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I am a local Vancouverite, who has enjoyed a number of the local ladies both as escort type and through the various massage parlours in town. There is a huge selection for the man who wants to use these services.
Street:cordova/east of main-approx 6 blocks-tis stroll has mainly drug addicts and rip off artists-although some gems are to be found from time to time-this area has someone on it at all hours-the busiest time is prior to the last Wednesday of each month when the social assistance checks are issued. The Wednesday when the checks are issued will be guaranteed to be slow as all the girls will have some cash in their pockets.

There are some girls who have been there for years-some of the older (early 30’s) are not to be passed up as they have perfected their cocksucking techniques-i would always use a condom-even for bj’s here- a concern is for genital warts-they can be passed through from mouth to penis-and although they are microscopic-who wants em?

Franklin St.-a number of regular providers here-beware of one girl-she is black-good shape not too thick- beautiful ass-rounded face-about 22yrs-just a scammer-she will take you somewhere in your car then charge you 40 bucks-you drop your pants and she starts with the problems-no condoms-too much light here-and the usual-will you drive me to this apartment and wait while I see someone etc….and out she goes never to return-you have managed to feel her up and she may have started to give you some action- but the result is always the same. This happened to me twice over a two year period and happened to a buddy three!!! times-he just loves her ass-and never got any of it!!!

There are a few other regular girls here-they become regulars for about 3-4 months then they are gone-quite a few native Canadians-I have had a couple of these girls for bj only and the results were very good. you will also see a couple of East Indian girls here-one girl with long dark hair-a bit chunky is always in this area or up on hastings st-her sucking technique has gotten better- I tried her when she first arrived and she was terrible-she just put your cock in her mouth and used her two fingers to rub it up and down.

Broadway/fraser area-this area has slowed down a lot but you may find a part timer near the last Wednesday of each month-there is one Chinese girl who is about the only semi regular I have seen there- Ashe asks for 40 but will go for 20-great sucking technique-likes to look right into your eyes as she sticks your cock into her mouth. Claims she will do anal-but when you get to the room-she will use every excuse she can to get you to either lay or bj.

Most providers in this area are now working the short little strip between Broadway and kingsway along main.

Massage Parlours- I see the owner of the Den is writing his own reviews for his place on this site- I have been here twice and find the whole place to be mediocre and expensive-first you pay the massage fee 60.00-then you get a so-so massage and the extras start at 100 for a hand job- the whole thing is about as workmanlike as you can ask for-I have used some of the oriental places around town (not orientique) because I have a preference for oriental girls-have had mixed results but 95% of the time have had sex or hand jobs-if a girl is new from Hong Kong she usually doesn’t speak much English-just enough to ask if you would like the “special” you ask her what you can get and then bargain-never been able to get anal at any oriental place- I am a little bigger than average so they all just start shaking their heads when I ask. Best place used to be at fraser and 16th,now closed, endless supply of new faces-no nonsense-1/2 hour massage and then a bj and sex all for 140.00 (Can)with some absolutely outstanding oriental women.

west ender/buy and sell/courier-all of these small local newspapers have ads under alternative health or bodyrub or escort-massage is usually just a hand job(courier/west ender)body rub can mean sex if u ask on the phone before-note that some of the ads say non sexual-this can mean hand job only- you have to call and ask. Price is usually 60.00-you go to an apartment or house where they have set up a room with a massage table.

Escort ads-check phone numbers and watch for duplicates as some of them are multiple ads from a place with a switchboard-i have tried a few-and it is really hit or miss-average price-175.00 to 200.00. She usually comes to your place and is wearing something nice-short massage and then bj and sex-I have had a couple of totally hot women from these ads-some though have been awful-the ones I stay away from now are usually described as blonde dd breast size-this usually means a short overweight woman with a big chest-not necessarily big breasts. I will write another review when i return from Cuba in Jan.

I believe that Traveler is speaking of Prosper City Massage at 18th and Main. The phone # is 879-5769. The name and number may be different now. I’ve never seen Helen but she is supposed to be very beautiful. But Prosper City has a reputation for almost slave labor, working the girls 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. And many of the girls are sore from too much action.

Main & 18th My second visit with Helen, Tall Chinese Mainlander. Absolutely georgeous. Good Massage, very friendly but FS was a bit of a problem because she was in pain ..Again! I don’t know if she is just naturally small or if she has to serve so many customers that she was just too sore. When I realized she was suffering I hurried up, but she filled rest of time with massage. She did mention that she has to work six days a week for 14 hours a day. SLAVERY ! I am an unwitting contributor and so are you if you go there. However she has a certain financial goal and then I think it’s Good-Bye Helen. Body 10, Face 10, Friendliness 9, Massage 9, Service (a very willing but sore) 8. Overall 9.$75/hr 150 FS.

