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Well, it was Friday 230am NZ time when I finally found myself settled into a suite for a few nights while in NZ (unfortunately for business and not all pleasure!) I found myself purely tired, yet unrelaxed for some reason… must have been the flight food, or the attendants clad in stocky uniforms, whatever the reason, the whole ordeal left me drained and in some need for TLC (meta-language: my sexual appetite had hit the roof)

The cab driver had recommended a few places where I could get to meet some ladies, or if the thrill of the chase didn’t take my appeal, then a few brothels. My ears pricked forward…

It sounded as if he knew what the heck he was referring to, and I took his word for it. Since I had an acquiring taste, he kept harping on about some place named after a some bird, it didn’t take my fancy at first, but after describing a few of the birds I had to know….

First phone call:
I hung up out of shyness. I had been to brothels before, but under an oath of alcohol and a persuasive buddy leading me astray. (following phone calls) a bitchy old woman answered abruptly, obviously pissed about the previous calls resulting in a deadline.

I told her my situation, she cut the conversation short (with a few abrupt puns)
Upon entering, the “”pelican club”” apparently inundated with punters, some not above personal hygiene standards (:first put off).

The girl at the door seemed very friendly, well presented… and very tall, she looked South American, a sure fire •••• me! I tried to contain myself discreetly, my member wouldn’t.

Several girls flowed through, some friendly, some not. some gorgeous, some questionable, overall the standard was high. my eyes fell short on some Brit with the biggest tits and •••• me smile.

I asked the Brit girl if she wanted a bit, she smiled warmly and walked off with some guy tripping over his tongue behind her. ••••!

Many girls were unavailable, the ones left, looked like they wouldn’t even give it to Brad Pitt if he asked. or some other guy would beat me to the cash fault. Oh well.

Two hour room wait I heard called from the hallway. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere, so settled for a can of beer or two… or three…

Among the ritual of meditation, my eyes landed on some drunk, cocky prick. I couldn’t understand the size of his ego for an unamazing person. I listened to him for two hours harp on about •••••••, what he likes and how they like it, I noticed a few detesting stares from girls passing. what an arrogant cock! turns out I was lucky to keep my thoughts to myself, as he owned the joint! (note to readers: he appears unstable)

Later, some more girls arrived in, smiling widely. (I can’t resist a smile)my eyes rested upon some more fine ladies and I made a hasty decision based on a girl’s availability.

Some time later (1-1 1/2 time?) we had our room. she must have been around 19-20 or had good makeup skills, whatever the case, she was a good-looking broad with impeccable taste in underclothes. I wasted NO TIME whatsoever in removing them from her, her smile made my penis hit her erectly in the back. she chuckled. the room was untastefully decorated with mirrors-everywhere. sexy girl told me they were bought from a substandard chain store, I had to laugh as she said it in all seriousness while removing my two-day-old underwear (well if you count the time difference between our countries!)

The girl had gorgeous dark hair down her back, I pulled on it fiercely when she started heading south, she didn’t budge, I half expected her to keep kissing… she did… my cock was so erect, filling, about to burst with blood… (I should have wanked earlier– a loaded gun is no good to anyone)

Her mouth perched over my penis, and he looked back eagerly, slipping my boy into her mouth. She sucked ravenously, I thought all my Christmas had come at once… a condomless blowjob!!! I started ramming my bit into her mouth and she responded, then it slipped fraudulently to reveal a condom on the tip… it must have already been in her mouth before she started. I should have sucked that pretty little mouth dry first.

I pulled the wench on top of my cock, and we started ••••••• aimlessly. she was wrenching around, I think, in pleasure. she was very audible!!!

I stood up, holding her in my clasp, and walked her over to the door. her hands instinctively grabbed onto the hooks and I burst my rammer in her tight pussy while we thumped against the door. the look of discomfort intrigued me, as she was enjoying herself as well. when my back tired out, she bent me across the coffee table and sat on my already throbbing cock, he couldn’t get enough of her! this little girl was a rocket, I bet she started ••••••• right out of diapers, whatever the case… she knew what she was doing to me.

