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Habana discos Commodora and Amanacer were closed due to drugs and prostitution. The Malecon is bare. The only disco with action is Turquino above Havana Libre. There the girls demand $100 and will not negotiate below $70. They always have a girl friend who helps her in negotiations and she will take over negotiations for the chica and demand more money after belittling you for your offer.

I recommend avoiding Havana and going to Gerona, a 30 minute flight to the South and visiting the Isla de Juventud (island of youth). You can rent a casa particular for $12 a night and the average tip for a short time girl is $10-12. The Italians will pay only $5 and some of the older less attractive men will pay $15. You can buy a lunch meal for $1.50. There are 4 discos in town, The Rumba or Bomba, I can’t recall which, is on 39th street and cover charge is 50 cents. All these prices are in US dollars.

Rosalia De Castro Disco
a few blocks from Capitolio
Entry fee 5 cerveza
Lots of young girls and some pros and some non-pros.

Disco Johnny Rio Club
Has been very good in the past, but after a recent closing by the police, the action has slowed down.

The Bar Emperator
At Vedado near the hotel Habana Libre was packed with pros and some really hot ones. At the disco Almanacer which is also located at Vedado I found very little was going on. But I went here mid week so maybe better on the weekends.

Street Action
Try the area around the Hotel Inglaterra and also near the Prado walking area which I found to be good during the day. Prices ranged from 20 to 40, I never give more than 50, even for a top-level model type girl.

The hotels are not “SEX TRAVELER” friendly. I mean the hotels are bad for the single adult travel man. In each hotel you must pay the gateman at the entrance, if you want take a girl to your room. In some hotels you must register the girl. All girls ask if you stay in a hotel or a casa particular. Most girls offer you a private house for a few hours if you say you stay in a hotel. In which case, you will wind up paying a commission for the room she gets and her fee. It is better to stay in a casa particular (a private house). Then you have no problems when you want a girl for the entire night. The normal range for private houses are from 15$-35$ per night.

Prices for hotels:
Budget: US$15-25 Mid-range: US$25-100 Top-end: US$100 and upwards
Cuba is still reasonably affordable, though not cheap. A double room in a medium-priced beachside resort runs US$50, US$100 all-inclusive. The same room in a state-run hotel costs around US$35, and in a private residence US$15-25.

The way it looks at present is that the last time in Cuba will most probably be exactly that, My last time! It certainly isn’t because of the people there but then I won’t go into that since I already have in my other postings. I’ve mentioned the fact that I stayed with a friend who has all the “Bells and Whistles” that a full time resident accrues during five years in the country and who was very generous in the sharing of same. I was able to borrow his “Virago” which in Cuba has a like impact of driving around in a Ferrari on the ladies. I’d had enough libidinous adventuring to be sated for a time and since I only had three more days till I departed for the US had decided to put away my “Shotgun” tecnique and use a rifle with a scope and go for a trophy. It was in the form of a beautiful smile that came from the side a rural road on the outskirts of Havanna where a bevy of females was waiting for either transportation or anything else that would break the boredom and was on a face and body that matched the smile. Without hesitation she jumped on the back of the machine and with my broken and miserable Spanish (she spoke no English) we mannaged to make arrangments for a session of sex for the next day at noon. Always a possibility that it’s going to be a no show but she was so cute that I was there with bells on and, low and behold, so was she. She was nineteen, a totally experienced and complient lover and rang my bell to the point that I kept her for the reaminder of my time in Cuba, which, on this experience alone, wasn’t nearly long enough. The moral of this story, If you have the transport the entire country is totally full of exactly what it is that your heart (and any other organ that needs servicing) desires.

In day time girls hang around Cafe (Cafeteria) Monseigneur at O, entre 23 y 25, which is near the hotels Nacional and Capri. They are mainly black girls.

Inside Hotels
Women can be found at the 3-5 star hotels at night. Sometimes they even manage to get inside and sit in the lobby’s bars. Try hotels Caribbean, Deauville, Habana Libre, Inglaterra, Lido, Nacional, Capri and Plaza

If you cruise the streets and the Malecón, you can find women for 20-25 dollars.
In Malecón you can find a few girls waiting for customers in front of the Habana Riviera and the Nacional hotels, and on brightly lit parts of the road on the way to the Commodore Hotel.

The famous waterfront street
El Malecón, is the place to see the Havana skyline and glorious Caribbean sunsets. In the summer months, the walled beach boulevard, the Malecón, is filled with people sitting on the seawall. Just walk along the Malecón after sunset and you will be approached. Chances are also good that you will find someone during the day.

Suggested Restaurants
Amor Restaurante
23 No, 759 B y C 3rd Floor Vedado, La Habano, Phone: 3-8150
The flan is the best in town.

