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Mendota Saloon
Lap Dances – $20, Good contact on the Lap Dances.

Check out the Brown Derby in Austin. Usually one two black dancers every night. They usually are from Milwaukee and are there for a week. Talk to them off stage, buy them a drink and get all the details. $100 is usually the price for full service. Sometimes you can negotiate down but not often. You might walk across the street to Hey Rubes and try your luck there. They changed the place a year ago and kicked out the Milwaukee girls. Last time I checked out Rubes the girls were ugly and commuted from Albert Lea

Just wanted to let everyone know that Yoshiko’s sauna in Duluth is still up and running. If you catch them on a good weekend there are some 7-8’s there or there could be some 4-5’s. All depends on who gets shipped up from the cities. Still the same format. $60 to get in the door. I always take some time to see who is sitting on the couch. Some are better than others. Experience is there that the ones who aren’t the best looking give the best full service. Variety of women to choose from black, white, Hispanic, and oriental. Last time I was there I had a white girl about a 5 on the scale. She was pleasant to talk to. When we settled on a price, she left the room and told me to get undressed. She came back with a condom and stripped down herself. Nice body, ok face, and a nice ass. Lacking a little in the tit dept. but that’s ok. She proceeded to give me an oil handjob, and then asked if I was ready. With a big grin I said you bet! Condom on she began to blow me, and blow me she did. I was ready to go, but rule here is that once you blow you’re done. So hold OUT! She then told me to get on top and start fucking her. She moaned and seemed pretty into it. I could hear the girl next door getting reamed pretty good. Not very thick walls. She then got on top, and went doggy until I came. Clean showers and fresh towels are provided afterwards. Good stop if you have some extra money to spend. Total cost about $200 with entry fee. Call ahead to see who’s working. I recommend Karen or Becky.

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