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Toledo Rose Blossom Health Spa: Typical Oriental spa, took a buddy and we were met by one (7-8) Japanese girl, 20-25 yo and she asked for how long, $40 1/2 $60 hour. We both took the hour, and she led us to different rooms. She came in to my room and my buddy got another girl. Older and not as attractive. I got a wash down, and a sauna for about 15 mins, with light touching genitals, but nothing great.

After about 20 min. of massaging my back (which was pretty good, I like it hard) she asked me to turn over, she massage some more, touching my dick a few times and leaning over touching her breasts to various parts of my body.

She then asked for anything else, I asked her how much, she showed me $60 for hand job, $80 for blow job and $120 for all the way.

I just wanted a bj so I paid her, she came back took off her top and gave me a so-so bj, and let me suck on her tits. It definitely wasn’t the best I have ever had, but not bad. She had a great body so it was nice to play with.

My buddy got the same, except his bj he said was awesome. both used condoms. I will go back, probably for more this time, the girls change a lot I guess so no need to give names.

77 Spa
5335 Seventy-Six Drive
Rt 46 and I-80 – Rebel Truck Plaza
Austintown, OH
$40 1/2hr, $50/an hr. Body shampoo, sauna, massage and full service is available for the right amount. Deal offered on 2 girls at once. 3 private rooms. Free parking. Girls are very friendly you can get extra perks once they know you a little better they are very time conscious.
Yoshiko Health Spa
5534 Mahoning Ave
Austintown, OH
Usually 1-2 Asian girls. 4 small rooms. $40/1/2 hr, $50/an hr. Full hr includes sauna, body shampoo sand full body massage. FS starts at $50. Credit cards ok. Relaxing place. Free parking.

Review of Cincinnati Before making any trip to a new place I check out the web. It has provided me with many good information and pleasurable moments. I just wish more people could contribute to the guide/review to keep the information current. In the past few months, my business demands frequent trips to Cincinnati/Northern/Indiana junction (called tri-state area). This review board did not give me a good picture of the current situation and I have to try every thing and learn the hard way. Well, I would like to share my up to date information on massage parlors/strip clubs around the said area to save interested readers/adventurers time and money. (1)Strip Clubs review. The general impression of the situation is depressing. Practically nothing is in Cincinnati downtown area. For any action, you have to look south (right across the Ohio river) into Newport or Covington. However, the glorious days of Newport strip clubs (over twenty on Mammoth street in the 80s) are over. There are only three clubs left there and the same family runs all. They are “Centerfold”, “Brass Ass”, and “Brass Bull”; all are in walking distance of each other. Most of the women work there are ages ~30, and their looks below grad 5. They are quite mobile and occasionally a few young ~7 grad women would show up. For any real action, Brass Bull is the only place to be—–Dark and reasonably clean, the women there would do practically anything right there for $100 plus the customary cocktail charge (usually around $60). This is the only green spot. All others are waste of money. In Covington (few minus from Newport), the clubs are aggregated in Madison Street, Scott Street and rt.8 area. Even in the club called “The most beautiful girls in Town”, they are all 40, looks 30, looks <4 Korean who is not worthy of even any touch, the other is a better looking ~5 and age~20 Vietnamese, but she is quite un-friendly and is always tired looking. This is also one of the emergency stop only.

Police have been VERY active in old hot spots. Good street walkers still in the bottoms & hilltop area. (W. Broad to Wilson, some on Sullivant) Stay away from entire E.Main/Bryden/Parsons/Miller area. Big time Police stings (even the skanky ones have been cops). They say the Police chief lives near here and in this area they now sieze(!) cars and especially 18-wheelers. Former crossdresser area on E.Main is gone with new police station across street. Unmarked cars writing tickets here for “vehicular loitering” if you just drive around several times. (Got me twice, and then their damm blockwatch sent my wife a letter) Crack whores still working farther east on Main St (just east and west of Bexley) Good selection sometimes on High just south of Campus, and decent selection some nights in Whitehall area with good ones now going to Livingston & Courtright area. (Both black and white here but very talented and many do everything, anal, etc.)

Other good areas to try are hotels just off 71 north (161, etc) and surrounding neighborhoods. Due to major police effort (many say permanently) street action now heading to more suburban areas particularly cheapo motels. Hard to find, but WELL worth the effort. Sometimes safer and easier to just go to Dayton.

Diva’s Spa
5410 West Broad St.
Columbus, OH
$50/door fee an hr plus tips. Dark and moderately clean place which, about 3-4 cute girls who give a pretty good body rub for the basic rate. Tips can bring FS starting at about $100 and $50 for oral and manual. About S miles from the heart of downtown Columbus. Nothing fancy but showers are available. Hours: 9a-la, 7 days.
Four Seasons Spa
On Stelzer RD. near the airport.
The girls are attractive, polite and can really give a good massage. 1/2 hr $40. Showers. $60 hj.

Lilly’s Steam & Bath
E. Dublin-Granville RD.
$40 1/2hr. $60 hr. Older Asian gals in their 40’s, burned out, low quality.
Stay away, no good. open 9-midnite, 7 days.

On Indianola, North of Cook Rd. on east
side about 1 blk further north of Sun’s. In an old building behind the building supply spa place. $60 per hr. Aggressive about tipping.

Spa 2300
2836 Johnstown Road
Columbus, OH
$50/door fee plus tips. Both Oriental and American girls and some of them exceptionally cute. Rooms are small, dark and cluttered and this place has a hot tub and sauna making it better equipped than most places. All major credit cards accepted. Writers say the Oriental girls are more likely to give complete service and the American girls are more likely to want you to settle for a manual or oral.

Sun’s Spa
On Indianola North of Cook Rd. Sun’s is on
the west side. $60 per hr.