She felt my piece start to throb the impending course and removed her wet cunt to the edge of its head and circulated her hips, he twitched some more, my head to her lips…. god just repeating those very words in my head nearly got me off…

Next, she did the entirely unexpected and ripped the condom off–exposing the Ol boy … he lost the plot and came over her size of her titties. she seemed delighted with her work (so was I)and rolled her chest all over mine. I dipped my fingers in my seed for her taste approval, she twisted my hand back into my mouth and drew pictures with the remaining cum. what a little ball-buster.

I wanted my cock to harden again, so I could do her up the ass, but the combination of the flight, work stress and alcohol took the next blow out of me… pity really, her ass was very tight, in between fingering it.

for the rest of the hour she rambled on about some other girls, when I suggested that we both get ••••••• some more, she seemed delighted and would arrange it if I liked. I might tomorrow, I said. she said she would be there.

Rating 7 1/2 out of 10—-
Points lost on room wait and that ••••••• idiot who thought he was something special.

I have just returned from a trip to New Zealand and took the opportunity to try out some of the local sexual services. I decided to try the Pelican Club on Newton Rd. I arrived at about 2 in the afternoon and was welcomed in a very friendly manner. Madam explained that there were 11 girls working at the time (this went up to 17 in the evening) and there was a 50 NZ dollar entrance fee and a set fee of 100 NZ dollars for an hour directly to the girl. This proved to be the case with no argument.

I then went into a small bar where drinks were available at reasonable prices and then into a small lounge where the girls were. There was a reasonable selection of all types, with one or two 3s.

After a bit of discussion, I chose Jade. She was brunette, quite tall and leggy with small tits, which is my type. We went straight into a reasonable room. She undressed me and herself and then proceeded to give me a shower, soaping me all over. We then got out and onto the bed. After some cuddling, she got to my cock and started to give me a nice, delicate blow job. After a few minutes, I decided I needed a mouthful of cunt, and she moved over me to a 69 position. We then spent 15 minutes exploring every crevice of her cunt with my tongue while she continued her BJ.

After the warm-up, I put her legs up in the air and sunk my cock into her cunt at full length. We then fucked at high speed in 7 or 8 different positions for the next 25 minutes until I finally exploded. Since my hour was not up, we lay in the room talking with no hassle to leave.

Overall, a very enjoyable, recommendable experience at a very reasonable price.

Having had a good result with my first trip, I decided to revisit the following day. I arrived at 6 in the evening to find more girls than the previous day. Again, I quickly chose Clair as being my preferred slim type.

We went to another reasonable room, but this time showered myself while she undressed. She then gave a massage followed by a pro blow job. I then went on top of her to give her cunt a tonguing. In the process of this, I had my fingers right up her cunt to her womb AND right up her ass without argument. We then proceeded to •••• energetically in many different positions until we ended up doggy style with her asshole winking at me. At this point, being an asshole addict, I asked her whether she took it up that hole. She replied that she did for an extra 50 NZ dollars. This was handed over. I decided to go for her lying on her back with her legs in the air. I put my cock at the entrance to her •••• hole and slid it in FULL length. We then buggered energetically for 10 minutes until I came exquisitely at full stretch. The finest ass fuck I have ever had. Again we sat and talked until time was up.

A brilliant visit which I must repeat.

Wellington. Experience only of CJ’s which had few girls, bored and uninterested and whose only merit was it was cheaper.

Try Pelican Club or Exotic Massage, Manakau City “Auckland Suburb” (Full service (FS) in Auckland is usually NZ$140).

Found a place Takannini on Gt South Road. Tiffannys, three girls to choose from. $110 / hr. Chose Mae. Asian girl small breasts but responsive. Asked for a massage. got a good job with oil. Then BJ without. Then great sex with her on top. Great athlete! Nice ass! She did me on top. Then she massaged again and got me hard then had great sex with her on top, and she really came big…She likes lubrication. She was real noisy and responsive. I came again big. Good value. I’ll be back.

