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Conventional Long Form: United Mexican States
Local Long Form: Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Local Short Form Mexico

Capitol City
Mexico City

Location and Climate
Middle America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, between Belize and the US and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and the US. Climate varies from tropical to desert.


Roman Catholic 89%, Protestant 6%, other 5%

Spanish, various regional indigenous languages

Mexican Peso (MXN)
1 USD = 11.447 MXN (September 2004)
The Peso uses the same symbol ($) as does the US Dollar.
All border towns accept US dollars, so you don’t have to exchange money.

Internet Country code


Other Information for the Traveler

Mexico city (MEX)
Abelardo L. Rodriguez International Airport, Tijuana (TIJ). Only international flights are to/from Los Angeles.

Visas/Duty Free/Health
No visa is needed for stays of 180 days or fewer. A passport or photo ID is always required. A tourist card (FMT, folleto de migración turística) is also required, unless you’re visiting the border towns for three days or fewer.

FMTs cost nothing. Get one on the plane or from the airline if you’re flying in. Get one at AAA offices in Arizona, California, New Mexico, or Texas if you’re driving in. An FMT is valid only for one entry. Get several if you plan to enter and leave Mexico more than once.

Always keep the blue copy of your FMT with you, because you need to show it during immigration inspection and hand it in when you leave Mexico. It’s as important as your passport. Without it, you’ll get delayed.

If your FMT is lost or expired, get another at an immigration department office (Departmento de Migracíon). There are downtown branches in the larger cities.

Duty-free allowances into Mexico are three bottles of liquor (including wine), plus 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco, plus 12 rolls of camera film or camcorder tape. The monetary limit for duty-free goods is US$150. It is illegal to take antiquities out of the country. Penalties are severe.

For minor medical problems, go to a Farmacia (drug store). For more serious problems, ask someone at big hotels and tourist offices to recommend someone. Mexican border towns have doctors/dentists used to treating foreigners.

HIV/AIDS (2003 est.):
Adult prevalence rate: 0.3% | People living with HIV/AIDS: 160,000 | Deaths: 5,000

Driving is your best bet for getting around. IMPORTANT: You should be aware of two things when you drive.

1. Mexican insurance is a must. It’s inexpensive and easy to get. Buy it before you cross the border. Don’t take chances here.

2. Beware of bandits. Robberies and assaults of motorists can happen, particularly in the northwest and in the state of Sinaloa. Criminals can pose as police who want to check your car, hitchhikers, or people in distress, so think twice about stopping.

However, there are legitimate police checkpoints along main roads, where you must stop. The police will ask to check the trunk of your car for firearms or bullets, which are illegal in Mexico. Don’t even think about bringing those items into the country.

And above all, avoid driving after dark.

More about driving into Mexico

It’s not difficult to find a cybercafe here. Even a smaller town has at least one place with decent connections. Hourly rates are typically about US$1, but can be more expensive in tourist areas.

To make a local call, ignore the area code and dial direct. To call into Mexico, dial prefix 01, the area code, and then the telephone number. Some area codes are listed below.

Acapulco 744
Mazatlan 669
Cabo San Lucas 624
Mexicali 686
Cancun 998
Mexico City 55
Juarez 656
Puerto Vallarta 322

To call internationally from Mexico, dial 00, the country code, the national dialing code (omit the first zero), and then the local number.

To call a mobile phone, dial the 3-digit access code from the mobile operator, the area code (where the phone was purchased), and then the phone number. If you’re on the same network, you don’t need to dial the 3-digit access code.

Same as that of the USA 110VAC Most plugs have two flat prongs, just as in the USA.

As Mexican restaurants are common in North America, most people are familiar with Mexican dishes. However, the indigenous dishes you’ll find in Mexico are more authentically prepared and are better tasting than those found in your typical North American chain restaurant. Dietary staples are corn, beans, and chiles. Seafood, chicken, beef, and eggs make up main courses. Corn tortillas take the place of bread.

To be safe, don’t eat food that has been sitting out. Peel fruit and stay away from salads. Don’t eat raw shellfish, avoid milk drinks, and beware of eating at street stalls. Drink bottled water, but stick with known brands and check the seal.

Restaurant water is usually safe.

