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Finland has some of the warmest people in the Scandinavian countries. Besides the reindeer meat and the cold beer, there are great bars and pubs in which to meet very friendly ladies. The best time to travel this far north is in the summer, when they aren’t all wrapped up in 50 pounds of furs and hats. The beaches are nice and clean, but the water is cold, and the girls are wild.

There are a couple of good places in central Helsinki full of mainly Russian or Estonian girls. Expect to pay 150 – 200 Euros for a two hour service. My favorite place is Mikado in Mannerheimintie opposite the big department store Stockmans. There are also a few good web-sites from which you can get the mobile phone numbers of the girls you like. Check or
They are both in Finnish, unfortunately.

If you don’t know Finnish, the best action is at Mikado on a main street (Mannerheimente = Spelling?, damn Finnish language 😉 close to the Swedish Theater.

It opens about 10om and girls, almost all Russian, mostly from St Petersburg come in starting then.

You go in (10 Euro entrance) and get a drink. There’s really no stripping going on, it’s just a bar full of women (all are available). Find one you like, go up, start a conversation and she will quickly ask if you want to go to your hotel.

Negotiate what you want (most won’t do Greek), and take her back to your hotel, most hotels are not a problem at all.

The usual rate now that they have switched over is 150Euro. You can get them cheaper (some will start negotiating at 200.

If looking for just sex, is no doubt the easiest choice – also in English nowadays.
Mikado is closed, and not much street action either, because of the new legislation (buying sex in public is forbidden). If you are looking for escort-company, try

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