The best place for some reasonable action is a place called BLONDIES, I don’t know the exact address, but it is in the phone book, the place is nearby of the Sheraton, and is my favorite place in Auckland. My last visit was as good as my first. Entry is between 35 and 50 NZD depending on the amount of time you want. The girls range from 8’s to 10s and they always have a good selection.

I chose my girl carefully and her name was Tina, she, of course, was a blond, as her all-girls that work there, she was definitely a high nine to ten beautiful natural breasts and a hell of an ass, she was a native of New Zealand and incredible, we went into a room, minimal just a bed a mirror on the ceiling and a small stereo, we negotiated the price for what I wanted (BJ doggie style and to eat her natural blonde Kiwi pussy) she said it would be $100 NZD, I agreed. She took me to a section to shower, and then we proceeded back to the room (The girls always make you shower before, Let me tell you she gave me a blow job that made my balls want to explode, she sucked my shaft like a lollipop it was incredible, I then proceeded to go down on her, and lick her very wet pussy, licked her clit like it was mine for the keeping, she moaned and actually seemed to like it since a few times she pushed my face back into her pussy. After about 35 minutes of pleasuring her, we decided it was my turn. She put the condom on me and I bent her over the bed and took her from behind (not anal) I fucked her until I was ready to explode and then laid her back down on the bed and just came all over her tits. We then showered together, and I headed back on my way pleased. There are quite a few good parlors around the Sheraton, but Blondie’s is the best.

I have known the Pelican Club for quite a while. And if you’re after a good fuck on a Sunday, you can’t go past Chantelle. Chantelle is 28 and a student, she is rather small but with responsive tits and red hair. I would advise you book her though because she is quite popular. Also try Margarita, a German lady in her thirties who is also a very hot lady and sucks without a condom, and an hour with her will leave you exhausted but also well and truly satisfied.

Report on Mustangs, 14 Tawa Road, North Harbor, Auckland, NZ. The Auckland yellow pages abound in offers under Escorts or Massage. You pay your money and you check it out. Mustang’s is about a 15 minute, $30NZ cab ride from the downtown area. While this might seem pricey, remember that now the US dollar buys 2.5 NZ dollars. Lynn is the hostess. (she says, “I’m the one who doesn’t take off her clothes”… with a cheeky grin) The cover is $55NZ and gets you into a lounge area with several ladies about. You can have a drink; beer is $5 NZ. Chat as long as you like until you find the lady who strikes your fancy. Do not know about refunds if you don’t find what you want… Price and activity are never discussed in the bar. You get a tour, and in one of the rooms you will be told. $55 NZ for the house, $100NZ for the lady, one hour (quite liberal on the clock) for a spa room (everything except anal included). Additional time is $45 for the house $100 for the lady. They have half hour rates, but I did not get them. The accommodations and bar are about an 8+ very nice indeed. Always check out what is allowed, and what is off limits. Prevents disappointments and bouncers.

I chose Calle, a half Maori (local native), half-Irish lady about 35 years old. There were younger (much younger) girls available, but Calle had an ass to die for… When she walked in front of me up those stairs, I knew I wasn’t going back down…until later. Calle was about 36 B, 28, 38 and about 5’ 2” tall and about 135 pounds, with auburn hair supplemented with a fall. A hot Jacuzzi followed with a nice wash down and fooling around in the suds. Calle was into ‘having fun’ and seduction with her clients. She prefers making love to fucking. She was vocal and active, and completely cuddly with full French kissing. She was a very sensuous woman who liked to be close and touch and make conversation in between activities. I expect that she would be a little generous in the cunt, given her age, and the fact that she has had children. How wrong could I have been? That was some of the tightest pussy I have had since I was a teenager. It was naturally lubricated, running down my thighs as she rode. We did it all! Except anal, which we discussed and discarded. She said she had done it once, and it hurt pretty badly. She said that Bobbie and Tracey both did anal all the time, and made a lot of money doing it. She was so good, I did something I NEVER do, and that is taking another hour. Usually one hour is enough. She was so sexy, I just couldn’t get enough. In the end, Mustangs called me a cab, and Calle walked me to the front door, clad in a white bath towel, and gave me a resounding kiss goodnight. Mustang’s is highly recommended. You can find their website at Oh yes, they give you a very fine quality baseball cap with a mustang on the front when you leave, no charge!

