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Report from a French Local

From my experience lots of girls available at
Courcheval 1850, The 3 major hotels: try the doorman or the bar…there are often snow-bunnies looking for a patron to have a nice place to stay, with bonuses. Same goes for Tignes etc. Mirabelle, Val Thorun are No-Nos!

AVOID clubs in Pifgalle, there are all absolute rip-offs.

The best deals are the massage parlors. You will see plenty of adds in a newspaper called ” LA Vie Parisienne”. Most of them are simply prostitutes working for themselves in a clean environment. You will usually get FS for 150 Euros, with massage before. Very often the girls are Asian.

One specially good address is Le bangkok, on 34 rue Rodier, bottom of Pigalle. Here for 110 Euros you get a wonderful unhurried fully nude body body massage by a young Thai girl. It finishes by the most wonderful hand job, coupled with ass massaging that I ever had. No BJ, no FS but really worth.

There are few strip clubs in Paris which are similar to those you find in the US. However, there are ” Theatres erotiques”. You will find them advertised at the end of the weekly ” Pariscope”.

They all have the same principle: you pay a fee to enter, and it is small theater. Girls will perform hard strip show on stage, with gadgets, lesbian shows, and in some even heterosexual copulation on stage. The interesting part is that each girl will spent most of the 15 minutes she is performing giving all nude lap dances to each spectator, one after each. Nothing to pay, just wait,your turn will come. How far you can go in touching, fondling depends on the girl, just look at what the others are doing.

One of these place is ” Showgirls”, near “Chatelet, off rue de Rivoli. 50 Euros to get in. Small theater, with about 15 confortable chairs. Usually 5-6 customers in the afternoon, . This theater is girls only, no heterosexual couples.Here the girls will lie on your lap and play with gods. Also girls will perform lesbian acts, cunnilingus,,ass licking etc… while sitting on your lap.

One word of caution though: the girls will try to sell you some time in private. I went once, had to pay 30 Euros to get in, and was then asked for an extra 50 by the girl. In exchange of which I did not get anything more than what I got free on the main hall.. So don’t go.

One tip: go around 4.30 pm. so you will see the 4 girls of the day shift, and the 4 girls of the evening shift who arrive at 6.

Another tip on the sex scene in Paris: swing clubs, or ” clubs echangistes”. Here also, the list can be found at the end of the weekly “Pariscope”.

The principle is somehow similar to sex clubs in Germany, but here there are NO Professionals. Only couples who wish to engage in groups sex parties. The issue is that, usually, you can’t get acceptance if you are not accompanied by a woman. If your girl friend is not up to it, 2 solutions: Try to find a professional partner, you can usually get one willing to come along for 600 Euros. Or try to come alone, some clubs accept unaccompanied men, provided that you look clean, polite etc…

Anything happen there. I went recently to ” Pluriel Club” 13, rue Francois Miron, behind Hotel de Ville. Twice before I had been denied entry, because if they don’t have enough couples, they will not let men to come in. However on that week day evening I was allowed in. Beautiful old place, with donjons, dance floor, bar, and large beds, either in small rooms or in bigger rooms for group actions. About 5 couples, and 5 additional men.One of the women was giving BJ to every one while other one could fuck her in turn…. All in all I had 3 orgasms with different women. .. All that for an entry fee of 85 Euros. There are many other similar clubs, so try your luck with those who advertise ” hommes seuls acceptes” which mean unaccompanied men accepted.

The RLD district around the corner from the Moulin Rouge. The RLD is HORRIBLE. All the pros were over 30, fat, and ugly. I couldn’t believe it.

The best Paris aprtouze clubs are Les Chandelles, Cleopatre. The best way to enjoy is with an escort, who speaks English if you don’t speak Fr. Escorts for apartouze club should not charge you more then 500E’s for the whole evening till wee hours. Get an older woman 25-35,
who is sophisticated and know her way around the swinger club scene. There is a club, I visited some years ago….very elegant ??Cher Roi?? in Bois de Bologne villa. Entrance was EXPENSIVE, you had to come in a black tie, drink best Champs from crystal glasses and nibble at Caviar and such goodies, as well as pussies of some very elegantly perfumed ladies, some of whom had masks. I did recognize a well known Swiss star, enjoying being devoured by 5 men. Have not been to Paris for 3 years. Latest reports on the upmarket places would be interesting.

In Paris, there are girls in the sex shops who will promise certain acts for certain prices and then when you get in the back after paying they will do the act only on a dildo and say that is what they promised. Beware of the street sex shops in Paris.

