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Been reading these pages for about the last 6 months and I thought I’d do my part by contributing some reconnaissance data. I spent about 1 yr working in MAD from 97-98, so here is some info, most are still current from speaking with my successor there.

Antanarivo, nicked name TANA by the locals. Ex-French Colony, so the foreign languages in use are (in order) French (100%), Russian (24-35 yr olds-60%), English/Italian/German. Get a French phrase book for the basics and it will enhance the experience.

Best Place to meet someone for the night:
Club Indra, a seriously down market location where everyone congregates. Open until 4am, the action starts around 1100pm and works up from there. Great place for people watching and some seriously gorgeous girls.

Madagascar is not purely African island. A lot of mixed blood lines. Locals in Tana are rather milk Chocolate colored w/ straight hair, more like Indonesians. Girls from the East coast cities of Tamatave up to the islands northern tip in Diego Suarez have some Arab blood lines, which leads to very smooth skin and light colored eyes. Very Eager to Please.

They will almost NEVER negotiate price. A small “Cardhu” or present in the morning is expected. Most of the girls will go with you for the sake you being a gentleman (and the running hot water in a nice hotel, since many are Univ. student/amateurs from out of town on scholarships insufficient to sustain them in good surroundings)

A suitable present from US$6-7 up to $20 for extremely good service. Keep in mind these are more like young naive girlfriend sex than professionals. Most will only do straight, some will do BBBJ (Ain’t never heard or seen them use Condoms for BJ’s there), only 1 that I had even would try Anal. That was after 5 sessions together.

Now some bad news, the new students always hunt together. I had to take both of them a few times, sort of spread the employment around. Neither time would they do Lesbo scene, but rather one sucks and one fucks. Same rule on the money, a small gift in the morning.

For the more upscale talent, the Hilton in town has some absolute stunners. I met one in the lobby, dressed nicely but not revealing. Had a drink in the bar and offered to be my girlfriend for the night. We skipped dinner and went straight to the room. She sucked me (BB) right as we got into the room. This girl was about 5’5″, 110lbs greenish eyes 34-21-23 all natural. Wow! After I came, she played with “my pepe” some more to get “pepe” to stand up and pay attention. It did, and she rode him for a while. For some reason, I could not come with the raincoat, so she took it off and sucked me again until I came. She wanted to stay and fuck some more, but I had an early morning, so had to send her on her way. Expensive for MAD – she wanted $100, we settled for $70. (EX Change Rate = 5500/6200:$1)

Another place in town to meet semi-pro’s and pro’s a like. The small bar with the yellow umbrellas across the street from the Hotel Colbert. It overlooks the city on a perch, and the action starts at lunch time. The old adage of buy ’em lunch and have them for diner holds true here too.

BTW, The Colbert is a great place for dinner too, just the girls should be dressed appropriately. I think the food is better then the Hilton.

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