Around 1 in the morning, I went to The Pelican Club on Newton Road, having had a good experience there in the past. I wandered in and out of the lounge and the bar area. A little bit of choice for that time, a few 7-8’s, some 5’s which I didn’t expect TPC to use. Fortunately, my eyes soon settled on a hot blonde (looked mid-to-late twenties) named Rio(8), seated next to an average chick. Rio had long blonde hair half-way down her back, a very nice body and a good-looking face with a wicked smile. I asked if she was available then. She was, and I went and organized things with the madame at the front of the house. $50 for the house, %100 straight to the lady.

We went to the room right away. I got in the shower and through a mirror I could see Rio had already undressed and looked great naked. She had full breasts of medium size and a great ass to cup. We lay together on the bed and started kissing on the lips (no tongue) with my cock jutting into her stomach. I let this go on for longer that I should have, enjoying the intimacy of it. Moving things along, Rio put a condom on my member using her mouth and gave me head for a while(pretty good). She then asked me what I wanted, and I entered her pussy (tightness okay) missionary style. Had a few variations of this as I enjoyed the kissing, and she had lovely nipples that begged to be sucked, and I gently pulled on them with my mouth. She really seemed to be into that and was a pleasant fuck all the way around. Very friendly lady with a nice sense of humor too. As I took a while, I got her to finish me off with a hand-job (went a bit over time, not too much pressure, nice). Recommended lady. Btw, she likes long hair on guys (which I have).

While waiting for a taxi inside, I saw a few other women that took my fancy. But I had to get back to the casino to try and make my money back. The others that I liked were all blondes (my usual type). The girl behind the bar that looked slightly sultry, voluptuous body in good shape, hair pulled back. An English girl of small size, average height, fairly pretty. And another one not quite as good-looking and a plump ass (still nice though)with big breasts almost spilling out of her dress that were starting to stir me again slowly. If only I had more money (and wasn’t so tired from that day)!

Pros: no pressure at all to pick a woman (unlike my one time at Femme Fatal), excellent vibe, girls all friendly that night. It’s the first parlor I head to when in Auckland.

Cons: waiting area is too small, though on the other hand, when it’s full of women (my previous experience) you feel spoiled for choice and I like that. Maybe I should have gone earlier for more choice.

I have never tried an escort….have been to a few parlors though…anyway…I was looking for some action…thought I would try an escort…note to all visitors to Auckland, all escorts are listed in “The Truth” newspaper…prices vary, but you get what you pay for…

Anyway, I chose Alice…she was a 22-year-old blonde, nice photo of her in the paper…went to her place following her directions, she let me in…I was a bit apprehensive that she may not fit the description in the ad, but she was up to it…according to her, she works out at the gym a lot.

Anyway, sat there and talked to her for a while…very friendly…could have spent the whole time just talking…she got a few calls whilst I was there, so she must have been busy…unfortunately the sex was a bit hurried as she said she had someone coming to see her soon…was a bit disappointing….may try her another time to see if it is better…

I would advise people to book girls for at least two hours, then things aren’t rushed, and you get to see if a girl is any good.


Just back from a business trip to Auckland, where I have made a new discovery. On my previous trips, I used Escort Agencies or picked up chicks in the upper Queenstreet Area.

This time I got a private address from a friend, and it was my best experience for years! Her name is Patricia, she is 28yr, 5″2 tall, nice slim body, short blond hair, large natural tits and a perfect ass.