Legal Status
Prostitution is tolerated in Mexico. Governments in most larger cities have set up special red-light districts (“zona rojas”). Most Zona Roja prostitutes operate either on the streets or in bars (example: Adelita Bar in Tijuana) and strip clubs. The rest work in brothels, or out of hotels or private apartments as escorts. The age of consent is 18.

Hard-core pornography is illegal. You might find something along the lines of Playboy, but that’s it. You will not be able to buy adult videos or DVDs. However, adult films broadcast from North American satellite providers show up occasionally on hotel cable television systems. Also, some Tijuana video stores have been known to screen adult films in back rooms.


Prostitution is legal and there are many massage parlors and sauna clubs, which are subtly discreet under religious pressure. Taxis, without crucifixes dangling from rear view mirror know where to go. They’re quite cheap and seemed honest. A ride within the city is 25 pesos. Airport 75 etc.

I went to the Havana club where for about $50 you get a dance or two and a BBBJ in the darker corner of the room. The girls are 8-9, but I am very fussy. I am told of several clubs within 15 mile radius, which are less expensive and the girls are reputed to be gorgeous. More in about a month.

OAXACA should be on the monger’s list of Mexican Cities.


As of January 23, 2007, all persons, including U.S. citizens, traveling by air to Canada, Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean will be required to present a valid passport to re-enter the country. A valid driver’s license will no longer suffice for re-entry documentation.

If you’re planning on traveling out of the country next year, I recommend applying for a new passport, or checking your current passport to ensure it is still valid. It can take up to six weeks to process a new one, so plan ahead. For more information please visit the U.S. State Department web site at:


Here is a destination very few of you will likely ever visit, however one never knows. This last weekend I went to a wedding in Northern Mexico in the city of Torreón, Coahuila. I’ve been many times to this city but hadn’t visited in the last 5 years. It is amazing how much it had grown and how relatively prosperous it has become. While the Mexican economy as a whole has been growing at about 5% a year, the northern cities in Mexico are the driving force behind this growth expanding at closer to 15%-20% a year. This is due in large part to the assembly plants (Maquiladoras) and also the establishment of many sales offices for foreign firms.

Upon arrival late at night, I decided to ask the taxi driver about the possibility of a Guadalajara-style men’s barber shop. These places called “Estheticas” in Spanish offer haircuts and sex (a great combination). This particular driver didn’t know specifically where one was, but had heard of something in the metro area and told me roughly where it was located.
The following day, I checked the yellow pages and the local newspaper want ads. Nothing was available in the yellow pages, but the newspaper had a number of likely candidates under the “various services” section. I grabbed a taxi and began to explore the various options. As it turned out, all the daytime places were located west of the downtown in a lower middle class district with mostly housing and a few light industrial type concerns. The first two places we came to were way too downscale, even for my admittedly very relaxed selection criteria. Finally, the third place we visited looked like a winner. It was a nice residence located at Aldama Street #1910. Unlike most residences I’ve visited, we were met at the door by a lovely morena wearing a red negligee. Looks like I came to the right place. The lady in the negligee then sent me to the back room with an attractive blonde girl of perhaps twenty years of age. The blondie worked hard to try and convince me to take her, and that it would be well worth my time, but also offered me a line-up. I went for the line-up
and chose another bottle-blonde that had the nicest body of the four I saw. The pricing at this particular place was 230 (24 USD) pesos for just sex and 280 (30 USD) pesos for sex and massage. Being a big spender I obviously went for the full treatment including massage. The massage turned out to be surprisingly good. The room was comfortable and had an attached shower room (and the air conditioner was turned up full-blast, an important consideration since the outside temperature was about 100 F.). After a 30 minute massage, we moved on to the sexual part of the program. She was excellent in this phase and justly rewarded with a tip. At these accessible prices, I would have liked to try a few of the other ladies, but unfortunately on this day I had to get ready for the social activities related to the wedding, one of which turned out to be the highlight of the trip. The father of the bride (my long time friend who invited me to the wedding) is a basketball coach. In turns out he was celebrating his 20th year as coach of the local female university team. Thus most of those invited to the wedding also went to a game to celebrate his 20 year anniversary and also inaugurate a new gymnasium. I like basketball as much as the next guy, but the real benefit was seeing the large collection (maybe 150 in all) of beautiful northern Mexican women that showed up to the game. Many were ex-players so there was quite a collection of tall babes. One stunning example was dark-skinned amazon that stood about six feet tall. Long face, jet black hair pulled back into a long braided pony tail, thin body with large natural breasts. Holy shit, she was really close to my ideal woman. Since these were all nice girls, my chances of actually nailing one were somewhere between slim and none. However, I did enjoy the “game” a lot and felt at any point in time my head would pivot off my shoulders from trying to follow the steady stream of eye candy parading back and forth from the stands to the concession area.

