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In Biloxi, stay away from “A Southern Touch” Escort Service! A bunch of friends and I wanted to arrange an impromptu bachelor party for our groom-to-be. Had initially thought we’d get one escort from the service to come to our hotel room to dance, but she backed out since she couldn’t get a driver/bodyguard to come along. The girl who did show up—called herself Marilyn and had a British accent—arrived at our door without a driver/bodyguard, but she did seem a bit nervous. She was supposed to be a Madonna look-alike or something. Yeah, right. From what we could tell, she had a lousy body (emaciated), several unsightly tattoos, and, in the end, never even disrobed, so there really was no strip show. Anyway, when she first arrived, we assured her that all we wanted was a striptease for our groom-to-be and nothing more, so she had nothing to fear. We gave her $135 for the striptease, and discussed that she could keep any tips from us. With this formality out of the way, she agreed to perform.

First sign of trouble: she didn’t bring along a boombox or music, so it became a bit awkward for her to dance without music. Second sign of trouble: after a few minutes of dancing without any music, her cell phone rang. This apparently was the driver/bodyguard who arrived a few minutes later at our door. He seemed to be an affable fellow, so we let him in and offered him a beer. He then sat in the corner to watch the proceedings. The dancer continued with the act, but in a few minutes again stopped dancing. She said she needed some music and would be right back with a boombox to help her perform. The driver stayed in the room for a minute, while she supposedly went to get the boombox, so we didn’t think anything funny at first. Later, we realized she got in the elevator to call the waiting driver/bodyguard on her cell phone. He got the call, and jumped out into the hall saying into his cell phone “I can’t hear you”. Next thing we know, he was heading down the hall to the elevator. That’s when we figured out they were scamming us–so a few of us followed them down to the lobby. When they got to the lobby of the hotel, she started to freak out, yell at us, and basically made a big scene. She even told the driver/bodyguard to use the gun he supposedly had to show that they meant business! He didn’t pull out a gun, but needless to say, they got away with our $135. Fortunately, the only thing hurt was our pride.

One more thing: since this was considered a civil matter and not a criminal one, the Biloxi Police were very reluctant to help us out. In fact, the person/policeman on duty at the desk was impatient with us and spoke to us (in a rather condescending manner I might add), as though we were all as familiar with police department procedure as he was. Furthermore, he seemed irritated that we would bother reporting a situation involving an escort service, even though it may have involved the use of a firearm, and he appeared more interested in entertaining a female visitor, which may have also been a city employee on or off duty. We took our losses, but we determined to let people know about these criminals.

The Health Studio
If you’re looking for some action in the Jackson, Mississippi area, you may want to try The Health Studio in Flowood. I don’t have the phone number, but local telephone information will have it. I’ve visited this place on three different occasions. Here are my reviews. . .

1) I had seen the ad in The Clarion Ledger newspaper. I called them for directions. It was difficult to find the place, but I finally made it. Once I got there, I thought the place was really trashy; however, it’s quite nice and really clean inside. They have 3 different massages on the menu — $50, $75 and $100. I’ve always opted for the $100 massage, which gets the woman nude or at least topless. From what I gather, this also ensures at least a hand job. You also get to massage her. I went with a petite small-breasted, 35 year-old blond named Barbie. By far, she is the best there. It started with a simple massage, which evolved into some pretty kinky stuff. While I was massaging her, I asked if I could lick her ass. She said yes. I licked her ass for a few minutes, then she asked if I was interested in giving a tip. She told me I would have a “great time” for a $40 tip. So, I gave in. She gave me an incredible blow job! We did the 69. I asked her to lick my ass, and surprisingly she said yes. She gave me a great rim job! I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth – she had no problem with that. After I came in her mouth, she spit in a sink located in the corner of the room. While she was getting dressed, I licked her ass a little more and left. Overall this experience was 8. She wasn’t too hot, but she was okay and rather kinky.

2) On my second trip to The Health Studio, I went with Rhonda. She’s an older woman – about 40 – with dark hair, large tits and a larger build. She massaged me, I massaged her. She gave me a hand job. However, she refused to give me oral. I offered a tip; however, she still refused to give me oral. She gave me a hand job and talked dirty to me until I shot all over her huge tits. By the way, she put on a rubber glove and fingered my ass. I gave her a $60 tip and she acted surprised. She wasn’t expecting it. It seems like the initial fee of $100 gets a hand job.

3) My most recent trip to The Health Studio included a black lady by the name of Lisa. Lisa has huge tits! For a $60 tip, I got a blow job. She refused to lick my ass and would not even think about letting me cum in her mouth. Her oral skills were lacking. I saw her sucking me, but I did not feel much. I fucked her tits a little bit.

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