Street 13 Entre16 y 18 Vedado, Havana. Popular in Vedado

Don Dangrejo
1 st Ave. 16 y 18 Miramar Habana, pricey restaurant “on the ocean” seafood

El Ajibe
Avenida 7ma e/24 y 26 Miramar Chicken is the house specialty

El Floridita
La Havana Vieja, Monserrate 557 Habana
Tel 631060 Cuba’s most famous restaurant since the 1930s. Ernest Hemingway, and various Cuban presidents have been regulars here. Prices are high.

El Helecho
Calle 6e Linea and calle 11 Havana

El Laurel Quinta
Avenida Santa Fe 1 mile west of entrance to Marina Hemingway Open air. Right next to the water across from the Customs Dock in the Marina. Try the Chuleta with Moros and Maduros $5.00

El Palenque
17 y 190 Siboney Miramar Habana
Tel 218167 Best pizza, fantastic prices. Follow signs to Pabexpo.

El Patio
Pl de la Catedral La Habana Vieja
Tel 338146 In the courtyard of the palace on the Plaza de la Catedral

La Bodeguita del Medio
Cuba and San Ignacio La Habana Vieja
Tel 624498 Creole tavern. Mojitos are famous around the world. Recommended picadillo (finely chopped meat sautéed with onions, garlic, olives, and tomatoes), the tasajo, and the arroz congri (rice with spicy meat sauce). Try the chicharrones with a light beer. Low Prices

Havana Trip Report
My Travel Time: Sep/Oct
Special things: Girls and Places

– Girls
– Prices
– Places
– Security
– Casas and Hotels
– Gays
– Woman who want a boy
– Afterword


The Cuban girls are special. The girls have a hard job and always fear from the police. But the girls earn very much salary at her job. You must think, a prof. Cuban Chica earn monthly so much money, if you earn in USA 60000$ per month. This comparison is not exact, but OK. A Chica earn 25$ per day. This is the double so much as a good Worker receive per month. From ten girls are only two girls born in Havana. The rest come from outside Havana. Normal form little city’s all over Cuba. This is a problem for the girl. Cuban can not say “OK I want work in Havana and drive to Havana”. If the police catch a girl from outside Havana, she can say, she had lost her passport. Normal she received a punishment and the police note her name and so on. At the second arrest, she must go to her City outside from Havana. I don’t know the exact laws. But if the police catch a girl often, she must two years in the prison. And this is very hard. The next problem are the Hustler (in Spain Julos). The same problem as all over the world. The girls think the hustler love she. In Cuba it is possible for a girl to work without a hustler. I prefer the girls without a hustler but it’s a problem to relaize this. When you ask a girl, if she have a Julo, all say NO. Girls and her married boy. In Cuba, it’s very often, that you sit somewhere and a girl and a boy sit down on your table. The next question are “Where you came from”, “How long are you in Cuba” and so on. And at much time, the boy offered her housebound. He don’t say “Do you want my wife”, he say, he is only her friend or her brother and he ask you, if you want the girl. This was oft at daytime, when I am was alone on tour.

One important role:
Don’t loose a chance. If you see a good girl, that you like, go to the girl and offer her a coffee or so on. At my first time I was shy and lost much very nice girls on the road. You can have all race of girls. From white to black, from little to high, from charwomen to doctor. All is possible, it’s Cuba. At the Cuban girls I like, she are natural and you can say, what you want. And most of the girls, what I meet, make all what you can think about sex 🙂 Here it’s important, that you have a dictionary or better a sexdictionary. The Cuban girls don’t know what geece or frenche is. You must tell her, what you want in Spain. From the girls, that I have, only 10% speak something English.

One short story:
At one night, I make a tour with my Cuban friend. At the Disco Jonny, we stay on the dancetable. Than comes a nice girl in front of use and looks the dancer. Then I hit her on her backside. She turn around and hit my friend in the face. I laugh and tell the girl, that I hit her. What do you think, what the girl say (she know that I am a tourist) —she say—– “Do you want fuck me?”. I have much stories, but this is better for a book. One at the end. In Cuba a have the hardest, longest, wildest sex in my live and the Cuban girls are a team. Please always careful, the Cubans are poor. Save your perfume and your money in your apartment. A good idea is, to note the name and the number of the passport of the girl, when you go to your casa. But the problem, most girls don’t have a passport on the street. The girls without passport came most not from Havana. See also my first report.

This is a problematic theme. At my first report I write, “Don’t kill the prices” and this is correct. The evolve goes on. I have a German friend in Havana who had a company. He say, in 1991 you can have a girl for one ice. This time is pass. The prices are between 15$ and 40$. This is also depend on your age and your look. And if the girl like you. I am 26 years old. In the Disco’s is the price range from 35$ to 70$. The best chicas want to 100$. The most that I pay for a girl was 45$ and two T-shirts and a Shampoo. She was a very nice girl who don’t ask for money. A few days later she come to me for nothing. If you want save money don’t go with a girl to dinner and if you
go to a disco, don’t go with the first girl. Wait some time, look for the best girl. The prices go town if it goes to the closing time. Say to none girl, that this is your first trip. If the girls think you are a gringo, the prices are higher. To act the price is no problem.