Adelita’s Bar or AB as it is usually referred to is in the same basic area of TJ that Chicago and Hong Kong are in. I believe it is called La Zona Roja.  I saw Esenia, who works at Adelitas 6 days a week on the afternoon/early evening shift. She has limited English, about 5’6″, 125, dark bra strap length hair with a pretty face. Oh by the way, she has natural 22 year old D/DD’s that haven’t been introduced to gravity FS, 30 minutes (60 for one hour)
The numbers:
Cost 40+10 for the room
Body 7
Face 7
Tits 9.5
Attitude 5 (not bad just new and not energetic enough)
Performance 6

Mileage varies in any place, but there are some great Superstars in TJ, that do indeed give a GFE to a select few.
I was the recipient of a very hot time with a babe from HK, Esmeralda. I did go down with Mike on this last trip and I did want to go and try other chicas and did want to avoid Esmeralda since if I saw her.

To start our story, we agreed to meet early and head down to get an early start. But we arrive at the border around 1:15 PM and a little later than we had expected. We did plan to go to Azteca Massage, a legit massage place (yes, the only legit massage place in TJ). $20 for a very skilled masseuse to rub you down. They have a nice facility on Revolucion, the main drag of tourist places in TJ. It’s above or is it below a disco and you can feel the beat of the bass from the huge speakers. Instead we head to the taxi stands and head to Adelitas Bar, the most famous one in TJ. We part the curtains and can not see too well, since it’s kind of dark. After my eyes gets used to the darkness, we note that it’s still a bit early and there are about 12 girls and about 6 guys. Not that good yet, so we decide to do a march around to the other clubs. We head over to the Miami/Hong Kong Bar, owned by the same people and then are doing major renovations to the hotel and to both bars. 2-3 girls and pretty dead. We move around the corner to Tropical and it’s pretty dead. Then we go over to Las Chevalas, in search of Mike’s honey, Claudia. But no action and no good scenery there, so we head down the block back to AB. We decided to take a booth near the back smaller dance floor. We order drinks and toast to the beginning of our adventure. Since I am hyper at this point, I make my rounds of the place and I am greeted with a chica and sit for awhile on the bench, below the heater and find that her name is Marisol. She is attractive and i ask if she wants a drink and take her over to meet Dumb and Dumber, oops, I mean Mike and Slamson. I am sitting there and start to stare at her nice cleavage and she spots me looking and pulls over her top to reveal a bare breast with one of the biggest nipples I’ve seen in quite awhile, the areola was about 4 inches across. She really wasn’t my type but I have two shy guys with me and wanted to bring over a girl to hang with. Damn, I spot Candy, a girl that I had previously went with and about the only chica that catches my eye. So I go over to say hello to Candy and wonder how I can let Marisol go. After a few moments, Marisol observes what is happening and asks if we want her to leave and we politely thank her and say yes. So, I take Candy and grab a booth and we order some drinks. I did a review of Candy from an earlier trip, but to spare you from searching the info she’s about 5′ 4″, 115lbs, shoulder length brunette, with very milky skin and always seems to be smiling. I ask her for what an hour will be, she says $100, $20 for the room and $80 for her. I counter with $70 and we are off up stairs. Damn, on my way out, I run into Tania, the famous Superstar of AB, known for her BBBJ. My timing was off this day. I told her that I would be seeing her later. For those that don’t know the TJ setup, most bars have their own hotels. We go over to the desk, and it’s chaos, and this is where I make a mistake. I pay $20 for the room and think that I am getting it for all night, but the guy at the desk didn’t understand me and understood from Candy for it to be an hour. Anyway, I learn my mistake afterwards. So we head off to lucky #13 and we both take a shower, which was a lot of fun. After drying off (Slamson, you are a dumb fuck, ALWAYS ask for more towels, you can’t have enough towels.) we jump on the bed and kiss and lick and she ventures south for a great BBBJ. After several great minutes, we apply the glove and I prepare to do some hand to hand combat. I finally cum and then we clean up a bit and Candy offers a massage which I readily agree to. Well, it’s not a professional massage like I would get at Azteca, but it was still enjoyable since Candy is one that likes to please. After a while, I offer to give her a massage and she had her patented smile and says Si. After giving her a massage, we go for round #2 and proceed to almost repeat the first round, blow for blow, HA! I ask her about the room and find out that I only paid for one hour, since i got a knock. When you get a room all night, one of the benefits is no knock. It’s up to you and the girl to time yourselves. So this was a rookie mistake. Oh well, you live and learn. I go back down to find that Slamson had gone with Marisol. Way to go Slammer. You are sure a weak dude, when you have a hot babe that just wants you. Seems like she did a Salma spit type session on you. Too bad. So we head out and do our rounds of the clubs once again, but although the numbers have increased, it’s