I scheduled an appointment for 6pm. She invites you to her house, some 10 min from Auckland Airport. Arrived on time, she was not finished with her previous customer. So I took a shower, relaxed and watched some porn movies. She soon joined me on the couch, fresh showered and fully naked. I began to play with her tits and explored her tight pussy. Meanwhile, she played with my dick, giving me the best blowjob I ever had, sucking my balls and licking my butthole. After 10 mins or so, I warned her that I was about to come. She answered that she wanted to see me cum and to stimulate me more she first put one, then two fingers into my ass! She received a massive facial, which went straight into her left eye. She then grabbed my dick and put it into her mouth, where I finished cumming. She swallowed all, took some cum from her face and swallowed it as well. Wow, what a woman. But this was just the warm-up. We showered together (and she paid special attention to my dick, I fingered her pussy) and continued in her bedroom. She began again with a BBBJ and then asked me if I like anal. Well, of course I do, so I fucked her doggy-style in the ass, then changed to her pussy and finally shot a load into her tight ass.

As I had 45 mins left, we had a short small talk, during which she played with my dick and fingered my ass, which made me very horny. Then we fucked i five or six different positions, her pussy perfectly wet. When I was about to cum, she removed the condom and I tit fucked her. My cum went all over her face, dropping onto her big tits. We then went into the bathroom, where she asked me if I like water games. Never done it before, but yes, always wanted to try it. She asked me to pee onto her face to wash down the remaining cum!

Altogether, almost 3hrs of the best fucking in my life. Usually, it’s about 2.5hrs, but there’s no hassle if you stay longer. The price is only NZ$150 for the 2.5hrs, which is incredible cheap as she is not charging for facial, anal, water games. If you like group sex, you can ask her boyfriend, Ian, to join for an extra NZ$100. He’s also the guy who sometimes answers the phone and opens the door when she’s “busy”. It’s really value for money, most whores get nervous when you overstay 5 mins and charge for every extra. I gave her a tip of NZ$50, which is still only NZ$200 (US$80) altogether.

And now the details:
23, Von Sturmer Road (it’s a long driveway)
Mangere East (Freeway No.20, Exit Massey Rd.)
There’s no bell, knock on the door. She also has a mobile, but I lost it, sorry.
Phone: (09)2757365 (Do not dial 09 if you are in Auckland)

The best thing to do is go straight to her house, if she is busy, you can relax and watch some excellent porn movies. Most of the time I tried to call her got this damn answering machine, but maybe you are lucky. I prefer going straight to her house after arriving in Auckland. The best time to go is around 8pm, then she’s less busy. Happy fucking.

Just a tip for those overseas: a weekly Friday paper called “The Truth” is mainly sustained by all the sex advertising in the middle of the paper. This is almost all Auckland and some girls (escorts, usually Asian)put their pictures in. Massage parlors run descriptions for some of their girls. I would say it’s essential to the overseas visitor wanting to try a variety of girls and look at comparable prices of escorts. You can get it at a newsagents or dairy etc. Costs $1.50 n.z. It’s a crap paper but worth getting for the adult info within

The White House Entertainment Center, Auckland, New Zealand

The White House and Monica’s alongside is the best adult entertainment center in New Zealand, and probably rivals any in the world. To sum it up in one word, it would be CLASS. As the name suggests, it is based on the American White House and has paintings of all the past presidents. It only costs $20.00 (less than US$10.00) to get in, and you can go in and out all night for the one payment. If you go there, be prepared to spend about four hours there, as the show cycles about every four hours and if you don’t stay, you may miss the best, as I almost did. I went with a friend and his wife, and they wanted to leave after three performances, but I decided to go back by myself, and I am delighted that I did. The show got even better after I went back.

If you get hungry there, you can order anything from light snacks to a steak meal. The drinks are priced similar to other bars, with most being about $5.00. The drinks in the upstairs bar are of a greater range and include most of the higher priced drinks.

The White House is a strip review place, but it is beautifully set out, with the entire decor being of a very high standard. It is large and could seat up to about 150 people, including on the balcony overlooking all the action. However, if you sit right around the catwalk coming out from the stage, you are more than likely to be involved in the action. And boy, do they have action, which runs non-stop.

On the night I was there, midweek, there were about 12 girls. It would be as busier as a Friday or Saturday night. They even have their own infomercials where the girls wander around the room wearing a white or black White House T-shirt and G-strings, either of which you can buy from $20.00. The only catch is that you have to take if off the girl yourself. Hands on stuff, which all of you guys like. When the girls are not dancing, they are in the lounge area with all the customers wearing their revealing bodysuit in red white and blue, the American colors. You can talk with them and, of course, can tip them if you wish with the high-quality White House money that you will get as change from the bar. If they are not in that costume, then they do not strip and do not do lap dances, as they do have some backup dancers.