I don’t like disco’s. Disco’s in Cuba are expensive. The only disco that I know is Jonny (the correct name is “RIO CLUB”, but the Cuban people say “Jonny” to the disco). The entrance is 5$. Jonny have a badly call (fighting Cubans) but I was there three times and have no problems. I hear that the disco comodoro is a good tip. The entrance of the comodoro is not on the hotelside! Esteem: In the most discos you want a passport for entrance. I note this as I want do go to the disco in the Havana liebre hotel at the 25th floor. The good of discos is, that you have at most times much girls 20-30 are normal and all are available.

In the old down Havana Vieja is the Bar Castillio (It’s in the road Monserate, two houses at the right side from the “El Floredita” the Ernest Hemminway Bar, it’s also in the near of the “Parke Centrale”) The Bar is not overpriced. The prices are good (Beer 1$, Cuba Libre, Mocito 1,50$). The Bar is open. You can sit on the road and can look the girl’s. Across the Bar Castillio is the Bar Monserate. It’s also a good Bar. In the Monserate the Cuban girl’s can only enter the bar with a accompaniment. It’s no problem to contact a girl. Go to the girl and ask :-). Don’t go to the bar “El Floredita”. go there only for look the furnishing. The Mocito is 7$. A good bar for drinking at daytime (no chicas there) is the “Angel from Tejadillo” it’s in the road Tejadillo in Havana Vieja. It’s a peso bar. A threefold 6 years rum is there 25 cents.

Places to pick up chicas
Parke Centrale at nighttime. The girls approachyou. The road (calle) Obisbo is good for day and nighttime. At day youmust approach the girls but this is no problem. No shy. The Obisbo is in Havana Vieja between the Parke Centrale and the Placa de Amais. At the place between Parke Centrale and the road Obisbo is a open air bar (it’s look like a imbiss with chairs and table with head for rain) it’s also good for girls. She contact you. In the Prado you found always girls at nighttime. It’s a very dark paraderoad with a wide area for walking people. It’s between the Parke Centrale and the Malecon.  Another good place is the front of the disco Bulleria in front of the hotel Habana Liebre in Vedado. Or you can go inside the disco. The Malecon (the shoreroad) is not so good. This is my opinion. If you go there, I recommend go between 10 and 12 PM there. With the Crackdown on my last trip the malecon was empty. Much people but no much girls.  At the Crackdown much Chicas sit at the busstops. If a police ask the girl she can say “I wait at the bus”.

One over the streetworker
Cuban people are poor and want make money with tourist’s. It’s troublesome if you walk alone. Always you are contacted from Cuban’s, who want offer you something ore want talk with you through at money. She offer you all: Casas, Girls, Cigars,

Private Houses
Note, a streetworker earn commission if he bring you to a private restaurant (paladar) and it’s logical he take you to this paladar who pay the most commission. It exist very good paladars in Havana and when I make my internetside, I publish some of this. The commission is also, if a bad girl take you in a bar who pay commissions. No much bars in Havana pay commission!

A short story at this time
One day a very nice natural girl contact me. Not a pitch. He say if I want a private restaurant or anything. We talk  some time on the road. Then she say if I pay here a drink, she know a good bar in the near. I know the ba (commission). She want a Cuba Libre. I say I know a better bar entirely in the near, the Castillio. She know the bar but she don’t receive commission there. I know this. Than I say to her, come on I pay you one Cuba Libre and 1$ commission from my money. She was shocked. Than I tell here, that I’m 50 days here in Havana and I know all. In the bar she want only a beer. My problem is, that I speak only a few word Spain and the streetworker think I am a gringo. At my next trip to Cuba next year I want learn some more word Spain. I say you, from streetworker I am oft fraud. Use no jewellery. Use no purse, but your money in your frontbag of you pants. At my last trip, at two times, boys want rob my watch. If the police catch a robber, he earn 5 years jail. But note, Cuba is the securest country in south america. This is true. And I fiber to my next trip to Cuba I like it. I love Cuba. And I have no problems with the things above.

Casas and Hotels
The hotels are not TSM friendly. I mean the hotels are bad for the single adult travel man. In each hotel you must pay the gateman at the entrance, if you want take a girl to your room. In some hotels you must register the girl. All girls ask if you stay in a hotel or a casa particular. Most girls offer you a private house for a few hours if you say, you stay in a hotel. The optimal thing is when you stay in a casa particular (a private house). Than you have no problems when you want have a girl the total night. The normal range for private houses are from 15$-35$ per night. For Cuba it’s a high price but the people from the house must pay tax for each sleeping room. The tax is different from district to district. As example in Vedado (touristarea) the tax is 250$ per month and in Centro Havana there is 150$ per month and bedroom. The owner must also pay, if she have no customer in the room! We have apartments and houses for lease who goes up to 400$ per night with all extra that you can think. If you want a private house, you can contact me.

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