still pretty quiet. We end up back in AB and I find out that Mike has an upset stomach. I remember now that I did have some Pepto in my fanny pack, sorry Mike. We sit at the elevated bar and the vantage point helps us see the whole bar. I spy Tania just walking around, but want to drink a beer before I try another session. So, after finishing my beer, I go upstairs to get a room for all night, for $22. For a half hour, it’s $10, but for $22, you can get it all night. Do the math. I grab Tania before someone else does and we take booth on the back same booth as we had when we first got there. I order drinks and we are visited by Dumb and Dumber again, oops, I mean Mike and Slamson. They sit down and we once again toast to our good fortune. This time, I am not in a hurry to go upstairs and instead, decide to hang and drink a bit. Too bad AB doesn’t have the afternoon special like Hong Kong, Las Chevalas and Tropical, 2 for 1 and the beers are $2. The chicas drinks at AB are $5, whether they drink some Kool aid, a soda or an alcoholic drink. At Chicago Club (CC), they get $8 for chica’s drinks. (Iris from CC sure loves her tequila shooters, but on this trip, it was way too early for the babes to be out at CC) I was talking to Tania in Spanish and so Dumb (Mike) think that she doesn’t speak much English and says a very rude comment about her looks in front of her. In fact, Tania does speak decent English. Well, Tania is not a beauty, I would rate her just above average, where some might say she is average looking. I am attracted to good lookers, but Tania has a beauty that can only be seen when you spend some time with her and there is beauty below the surface. In my younger days, I was almost soley attracted to the physical beauty until I was fortunate to experience some sessions that made me change the way I looked at providers. Anyway, Mike was ribbing me when I was going to take Tania up, I guess he wanted to get rid of me so he could hold Slamson’s hand and make a move on him! Too bad you couldn’t get Slamson drunk and take advantage of him since he was just drinking Cokes. HA, just kidding dude. So, I take Tania to room #101 and I once again take a shower and then Tania takes one after me. No playing in the shower although I should have asked her to join me now that I think of it. Since Tania is the BBBJ queen, we start off with that as the appetizer. She has great technique and the best that I’ve experienced south of the border. The Sylmar babe and one other is still better but Tania is still top 5 on my list. After about 20 minutes, I put on another glove and do the favorite positions, doggie being her favorite. That’s how I finish and Tania offers a massage and I am not one to turn down a good massage. Tania’s is better than Candy’s but I was happy with Candy’s massage also. After a while, I turn on my side and Tania spies that I am hard again, and so we go for a second great BBBJ session. Once again, we put a glove on and this is my fourth time in a short amount of time. Tania is cool with the time, although she did set her alarm on her watch to tell her when the half hour was over. This time, I had to concentrate to get to the finish line but I crossed it with my hands in the air, like a marathon runner. Oh what a joy. While I was sitting with Tania, she pointed out several of her friends. I already knew Angella, who cruises AB like a shark, smelling new blood. Alba is another friend, and also Monserat. I did go over to the bathroom and we exchanged some friendly smiles and flirtations. She was very attractive and I will have to get to know her on another trip. Tania is about 5’3″ although hard to judge many chicas since they all wear these stilts for shoes. She has poofy black hair and usually wears skin tight pants and her trade mark leather fanny pack worn in front. She is famous for asking for your astrological sign and is really into numerology and astrology. Like I said, she isn’t a hot looking babe, but I find her attractive. Many guys read about her and expect her to be a 9 or 10 and may be disappointed, since she has superstar status. She is about 34 B with long nipples and has a look that reminds me of a Latina Deborah Harry, from the old group, Blondie, with sleepy eyes. Many guys do rate the overall experience a 10 because she is a sweet heart and is not a hungry money shark like blonde Sylvia, the Christina Applegate look alike. Get out the 31 flavors number machine to get in line for her. We didn’t even negotiate price and at the end of the session, I gave Tania a belated birthday present and $80. I head back down to AB and couldn’t find my amigos and wondered if they went up and were busy in sessions, but Mike came in and got me. I should have known, they were feeding their faces from the sidewalk cart. They always rave about the tacos, I think they ate about a dozen between them. I opted to not eat anything since I do sometimes have a sensitive stomach, although I do know of 2 great places for food. Time seemed to go quickly on this adventure. I guess I was having a lot of fun.
about 27yo, 5′, 34b-24-33, light complected, nice skin, pretty girl in handsome way. Short medium brown hair, sometimes colored contacts.
$60+10 full service. Seen Jan 00
face: 8
body: 9 (great natural rack, carbohydrate bomb hasn’t gone off yet)
appearance: 9.5 (usually impeccably groomed)
attitude: 8.5 (always gives 100%)
performance: 8.5