Vancouver Street action in Vancouver is alive and well. Last night I felt the need so I headed down to the Victoria and Hastings area.

There are some really beautiful girls out there 8 – 10’s but you also have to be really careful as there are also a great number of druggies. This area has a high rate of STD’s so make sure you’re careful.

I picked up a beautiful brunette who goes by the name of Traci. I don’t think she’s too much of a regular because she didn’t have a hardened attitude like some of the girls in the area. We negotiated a little and settled on $30 Cdn ($20 US) for a topless blow. Sex at her place would have been $45 Cdn. I am a little wary of going to there place so I opted for the blow in the car.

Her breasts were not too large but perfectly formed and she really seemed to enjoy it when I sucked on them and gently bit them. She has a tight little ass and a face that will make you want to keep her. I know that I will look for her next time I’m out that way.

Blowjob was good but not fantastic, however I’m a sucker for a great face and a friendly personality. Watch out for cops as I hear that they are focusing on sting operations lately.

Have been to Swedish Touch several times. Today tried out Madame Cleo’s. The main reason being a 1/2 off special before noon on the weekends. Very nice facility, good selection of girls. About 6 girls @ 11:30 AM. Asian, black, Hispanic and white. Door fee came to 38.00/US for 1 hour in the Roman room. Picked a girl named Amanda. Blonde streaked hair and busty in a short dress. Great personality lots of fun. Beautiful girl, but a little heavy with her clothes off. Fake tits(not very good ones)Had a nice shower then a decent back rub. Got a topless H/J and tipped her 125.00/US. They also gave me passwords to their website to see naked pics of the girls. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 9. She really took her time, not rushed at all and a very clean and comfortable facility

I am here with a review of Orientique. Okay, the girl I ended up with {can’t recall her name} was a petite and pretty E. Indian girl. Sex was average not tight enough, but her personality was great. She asked for 200 I got a bj and sex for 140.

She says she’s really into her job, was friendly but the lack of tightness and the mechanical somewhat nature of it all turned the experience somewhat. I’ll be going somewhere for a round three soon and will let you all know.

I just visited a massage parlor in Vancouver, Tokyo Spa, had a 20 ish lady, great legs and butt, waist long brown hair do a super massage, she was very accommodating. Her name was Kelly, her prices were on a Toronto pay scale rather then Vancouver, Finally her rates are reasonable. Her name is Kelly, she works days. I had a previous experience with some Asian ladies at this place who were not as accommodating

I was in Vancouver on Oct. 22nd and decided to call an escort. I decided to go with Mercedes. That was a $200 well spent! She was 36 (a bit older than what I wanted) but had a nice body, attractive face and SUPERB service. I have had escorts that was nice until you blow your stack and then they left. Not Mercedes. She will treat you like a king. She stayed longer than the hour (around 1 1/2 hours). She knew that I wanted to blow my stack more than once and she wasn’t going to leave until that second time came around. Needless to say, I will definitely give her a call if I’m ever up in Vancouver on business again. There were a number of other escorts that I called that quoted one price but wanted more money due to one thing or another. I would recommend that everything is understood up front to avoid being ripped off

I’ve been to International Oriental Massage twice, and each time was greeted by a slender — not beautiful, but passable — Chinese woman. The first time the lady gave one heck of a massage that ended with her stroking me big time at which point she asked if I wanted sex. Did I? At about $200 on top of the $50.00 room charge it seemed a bit steep, but at that point, I paid it. She gave me head, then stepped on the table with her tiny butt and slipped my cock in her. She was so tight that I could feel her lips snap when I pulled out. I wanted to look at that hairy thing, but she fought me off and that caused a bit of a droop in the manhood so she ended the session with a blow job that had my jaw aching from watching her.

The second time, I knew what to expect and came in acting like I was a Canadian with Canadian money. Same price, but in Canadian – 50 for the room and 200 for sex. She had bigger tits than the first and was more than interested in having her pussy licked. She crawled all over me, rubbing me with her knees and massaging with her hands. She sucked my cock while standing with her pussy in my face and delighted when her clit started standing up right on my tongue. She mounted me and almost hollered “I want you.” If she wasn’t into it, she was a Hollywood actress because I swear, she made me think she was in love with me. She kissed me, and bucked and moaned and writhed until I couldn’t hold back. She was as tight as tight could be. She mentioned she didn’t have a boyfriend and hinted that I might do. Hmmm, had I really been from Vancouver, I probably would have followed up on that.

