages and towns in rural Russia and Ukraine. Between the two options I preferred Chesterfields because the girl got to keep what you gave her. However you will have to make your own
choices in this matter.

Prostitute Courtesy: When they leave to go home in the morning , it is common courtesy to give the lady 50r for cab fare. As a safety precaution, be sure to put your wallet someplace “secure” after you pay the lady. Most are pretty honest, but you don’t want to put temptation in their path.

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