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Difficult to find. Get on the new and modern ft. Richardson highway, headed north toward Eilson AFB. about 8 miles in you will see a sign that says “old ft. Richardson highway” that is an exit to the left. no clover leafs here, just a straight shot across the highway. go about 100 yards and a sign says “old ft. Richardson highway” to the right. take it and go about 1 mile. “lee’s” has a funky sign and is surrounded with a big wooden white fence. $250, Korean girl.

I didn’t see to much about Anchorage written in the guide so I thought I’d try to shed some light. I lived in Anchorage for 3 years courtesy of Uncle Sam. But I delivered pizza in the down town area and got to know the city pretty well. It has been awhile since I lived there so please forgive any inaccuracies.

There was several strip clubs downtown like the Crazy Horse and the Bush factory and others to. Most of the girls I saw there where between 7 and up. I don’t know if they where available for sex, but I’m sure if the price was right it would probably happen. I even delivered to many of the girls and they all seemed nice and friendly too.

There are many nice hotels downtown like the Sheraton, Ramada and the Captain Cook. There was many mom and pops hotels I delivered to and most seemed clean I really don’t know about prices, but to be sure like everything in Alaska probably pricey.

Most of the street girls seemed to hang out on 4th and 5th ave the main streets downtown. Most of them seemed to be black or oriental. There was some Eskimos mixed in, but they where all fat and pretty dirty looking. There are several adult book stores downtown most had video booths with holes in them in case you want the buddy in the next booth to give you a blow job, never tried it myself.

There is some massage parlors here and there, check the phone book, paper or a cabbie. I don’t know prices and if I did they would be outdated by now.

Anchorage always seemed to me to be a safe and clean town. After 3 years of delivering on the streets I never once felt threatened. I hope this helps anyone I wouldn’t recommend it for a sex vacation, but if you go up for fishing, hunting or a long lay over this may help you. Alaska is an expensive place to live and stay so make sure you have plenty of cash on hand. Happy hunting.

Anchorage Rates and prices are as follows: These are general guidelines only and there are probably exceptions. The street girls: There prices start at $30 for a blow job and go up to as much as she can con you out of. Most of the street girls rate between a -5 and +5 on a scale of one to ten. Prices generally increase 30% during Fur Rondy and the Ididarod. Also during the Great Alaska Shootout. These are usually all local girls, a few exceptions. Be very careful. Always wear a condom for anything. Herpes, aids, syph, and clap are rampant.

The strip bars: Better than most bars in the lower 48. Lap dances are full contact. She contacts and you watch and enjoy. Some will allow some discreet touching after the second or third dance. All dances are at least topless, they will do full nude for an additional fee. Dances start at $15 each for topless and can go as high as $50 each for full nude. Very few will leave the clubs during hours. At times an after hours party can be arranged. No one has ever gotten upset when I asked if they partied afterwards. Three of the strip clubs in town are non alcoholic. They do this to avoid some of the laws regarding clubs that serve liquor. The girls in the clubs generally run from a 5 on the bottom to true 10’s at the top end. Many of the girls are just as interested in girls as they are in guys. Some of the clubs have a fairly large female clientele.

The massage parlors and escort services: The service in these generally ranks from good to “Beam me up Scotty I’m scared” The turnover in these is extremely high. You can not count on seeing the same girl two weeks in a row. During the winter months the girls are generally local and about half are junkies. During the summer many are from out of state. Many of the others are just poor women with babies who can’t support their kids any other way. I have run into a couple of girls who hated the job so much it ruined the experience. Looks wise most of the girls will run between 3 and 8. Prices run a little strangely and not consistent at all. Examples. $150 for up to 1 hr full service. $75 for a 1/2 hour nude BJ. $250 for full service one hour, bubble tub included. I got 1.5 hours, no extra chg. I was not a regular. During the summer months and during special events prices go up 20% to 50%. Personalities run from 1 to 10. Always use a condom. The escort services and massage parlors in the phone books are unreliable and some of the best are not advertised in the newspaper. Ask around. Any cab driver who works the hotels and strip joints in the evenings is a good reference. Many of the current ones advertise in the newspaper under “Massage” and “Lic. Massage Therapists”. If you start calling around and seem to get the same address from two or three numbers BEWARE. Not necessarily a rip off but you will get only a fair to poor experience.

Independents: Most of these advertise in the newspaper under the two categories previously named. These girls run from about a 7 to a 10. Prices start at about $150 for FS up to an hour. They will either operate out their homes or a hotel room. These girls generally have day jobs and do this for some extra money. They generally shut down after 11 or 12 PM. The attitude of these girls is generally very good. They like their work and it shows.