I’ve been to Orientique several times. Sometimes I get a good girl and sometimes I don’t. The last time I got a blond girl named Marsha. She claimed to have a period, so I didn’t press for anything. But she gave me one hell of a massage. The cost was 60 bucks.

Has anyone here been to the Swan Lake message parlour in Richmond (near alderbridge and garden city)… I think it’s called Swan Lake Shiatsu. If so… how are the prices like and is it strictly message only or do you get more services?
Thanks for your help!

Planned a day trip here recently to experience the value and quality of the providers. I decided to try for a grand slam: an outcall and an incall in my local area and then an incall in Vancouver. Didn’t quite work out that way: had an outcall at home and an incall and outcall in Vancouver. I wanted to try a young, blonde WF since they are in Vancouver in abundance and with good attitudes and relatively low prices. I called an independent, though she had a booking lady who herself was so nice and friendly I would have been happy with her! Got to her downtown high-rise apt and conducted business with a 19YO blonde, large jugs, really friendly and nice. Felt a little rushed, but in hindsight, I only had 30 minutes, so we experienced everything and finished just at the bell. Would definitely pay a return visit. $160CD. The outcall was someone I’d had several months ago and was pleasantly surprised to find her still in business. Smart, attractive, friendly, all-business. $200CD for the hour.

Beware of Swan Lake. I heard the cops are keeping their eyes on this one and other so-called shiatsu places.
Try using and check the ads for finding women

A hand-drawn map of sexual relationships between Downtown Eastside hookers, pimps and johns may be the best weapon health officials have in stopping the world’s largest syphilis outbreak.

Doctors say their approach has been about as effective as shooting a water gun at a fire.

“Now the concern is that it’s beyond its original group and it’s spreading. Clearly, we haven’t got a handle on it,” said Patricia Daly, health officer for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

“The Centre for Disease Control has stepped up and is being as aggressive as they can trying to identify cases. We’ve been advising doctors, trying to get cases treated and treat as many contacts as we can but it’s not working.”

Since a case was imported in 1997 – likely by a traveller – syphilis has spread through the city’s slum where prostitution is rampant.

It quickly mushroomed to the world’s largest per capita outbreak of syphilis, a disease that was once close to being eliminated in North America, said Dr. Michael Rekart, the director of STD control for the B.C. Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Trying to stop the spread of the sexually transmitted disease, which causes genital lesions and stillbirths and makes people more susceptible to contracting AIDS, is labour intensive.

Street nurses walk the neighbourhood trying to find out who’s sleeping with whom and then scour hotels and bars looking for their previous partners to persuade them to get tested.

The johns who drive back to the suburbs are even harder to reach and often don’t realize for months that they’ve been infected with the contagious disease.

So, the numbers of infected spirals higher each year. Reported syphilis cases in B.C., almost all of which are in downtown Vancouver, jumped to 250 so far in 2003 from 16 in 1993.

Since the outbreak really took hold in 1998, the majority of victims have been sex-trade workers and their johns, which is unusual. It doesn’t often flare up among heterosexuals.

In the U.S., syphilis is on the increase for the first time in more than a decade, mainly caused by outbreaks among gay and bisexual men in several big cities.

Rekart warned it seems like that is about to happen in Vancouver. This year, 72 gay or bisexual men were diagnosed with syphilis, up from 30 in 2002.

Rates of HIV, gonorrhea and hepatitis have been going up in the gay community as well, suggesting people aren’t using condoms. It’s setting the stage for a much larger syphilis outbreak, said Rekart.

“And, we know it spreads very quickly in the gay community. Almost every other outbreak in the world is confined to that community. We’d be silly not to pay attention with all that staring us in the face,” Rekart said.

So, a media campaign will be rolled out in the new year to raise awareness. CDC nurses are also visiting doctors, telling them the community is at risk and to start checking patients they believe have unprotected sex, even if they are just there for the flu shot.

Syphilis, a disease that killed millions in the Middle Ages, is now easy to treat but it’s also easy to miss.

Ulcerative lesions form on the genitals but they aren’t painful. In women, they can be inside the vagina while in men, the sores go away, suggesting the problem has cleared up.

Antibiotics will kill the infection, but left unchecked, syphilis eventually attacks the heart and the brain. Pregnant women with the disease give birth to babies that can suffer from brain damage and deformities.

Two babies with congenital syphilis have been born in Vancouver since the outbreak began.

Daly said a number of the region’s syphilis patients have contracted AIDS, likely because the lesions made them more susceptible.

The world is watching as city officials try to contain the disease. So far, the innovative attempts have failed miserably and even made the situation worse.