Amazingly, has never been reviewed on any of the major TJ boards. Has been at Chicago several years now. You can usually find her at the bar, on the front door side. Huge clit (why do the petite girls have bigger clits and lips than the amazons?), loves receiving and giving, but the oral is covered and her technique can get a little rough. BBBJ is available for the regulars, though. English ok. Thanks to the good Prof. for the invitation and hello to all. I realize the main emphasis of this board is fun in LA, something I enjoy reading about as an ex-resident and occasional visitor. I’m very fond of the K-babes in the Inglewood MPs and miss them as a resident of another more repressed state. Fortunately for pursuit of our favorite hobby, I get to travel very often. Usually to Mexico City. I’m going to tell you about a relatively new place that was introduced to me by a taxi driver who knows about my hobby. To my knowledge the place doesn’t advertise and there is no sign out front, so I’m not even sure if it has a name. It is located at the street address of Obrero Mundial 623 (I’ll call it OM623 here on out). This is near the Colonia del Valle, a middle-class district of Mexico City about 10 minutes from the airport. This is not the type of place to plan a trip around, rather if you happen to be in the Mexico City airport with a few hours on your hand, give it a try. As you knock on the door, the guard peers at you through the peephole, and if he recognizes you or you’re not too sinister looking, he lets you in. To your immediate right is a counter and the décor of the place looks like a beauty parlor, with all the female employees dressed in pink smocks. After checking for weapons (a necessary evil in MC) you’re led back into a small waiting room in the back and the door is shut behind you. You’ll notice a side door to the room will open a crack from time to time. The ladies, your potential playmates, are checking to see if they know you. If so, they won’t come out. Once you’ve been checked-out, the babes will be in a line-up. I’ve now been here 4 times. On the first, the selection was really grim and I didn’t partake. But since the taxi guy had talked it up so much, I decided to give it another chance. I’m glad I did. Every subsequent time, the girls have gotten better looking and the sex has been of a real high quality.

She was 5’7″ tall, large natural breasts on a non-fat frame, delicious ass (I know I tasted), using the scoring system employed by this board I’d say she was:
6 Face (slight dental imperfection, nothing really wrong though)
8.5 body
9 appearance
10 attitude
9.5 sexual abilities
Now for the best part, this excellent quality sexual experience was had for 27 dollars all inclusive. Since she went out of her way to show me a good time, I tipped her very generously, but I’ve never been asked for a tip at this place. Usually the ladies seem quite surprised when a tip is offered. I had a nice discussion (in Spanish) with her after the sex, so the experience didn’t seem rushed at all. Since I enjoyed her company a lot, I asked for her phone number. She responded with a “Why do you want that?” I was unable to come up with a convincing answer, thus she didn’t give it to me. But I plan on asking for her again, and I’m fairly sure we will become buddies outside the club.

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