The exclusive girls generally start at about $500 per session and up. They work on referral only. You have to know an existing customer or friend or whatever to even make contact. They are very good and they know it. They do not advertise in any way. They will give you a reference business card to pass on if they like you and trust you. These girls have many friends in high places.

With the exception of the last group it will be necessary to follow all of the precautions discussed on this site and on others to protect yourself against the police. Anchorage does not take your car for being caught, at this time, but some in gov’t are discussing it as a way of raising revenue for the city.

Anchorage is not a dangerous place if you use a little common sense. There are only 325000 people in town. You won’t get hit with most of the scams here. Crime here is driven by drugs, alcohol, and poverty. When it hits it is violent and people get hurt. If you remember to stay out of dark alleys and avoid any place that makes you nervous you will do just fine. If you only drink moderately most of your common sense should stay with you

Cosmecare international has been around for over a year. the models and shop are very clean and drug free. models pics are always posted on there site. prices range from $150-$250. the shop offers body rubs and fantasy modeling. by appointments only, males models available. we are located in the Fairbanks area.

Street Action
The street action is limited for the most part to the area around Chugach Street and off Spenard Street. But the homeowners in this area don’t like the street action and watch things closely so be careful.

Newspaper: your best bet is to call one of the independents listed in the back of the Anchorage Press (the free, alternative paper).

Moons House
24 Hour Service
705 West 27th Avenue
Cash Visa MasterCard
Some additional info for Moon’s (rates apply to Susie’s, also, as they are owed by the same person. $120 for half hour, FS included, no tipping required or expected
Moon’s has a few steady girls. Some great experiences here as opposed to the all bad experiences I have had with Chateau

Bunny Club
24 hr Outcall Escorts
1302 West 35th Avenue Anchorage
Cash Visa MasterCard 907-561-2277
Asian Escorts

Sunshine Girls
Escort Service
Anchorage 907-272-4475
Have used this service a few times and have had good luck. The escorts are independents and they do offer in call sometimes if you request it. They seem to have a lot of younger girls working through this service. Most are friendly and open-minded so you should do all right here.

Alaskan Bush Company
on Intl Airport Road is a great Strip bar. No cover, cheap beer, some hot looking girls. My favorite dancer is Jessica, who is a very good looking I have to remind myself that her $20 five-minute table dance is equivalent to an all night in Angels City. She has stated she’s available for the night but I suspect the going price is $1000+. There’s a huge disposable income in Alaska, particularly in October when the state hands out a $1500 dividend to each resident. Also a lot of guys work in the fisheries and make sick money for short time work for extremely long hours, the girls know this apparently and go up there in droves during peak salmon season.
in October I visited Anchorage and found my way to PJ’s, which is a local strip club. I was happily surprised to see Alaska’s laws allow liquor and full nudity in the same bar.
Found Ashley, a very sexy girl who looked very tight. The $20 lap dance gave me all I needed to figure that out on my own. They put up a chain for the “full nude” private dance but the regular lap dance is right in your face and she was letting me play. After talking for a few hours, and not spending very much more money, I told her I was interested in seeing her outside of the club, and she knew what I meant. She told me she’d meet at my hotel 1 hour after she got off. She was actually a little early, but she met me at the Holiday Inn and it was a good experience.
I spent about $200 at the strip bar on drinks and girls (I saw more than just Ashley, but I liked her the best) and another $150 for her. Very good GFE with this one, she stayed all night and in the morning as she was leaving, she told me I should come back and see her that night too. Unfortunately, my plane left early that afternoon, otherwise I would have been there again.

Strip Clubs
In Fairbanks the best strip club is Reflections, which hires women on contract from the lower-48 and gives them room and board upstairs above the bar. There are a few good lookers in the group

I concur about Reflections. It is a fun club with friendly dancers. There is another strip club in Fairbanks but it is not nearly as much fun and they don’t have a liquor license so all you can get is soft drinks. Reflections has a liquor license.

Two locations have been around for a long time. Oriental Massage is dangerous. The owner is a felon and has been arrested again for selling drugs. The owner’s brother shot and killed a guy a few months ago in the parking lot. The cops are watching the place. I have visited about half a dozen times in the past before all that – girls range from 4 to 8, normal pick from 2 or 3 girls. $150 half hour full service generally no whining for tips.

Lee’s Massage is mostly Asian girls but much lower quality and much less choice. Last few times have been the old bait and switch. They act real eager to get you to pay and then start whining for more and more money or all you’ll get is a back rub. Same prices to get in the door, but much more to get full service. Plus real snotty attitudes. They know the competition is having problems and are making the most of it. I hope some new places open soon.

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