The city did a massive antibiotic blitz, handing out thousands of pills to people in the Downtown Eastside whether they had syphilis or not. Just one would clear up an infection.

Hookers were encouraged to take a handful of the pills for their friends, pimps and johns.

Once the medicine ran its course, however, people were again at risk but didn’t seem to get that message.

The infection rate roared back worse than ever, suggesting people got the impression they were immunized, Daly said.

“It didn’t work. In fact, it seems to have exacerbated the problem,” she said.

Instead, the CDC is trying to modernize the old-fashioned approach of identifying sexual partners of syphilis victims and tracking them down.

Rekart is working with Health Canada to develop a computer program to map all these relationships, many of which overlap.

“In a few months, we hope to be able to put it on a Palm Pilot so when the nurses are out on the street and someone with the infection tells them the name of a partner, they can type it into the database and all of their partners will pop up.

“In many cases, it would then be as easy as walking across the street and giving that person antibiotics instead of having to go back to the office and look at all the hand drawn maps we have.”

While Rekart is optimistic that tool will beat back the rising infection rate, he worries that all the strategies the CDC has developed to deal with syphilis are tailored for the downtown slum.

“If it takes off in a new community, the gay community, street youth, injection drug users, it’s a whole new ball game really.”

Amtrak Cascades
Amtrak offers servic between Seattle and Vancouver. They run one trip per day beweent the two cities. It departs from Vancouver in the evening. Contract the number above for more information.

VIA Rail has transcontinental services from Toronto via Jasper arriving at Vancouver’s Pacific Central Station three times a week. Contact your travel agent for reservations or call 1.800.561.8630 for services in Western Canada.

Greyhound Lines
Serves Vancouver from numerous cities in the United States and Canada.
604-482-8747 FromCanada
800-231-2222 From United States
Web Site:

Quick Shuttle
Provides fast and reasonable service between Seattle and Vancouver.
604-940-4428 from Canada
800-665-2122 from United States

Two ferry terminals–Tsawwassen and Horseshoe Bay– provide access to Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast. Tsawwassen is about 45 minutes south of the city and supplies frequent service to Victoria, Nanaimo and the Southern Gulf Islands. Horseshoe Bay, about 45 minutes north of Vancouver, offers frequent service to Nanaimo, Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast

BC Ferries
Web Site:
Provides regularly scheduled passenger and vehicle service between Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and other parts of coastal British Columbia.

Horseshoe Bay – Nanaimo
(crossing time: 90 minutes)
Return sailings at least eight times a day between 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., year-round.
For up-to-date fare and schedule information, see or call BC Ferries at 250.386.3431, within BC 1.888.223.3779. For BC Ferry Reservations call 1.888.724.5223 within BC, or 604.444.2890 outside of BC.

Tsawwassen – Nanaimo
(crossing time: 2 hours)
Return sailings at least eight times a day, year-round, from early morning to late at night.
For up-to-date fare and schedule information, see or call BC Ferries at 250.386.3431, within BC 1.888.223.3779. For BC Ferry Reservations call 1.888.724.5223 within BC, or 604.444.2890 outside of BC.

Tsawwassen – Victoria
(crossing time: 90 minutes)
Late June to early September: Daily sailings depart on the hour, every hour, in both directions between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Additional sailings operate during the busy summer months.
For up-to-date fare and schedule information, see or call BC Ferries at 250.386.3431, within BC 1.888.223.3779. For BC Ferry Reservations call 1.888.724.5223 within BC, or 604.444.2890 outside of BC.

Rental Vehicles
Avis Rent A Car – Vancouver
757 Hornby Street
Offers special services such as courtesy pick up/ drop off, one way rentals, child seats, ski racks and 24 hour roadside assistance.

Discount Car and Truck Rentals Ltd
225 – 13480 Crestwood Place
Fax: 604-273-5569
Free pick up at hotels and all passenger terminals. Carry a wide range of new vehicles, competitive rates & package rates.

National Car Rental
1130 West Georgia Street
1-800-227-7368 Toll-free
Several office in the area.locate Pick up services from hotels and cruise ship terminals, airport, etc. Full range of cars, mini-vans, full-size vans, 15 passenger mini-buses, sport utility vehicles and trucks.

Traveland R.V. Rentals
20529 Langley By-Pass
Web Site:
Rentals of motorhomes in Vancouver, 21′, 24′ and 29′ available year-round; fully equipped for up to 8 people. They have a fenced parking lot if you want to leave your own car while while renting one of their motorhomes. RV sales, parts & service on premises.

Thrifty Car Rental
Century Plaza Hotel
1015 Burrard Street
604-606-1695 ext.232
Fax: 604.606.1672
In terminal service at Vancouver International Airport, plus offices in downtown, Richmond, and Burnaby.