Many of the dances are a single girl, who has a fabulously toned body, doing her own energetic routine, all of which are erotic. Most last three or four songs and are great entertainment. Don’t get too close to the stage, or you may be dragged up on it with one of the dancers or, in one case, five men with five girls. There you can get your hands on some beautiful lady, and guys, that is almost what it is all about.

There is a great range of dance routines, from single ladies, three ladies and four and five ladies. All the ladies are called “The White House Angles” and most of them seem to be. Well, perhaps with slipped halos. (Perhaps they should have been called White House Interns.) Although they are not professional dancers in the usual sense, they all dance and move well, including hanging upside down from 4 meter high poles at the side of the stage. When they have three or more girls on stage, it is a fully choreographed routine, which is well preformed. They will have matching costumes, depending on what the routine is. The stage effects are also excellent. Apparently, the dance routines are getting better all the time and the lady’s bodies have toned up since starting dancing at The White House. Most of the dances are raunchy and erotic, and they even have a comedy routine. Almost all the dances have audience participation of varying degrees, most of it being “hands on” action with the audience. One girl has excellent routines with lighted candles, five at one time, and a fluorescent dildo filled with a fluorescent fluid. Another girl had a most unusual use for a pair of glasses, the reading kind. The list goes on and on. I think the girls add new parts to their individual routine each time they do it. And they all look as though they are enjoying themselves.

There is one iron clad house rule at The White House. You can look at, blow kisses, wink at and even wink back, but you cannot touch the pussy. This is the only area that is out of bounds. But some (lucky) men’s faces got as close as it is possible, as it is to get to a pussy without actually touching it. I felt very envious of them at times, as I would have loved to have been in their position.

Most of this action is likely to get you into the mood for something more, and here you have two options. You can have a lap dance with the girl of your choice in one of the rooms upstairs. The rooms are very comfortable and private. However, the same rule applies here as downstairs. You cannot touch the pussy. Any of the girls could have danced on my lap, but I took a fancy to one, Jah, who had a body of 9.5, a face of a 7 plus one of the raunchiest dance routines I have seen. Each of you may have a different choice of a girl, but I can assure you that you will get an excellent lap dance, for any time from 10 minutes to one hour. The ranges in price from $60.00 to $160.00. I can assure you that it will be raunchy and erotic. If you are not happy with any of the service or have any complaint, you can always contact the owner, Brian Le Gros on 027 443 0233. I had a long talk with Brian when I left the club in the early hours of the morning.

The girls will not pester you to have a lap dance with them, unlike the other smaller and more crowded strip club in Auckland, Showgirls.

If a lap dance is not going to fulfil your needs, you can use the internal elevator to go down to Monica’s, a massage parlor. It has ten well appointed rooms with a shower and double spar pool, (Jacuzzi). It has a large licensed lounge where I am sure you will meet a girl of your choice, but they probably won’t be as toned or tanned as the girls upstairs.

So The White House and Monica’s downstairs is a complete adult entertainment center of the highest class and well worth a visit.

The White House is open six days a week, Monday to Saturday, from 8.00pm until 6.00am. Monica’s is open 24 hours, seven days a week. Phone (09) 377 4545 Fax (09) 377 4546. The White House has a website, which is just up and running but will be expanded to include a virtual tour. 

Most of you guys seem to talk about the Pelican Club. Ok, it is good, but the lounge/reception area is too small. There are other clubs, like Emily’s, penthouse, Famous Flora, Monica’s and the CASA group that have far bigger reception areas, which to me is important.