Paris has not been as good as Germany. The Language is usually more of a problem and the only system I see is get as much for as little as possible. I visited a sex shop on Rue St Denis. I was promised a Massage for 30Euros and got no contact just a strip show and continual demands for more. I will keep my Euros for Germany.

If you feel adventuresome walk North on St Denis and you will run in to a number of street walkers

Strip Club
I do not remember the name it is a small place on Rue Courtalon which is off of Rue St Denis but south of the Red light district. Find the corner of Rue de Rivioli and St Denis head north and take the next left this is Rue Courtalon the Strip Joint is about 100 meters on the left.

Cost is 50Euros. There is a small theater seating about 20 people max. I have only seen 6 or so people during the two times I went. The girls do a number of shows on the stage including lesbian shows. They also come into the audience for some lap dances and close up shows.

Often they will ask two patrons to sit next to each other and then lie on their laps and play with their pussy’s. If it is a lesbian show then one of them will lick the other. The best view is if you can get an aisle seat on the left hand side. The regulars already know this.

I have been asked to go somewhere private by some of the girls. This costs 200 Euros. I have not tried it. But would be interested in others experience.

I have lived in Paris the last few years, and so can give some insight here. First of all, the strip-clubs in Pigalle, Rue St Denis, etc are rip-offs. Don’t even bother going in. They will promise “oral” which means she sucks a vibrator while you watch and other variations of the same word-games for which you pay dearly. Having said that, there are some other viable options in Paris. If a HJ will do, the Thai places in the 9th arr are the place to go. There are about 8 of them within a few blocks of one another on Rue Rodier, Rue de La Tour d’Auvergne, Rue de Bellefond and Rue de Trevise (and a few other streets). For full addresses, buy the “Vie Pariesienne” from a magazine kiosk which has addresses and phone numbers. A couple of these massage places also offer oral, including Rose D’Asie on Tour d’Auvergne, and Feelings Institut on Rue Bellefond. If you want full service, you can get it at a number of “bars” just off of Rue Pigalle. AVOID THE SEX AND STRIP CLUBS (all rip-offs), but the bars just South of Metros Pigalle and Blanche on Rue Jean Baptiste Pigale, rue Frochot, Rue Victor Masse, etc are legit. Basically you go in and buy a drink. There are a number of girls at the bar. If one of them catches your fancy, you buy a bottle of champagne (about 120 to 150 Euros) and pay roughly the same to the girl. They then have a separate room or partitioned off area where you can have sex. No beds, usually sofas, etc. If you want to take them off premises you pay more. Quality of women varies enormously. Often there are only hags, other times I have seen some real stunners. I generally just cruise by and peer in the windows to see if it looks interesting. Finally, consider the escort services which tour Russian or Eastern Euro women to Paris, Milan etc. Wild-escorts and olgas angels are two of them. I have only gone this route a couple of times, but the results were mind-blowing.

Official French Speaking Countries
French is an official language in the following countries. There are more than 50 countries or territories where French is widely spoken.
1. Belgium
2. Benin
3. Burkina
4. Burundi
5. Cameroon
6. Canada
7. Central African Republic
8. Chad
9. Comoros
10. Congo
11. Congo, Democratic Republic of
12. Cote d’Ivoire
13. Djibouti
14. France
15. Gabon
16. Guinea
17. Haiti
18. Luxembourg
19. Madagascar
20. Mali
21. Monaco
22. Niger
23. Rwanda
24. Senegal
25. Seychelles
26. Switzerland
27. Togo
28. Vanuatu
29. Vietnam

Once upon a time there was no alternative to either Street action or the Clubs.

Nowadays there are so many escort agencies arranging tours that the choice of girls is really good at prices that are entirely reasonable.

Tours are best researched via le guide rose – escorts are rated for looks and performance and there is a hot link to the agencies. Agencies are also rated for reliability so the risk of getting either ripped off or losing money is pretty low too.

My last trip I had three excellent hours in a 3* hotel with a gorgeous Russian girl for 400 Euro.

Money well spent for an unforgettable performance.

France is not a good choice for p4p seekers. Brothels and massage parlors offering sex are strictly forbidden in France, actively prosecuted and very hard to find.

Ladies working independently from their own home are legally offering erotic services, and easily found. The keyword here is ‘détente’ = relaxation.

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They generally offer you a 30 minutes ‘massage coquine’ with a choice of ‘finitions’
‘manuelle’ = handjob or ‘bucale’ = fellatio or ‘le rapport’ = coitus, with different price tags.
Older (50-70 yrs) ladies and colored girls may offer man, 60 € – fell. 80 € – coit. 100 €.
Young good looking Caucasian ladies charge like man. 80 € – fell 120 €. coit. 150 €.


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