Public Transportation
TransLink Vancouver
Offering regular service on the busiest routes from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. and late night owl service on some downtown suburban routes until 4:20 am, Greater Vancouver’s transit system-the bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus-covers more than 1800 square kilometres (695 square miles) of the Lower Mainland.

TransLink Bus
1600 – 4720 Kingsway,
Phone: 604-453-4618
The public transit system, offering bus service throughout Greater Vancouver . TransLink Vancouver has wheelchair lift equipped or low-floor buses on 78 routes. New routes are introduced every year. Accessible buses and bus stops are identified by the international wheelchair symbol, while the letter “L” identifies the schedule service in public timetables.

is a unique, passenger-only, wheelchair accessible ferry service that connects Vancouver from Waterfront Station with Lonsdale Quay on the North Shore. The scenic crossing of Burrard Inlet takes 12 minutes and covers two fare zones. It’s the only marine bus system of its kind in the world. Bikes are allowed.
Greater Vancouver is divided into three fare zones. Peak fares operate from the first use in the morning to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
One Zone fare: $1.50 chg to $ 2.00
Two Zone fare: $2.00 chg to $ 3.00
Three Zone fare: $3.00 chg to $ 4.00
Concession: $1.50 chg to $ 2.00
Off peak fares: $1.50 chg to $ 2.00 for all zones after 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

a completely automated light rapid transit system, offers direct, efficient service between downtown Vancouver and suburban environs. It follows a scenic elevated 29 kilometre (18 mile) route with 20 stations along the way. All the SkyTrain stations, except Granville, have elevators and each train is wheelchair accessible. The SkyTrain links with buses at most of the 20 stations and connects with the SeaBus in downtown Vancouver. It operates daily, every two to five minutes.
Greater Vancouver is divided into three fare zones. Peak fares operate from the first use in the morning to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
One Zone fare: $1.50 chg to $ 2.00
Two Zone fare: $2.00 chg to $ 3.00
Three Zone fare: $3.00 chg to $ 4.00
Concession: $1.50 chg to $ 2.00
Off peak fares: $1.50 chg to $ 2.00 for all zones after 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

1304 Howe Street
$C45 Weekdays
$C60 Weekends
via internet booking

Free parking,rear entry thus avoiding the lobby entirely. Cecil Hotel & Strip club is across the street.

Granville Street
next to the PNE
Rooms have mini fridge, queen bed, sauna and excercise room, includes free cont breakfast. Parking is below hotel with secured access. Came & went all hours of the day & night, parked underground & then took elevator to room thereby BYPASSING the hotel lobby with my women. Never had a problem…highly recommend this place!

Cafe De Medici
109-1025 Robson St
Phone: 604/669-9322
Cost: C$13 to C$32
This is an elegant Northern Italian restaurant, run by the same family for the last 20 years plus. It is located on Vancouver’s most fashionable street, Robson Street. The house-made ravioli with lobster and Dungeness crab served in a thyme-infused saffron cream sauce, and the spinach salad with goat cheese are the recommended starters here. For your main course go with: the rack of lamb with a fresh herb crust, or grilled jumbo prawns and scallops over a mascarpone risotto. Quiet atmosphere and gracious service make this a good choice for romantic dinners. Reservations essential. AE, DC, MC, V. No lunch weekends.

515 Davie St.
(604) 682-4388
Often imitated, never duplicated, this cafe is home to one of the most eclectic crowds in the city. Take a step into DV8 and be transported into a room with cozy candlelit tables and art-covered walls. But don’t let the serene setting contradict its liveliness, because as you look above you suddenly you’ll see a disco ball and beside you, a fully stocked bar. Throw in an eclectic crowd and things are bound to get interesting.
With a definitely vegan and vegetarian friendly menu, DV8 offers plenty to choose from, with prices running from $5 to $8 for appetizers like miso soup, to $8 to $15 for full meal entrees.

Takis Taverna
Greek Restaurant
1106 Davie St
(604) 682-1336
Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Sat-Sun 11:30am-10pm
Takis’ patrons come here for the menu that doesn’t try to dazzle, but satisfies with conservatively well .
Takis’ dinner menu is small and to the point. In addition to the lamb, there are beef, chicken and pork souvlakis all for $7.95 small or $10.50 large. Seafood souvlakis including salmon and prawn, are a couple dollars more. Takis’ also serves a Seafood Platter for Two or a Greek Platter for Two each for $29 and various traditionally-prepared lamb dishes including Rack of Lamb a la Greque ($19.95) and roast lamb ($11.50)

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