Stumbled down to the bottom of Queens Rd (that’s the main street that goes up the middle of Auckland city), turned right at the bottom. Walk a block or so and there’s a bit of a thinly spread red light area, slightly reminiscent of Sydney’s King’s Cross by night, without the hustlers. Walk down 1 block, turn right, turn left (hey, distances are only like 20 meters a block!) and there are stairs up to a well-signed massage parlor whose name escapes me. On the credit card bill, it comes up as ‘PREMIER HOLDINGS AUCKLAND’. You can either go massage, or ‘full service’, the latter being discreetly negotiated with your girl after your initial ‘massage’ (i.e.: standard setup). The night I was there, they had a fair selection of Asian girls, mostly 25-30. None brilliant, but all attractive. I had a Malaysian, she gave OK head w/out a condom. She was very talkative, and I took her a couple of times before she started ushering me out. Timeframes seem a bit flexible here. Actually, they may have had non-Asian girls, but I’ve got yellow-fever currently, so I wouldn’t have noticed the Cost was NZ$120 (~AU$90, US$45) for 1/2hr, which I negotiated after a cheap (NZ$50 or less for 1/2hr, from memory) passable massage

Aroma Health Club, 28 Queens Rd, Panmure

Last night I visited there, just for a massage, or so I thought. It is one of the cheaper massage places, (which means more money for the important things). The lady at the desk, Cherry, a Thai was about 32, tall, slim and reasonably attractive, about a 6.5, and she appealed to me. I asked if she would massage me and she said yes.

They have proper massage tables in the room as well as a large double bed, (I wonder what for?).

Cherry gave me an excellent massage, and she had a good command of English, which is unusual for Thais here. We seemed to hit if off, and although she has a slim body with small tits, I found her attractive and a turn on. I asked about extras, and she said it was $80.00, so I said $60.00. She agreed to this. I undressed her, and she turned around and kissed me before we moved to the bed. She seemed turned on, and I hoped it was me, but I am not a young, handsome boy.

Cherry was very turned on and responded to me like a lover, and she came twice.

I would thoroughly recommend her.

A few months ago, I happened to be passing through town late one night on my way home. I stopped in K Rd and picked up a 30-year-old Maori who was 7 months pregnant. She was attractive, good body, but droopy tits. She was about a 7 in looks. As this was about 3.00 am, she agreed to come back to my place for $80.00, which was reasonable.

In bed, she was not very active, but we did the deed, and later on in the morning and again when we woke up at about 9.00 am. Three pops for $80.00 is excellent value.

If you want a 20-year-old Kiwi girl who does all holes, contact Aroha on 021 147 1601. Her working name is Dallas & you can see her photos “Photo” page above.

AN ADDED BONUS! A few weeks ago, I was in the city in the evening, (I don’t usually go into the city now) and I decided to have a massage. I truly wanted a massage, but I went to a place just off Albert St. It was a Chinese place and seemed reasonable, except I had some problems understanding the girl and then girls behind the counter. I was charged $50.00 for an hour massage, but I couldn’t use my credit card. The facilities were reasonable and there was a proper massage table, but there was no shower in the room. It was a Wednesday night, I think at about 20.30 hours, so it was quiet, and I seemed to be the only customer there. The girl showed me the room and where the shower was and went away. I took a shower and came back into the room. I was only just in, another young girl came into the room. She didn’t look as if she were even 15, but she told me that she was 20 and was on holiday in New Zealand and learning English. She had fair English, so it was reasonably easy to talk to her. She was minimal, about 5 feet, perhaps 90 lbs, and small all over. I could have picked her up with one hand, but boy was she cute. She wore slack and a loose top and looked delightful and very edible.

For her size, she gave a good massage, but it wasn’t as hard as I would have liked, but then she wasn’t large enough to give a hard massage. For some of it, she had to get up on the table.

When I turned over, I was able to look at her better. Although she had her clothes on, she had almost flawless skin. I couldn’t call her beautiful, perhaps a 6+ but she was just cute. Just looking at her made me hard when she commented. She asked me if I wanted a hand hob, and I asked if there was anything else. She said No because she was not a full-service girl. Now I don’t like HJ, so I said to her, I would give her $60.00 if she would massage me in the nude and if I could eat her pussy. She didn’t understand what I meant, and although she has happy to be in the nude, she was more reluctant to let me eat her. She also gave me the impression that she was still a virgin.