The Playground
3009 Morse Road
Columbus, OH
$50/door fee plus tips. Very basic, No frills but good quality body rub place which has several rooms outfitted with massage tables and a table with a radio. Girls are cute. Body rubs are nothing special About ten minutes from the center of town. Take I-71 north to the Morse Rd exit turn right on Morse Rd, they are on the right. A sign out front identifying the place. Open from 9a-2a and they accept major credit cards.

The Spa
On rte 42
Excellent. 100 for FS. $60 & 80 at the door.

New Palm Tree Spa
Dixie Hwy in Fairfield.
$40 for hj $60 for oral and $160 for full service.


Relaxation Station
120 East North Street
Fostoria, OH
$40/an hr, plus tips, additional for a body shampoo. Tips are around $30 for topless which includes a 100% Body Massage. VlMC. Tips are cash only. Nice quiet atmosphere that uses the Locker-Room approach for placing clothes neatly and nicely out of the way. Downtown location next to Retreat lounge. Plenty of street parking.

Rainbow Spa
At Exit 36 on I-7S Franklin, OH 513/743-0601
Rates: $40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr. Good Korean massage parlor, offers satisfying shower, sauna and full body massage, you can also get complete service for tips in the $100-$200 range. Girls are invariably beautiful, in the 10 range. 20 minutes north of Cincinnati, take Exit 36 east from I-7S between Dayton and Cincinnati and go to the first road past the McDonald’s and turn left. Place in a large building that used to be a gas station, across from Auto Auction place.

Fuji Health Club
650 South Main Lima OH 419/222-5134. Pleasant atmosphere. Located right next to a liquor store. Prices are $40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr V/MC accepted. 3-5 girls a shift. 24 hrs 7 days.

in Springfield offers excellent massage and more if you want it. $60 per hr. no 1/2 hr. available
I was greeted by a younger oriental lady and asked if I had been there before. I had not. was led to a small room w/a massage table; told to get undressed and that someone would be with me soon. Had just finished getting undressed when there was a knock on the door and an older (35 or 40) oriental lady came in.
I was handed a towel and asked to follow her to the shower. received a 10-15 min shower w/v hot water lots of soap and almost no genital contact. She dried me off and asked me to lie on the table. proceeded to give me an great massage concentrating on my lower back, neck, and shoulders while sometimes fondling my cock and balls. After a lengthy massage I was asked if there was anything else I wanted. Asked what was available and was quoted $40 for hj and $60 for topless oral. collected my $60 and left for several minutes. when she returned and asked me to turn over. grabbed my penis and smiled at me; stroked me to erection and rolled a condom on me. Her bj technique could use some work but was ok, sucking me to hard to cum normally. with the time almost up she asked if she could finish me with a hand-job; nodded ok and she removed the condom and slathered baby oil all over my cock. she began a slow stroke in a cork-screw motion and sped up from there. She pumped me for quite a while and went over my hour jerking me till I came (hard!!!!!!) with my spunk shooting in the air and covering her hands. Washed her hands and helped me dress; asked me if I would be coming back and I said “yes” but have not been able to yet. Great massage and unhurried service. however, the greeter was at least a 9 and the attendant was only a 6; would like to know if you can request a different girl than the one that comes to serve you?

Airport Spa
On Airport Highway.
$40 1/2 hr, $60 hr.. I opted for the 1/2, table showers and sauna.
$50 HJ, $100 oral, $150 FS. Half/Half $120.
Rainbow Health Club
5205 Telegraph Road
Toledo, OH
Real idiots answer the phone. Located just South of Alexis. Generally $1 per minute with breaks at $30/$40/$50 respectively, at $30 1/2hr, $40 3/4 hr $50 full hr. No cards. 24 hour.
Rose Blossom Health Spa
Oriental spa, (7-8) Japanese girl, 20-25. $40 1/2 $60 hour. Table shower and sauna.
$60 for hand job, $80 for blow job and $120 for all the way.

Fuji Health Spa
On Rte 422 next to Crown Ford
Susi Kim Massage
Right off rt 422. Old Korean woman. 100-150 bj

Bella Spa
Massage Service. Non-oriental spa that offers a choice between 4-5 girls. You pick one and are escorted into a private room. Cost $60 for 1/2 hour, $90. for 45 minutes, $110. for 1 hour, and $140. for 1 hour with hot tub. The girl tells you to take off all your clothes and then takes you to the shower where she gives you a table shower, touching your private area if you permit (who wouldn’t). If you paid for the hot tub you go there next after shower. The girl will in most cases get in the tub with us. Next you go back to the private room and she will ask if you mind if she takes off her clothes (who would). She starts massage on back and then your front. The last thing she asks you if there is any other place you want massaged. At this point you take her hand and put it on you private part. She will give you a hand release, allowing you to touch her the whole time. I have had several massages at this place and all have been basically the same, two times I was asked if there was anything else I wanted, but was low on funds and said no. The girls here rate low of 5 to 9. It is a fun place to go and I would recommend

Oriental Sauna
443 East Market St.
Youngstown, OH
$35 1/2 hr, $45/an hr 4-6 girls a shift, a few non-Asians. A satisfying body shampoo and full body massage plus a sauna for the basic cost. Girls are generally pretty. Tips in $60 range can bring good manual session but $90-100 for oral. Girls are generally pretty. Open 24 hours, 7 days. All major Credit Cards.

Suzie Kim Spa

5974 Youngstown 1 Rd (Hwy 422)
Youngstown, OH
330-652-1540. $50 an hr. Gets you massage, sauna body rub and manual release. 3/4 women. Other services negotiable up to around $15O Full Service, they give you a little bag to put your belongings in as you travel from room to room. Every place should do this. Run by an older Asian woman. Negotiations for further service does not come til after the massage.


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