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There are a number of Cabaret clubs in Larnaca. Most of them can be found by “The Roundabout” on the main road to Dekhalia.

Dantela Cabaret
Dekhalia Road
Tel: 24 662843

They always have around twelve girls working at any one time and these are almost all from Eastern Europe or the FSU. The girls are all changed every three months.

The club opens around 9.00pm but don’t get there too early! Drinks are a little expensive (CYP5)compared to a pub but the is NO admission charge.

The girls each take it in turn to dance on the stage and they strip completely naked so you can see what you are getting!

The girls will come and sit with you and after a few minutes of chat the “Garcon” will come and ask if you want to buy her a drink. All the girl’s drinks are non-alcholic. Each drink you buy then she gets a token from the Garcon.

If you buy enough drinks then the girl is free to leave the club with you and need not be back until noon the next day. This will cost you around CYP85. BEWARE: The girl cannot leave the club before it closes at 3.00am – that is why you don’t want to get there too early! Accommodations can be supplied at extra cost (around CYP15).

The girls will do most things (always covered!) and a very few will do BBBJ. You will need to pay the girl as well at the end of your 9 hour session – this varies between CYP30 and CYP40. Excellent value!

They girls at Dantela are about the best and prettiest, they could all be models. I have been there three times and the girl I met the very first time (Linda) was the best and prettiest! I even took her out on an afternoon date (CYP75) from noon until 6.00pm.

BEST ADVICE: If you want to do well at ANY Cyprus cabaret then make a friend of the Garcon! Buy him a drink and if you are going to go back give him a good tip (I normally leave CYP10) – he will remember you!

SECOND BEST ADVICE: If you are not sure about a girl then don’t buy her a drink! Drinks you buy one will not count towards your total to take one away with you! Some of them have very poor English which can make communication a problem later in the bedroom! I always leave the ones who speak bad English!

Dantela will take credit cards but not Amex or Diner’s!

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