So I asked her to come and lie down beside me nude, which she did, somewhat reluctantly. She wanted to turn the light down, but I managed to keep them up so that I could feast on her body. She did have flawless skin, small breasts 32AA, 21, 32 or something like that. She was small all over, but a reasonable amount of pussy hair. I do not remember her working name, but her Chinese name was something similar to May Lee.

She would not let me kiss her on the mouth, which I wanted to, but her face, neck, shoulders and down to her breasts. While I was doing this, I was moving my hand down towards her pubic area. Eventually, I found her magic button while I continued to mount an oral assault on her breasts. Her Bee (the Chinese word for pussy) became very wet, and she seemed to become very aroused. I did this for several minutes and then moved down her body, kissing all around the pubic area, while still continuing to play with her Bee, which was very wet by now. She was a little reluctant to let me go any further, but she didn’t make very much of an effort to stop me.

I have found from experience in the past, and also read it in other people’s posts, that if you can get your mouth on their pussy, you are almost home. This is what I wanted to do, and although she was half-heartedly stopping me, she didn’t protest when I eventually fixed my lips on her pussy. She was still a bit nervous, but the longer I was down there, the more she seemed to like it. I still played with her breasts while I was down there.

It wasn’t long before she was stroking my head. I would like to say she pulled my face harder into her, but she didn’t do that, but she was more relaxed about what I was doing and was becoming more excited. Her legs opened more. She was beautifully sweet to eat and clean. She started to come and seemed to come in a long continuous stream as she sighed a little and her hands moved faster on my head. Her pussy was so wet, and now I knew it would be now or never, so I just moved up on her and entered her. She was a bit tight, nowhere near as tight as I thought she would be. She had a surprised look on her face, but didn’t try to stop me at all. If anything, she welcomed me into her. She seemed to still be coming, and I had made three or four strokes into her before she really realized what had happened. I thought she would then protest, but she didn’t. If fact, she let me kiss her. She did still seem surprised, but she was enjoying it.

I was pleasantly surprised that she did not stop me at all. Like all inexperienced girls, she did not play an active part. I think she was not as tight as I had expected because she was so wet and also because I was bare back. I knew she would be safe as I had had a check less than two weeks ago and had not been active at all since then. I guess I was only inside her for less than 5 minutes before I knew I would come, so I pulled out of her and came on her stomach. I could see some slight traces of blood on my penis, so I knew she must have been a virgin. She couldn’t have become pregnant with me because I had a vasectomy 18 years ago.

May Lee seemed to be a little bewildered and perhaps a little upset, but I cuddled and reassured her. I wanted to have her again, but we were now out of time. I gave her a cuddle and gave her everything in my wallet, about $120.00. She was grateful for that and seemed to be better. I told her that I would come back and see her soon with more money. She seemed happy with that.

I went to a cash machine to draw out more money, took some Viagra and went back and booked another massage with her. Once in the room, I gave her a total of $500.00, which she was very excited about, and we had another session, this time much longer and again without a condom. For one, she didn’t have condoms, as she was not a “full service” girl. She was a little concerned about that, but I showed her my results sheet and told her that I could not have babies anymore.

I love going BB and do it when I can, but in all the years I have been having sex, I have only caught something once, apart from a wife, and that was NSU almost 30 years ago from a girlfriend.

Breaking in a small tasty virgin over 30 years younger than me was a real bonus and I don’t regret spending over $600.00 on it.

I did get her name, (but can’t remember it) not her phone number as she didn’t have one, and was traveling around New Zealand, so I haven’t seen her again. I find girlfriends on the whole are more expensive than paid women, (Especially wives!) and you have all that BS that goes with a relationship.

There may be some videos of me on the internet, as I have supplied original material to a pay site, but that was a while ago.

When I saw May Lee, I had a camera with me, but with all the excitement, I forgot to even taker it out, so I can’t supply you with a photo. Even if I did have one, I wouldn’t post one of her without hiding her face, as she was not a working girl, and I hope she never does. She was a really sweet girl.

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