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Here is some info on sex scene in Dubai. Before I start let me give you some basic info on sex in Dubai:

1-Prostitution is illegal, but its tolerated. After all without the money generated from sex, Dubai would die in matter of minutes.
2- most Russian girls have dyed their hair black just to seem as though they are local women.
3-If you ask any cab they will tell you places that have the women you are after (Arab, Indian, British, Chinese).
4-Be prepared to spend Dh 500 for an attractive and clean girl. Don’t try the under Dh 100!! They are not clean and could be dangerous (hygiene wise).
5-Buy your own condom from the very many pharmacies. There is a 24hr one in Muraqqabat Street.
6-Try the bars and lobbies of different hotels. You should see plenty of girls. But read my report before you do anything as it will save you time, money and headache.

Arif Castle does have plenty of women but when I was staying at the hotel most of the women I saw were either Somalian or Ethiopian. The bars are over crowded and not a great atmosphere. The only great thing is that the entrance is free. But the waitresses will bug you to buy a beer. The hotel is nice to stay in though but because its in Bur Dubai you don’t have access to that many hotels and shopping areas. If you go there and don’t like the ladies, then get a cab and go to Ramada. Its much higher class there and close by.

The Dream Land Hotel in Deira is a sure brothel. You tell the concierge you want a lady and they tell you to call some number. Then they give you a few choices of nationalities. At time i was there they had mostly Turkish and Filipinos. However this hotel is rather low quality. Don’t be surprised to see the bathrooms are filthy.

As others have said the Cyclone is pretty good. It looks like your average night clubs in States. But for some reason the ladies are after white businessmen, or it seemed like that when I was there. This is strange considering its the Middle Easterners who have the money not some European expat. Either way there are mostly Russian and Soviet satellite countries ladies there. There are also some Chinese ladies there. There is a Dh50 entrance fee.

The Carlton has two discos on top floor. One is Iranian disco other is Russian. The Iranian one is a rip off. Avoid it. They charge you arm and leg and you get a few choices of girls from Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan. They pretend to be Iranian but are not. The Russian one is better with some choice of good looking Russian ladies.

If you like Indians, then visit or stay at Shangari La Hotel. It has a disco on first floor with some ladies. Apparently this is also a brothel if you like sampling Indian ladies.

If you like ladies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, or Armenia, try the Deira Sheraton hotel. Note there are two Sheraton’s in Dubai. The other one is called Sheraton Dubai (Tower). That one does not have a discos or places to pick up women. The disco in Sheraton Deira looks nifty! Its easy to pick up some woman there. Note there are entrance fees there.

The Inter Continental has a bar on the main level. Sometimes there are some Russian women there in the bar.

For those of you who want adventure you can try the shopping centers and streets. Around the Howard Johnson Hotel area there are sometimes women wandering. If you have a car you can pick them up. Also in City Center Shopping Center you can pick up some local Emirates women who are happy to assist. Don’t be fooled by the veil. If they smile at you then go up and talk business. They are expensive, Dh 1500 and higher. But there are some nice ones. Some women from neighboring Persian Gulf countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait can also be found there.

Now some words of warning about some places you must avoid! Avoid these hotels if you want to pick up a working lady.

Golden Falcon: There is are Indian discos in this hotel. Apparently the ladies there are simply there to draw men so they purchase a dinner and buy drinks. The Indians in that hotel are not attractive.
Gulf Inn Hotel (opposite Howard Johnson Hotel): They have two discos, one on first floor which is Arabic/Persian and second floor with Continental music. In the Continental Music bar avoid the girls that come and sit near you. What they will do is sit beside you and make you buy drinks all night. Then they promise they will come up to your room but they never show up. There are several reports of this by various people who have been to that bar. Just avoid it altogether.
Lords Hotel: The bars in this hotel are empty. And you they do not allow you to bring a lady into your room. So if you are in Dubai just for business and don’t want to have fun then this hotel is for you. Otherwise its a waste of money.

The best place is Cyclone club. There are usually 50-60 ladies there.
The Old Hyatt Regency also has a club called Premier that has about 50 ladies on any night.

First of all, Its a safest place after Germany & Amsterdam if you are looking for adult fun provided you are doing it in privacy of your home/hotel. Just don’t try anything funny in public and you can be in trouble.

The sex scene is pretty nice here.. the best part is you get girls from across the globe Asian are easiest and cheapest (Excluding Indians who are just not available), Then Russian Fed Girls, Turkish, Iranian, European, African and the list goes on..!!!

The safest way to pick girls is to go to Night clubs and there are hundreds of them in Dubai… my personal preference is Premier in Hyatt which always has more than 100 girls from all the places and all sizes.. the price: Europeans from 700 to 1500 DHS (1US$ =4 DHs approx.).. Chinese from 500-800 DHs.

The best way is to go to these clubs, most of them have an entry fee from 50 DHs to 100 DHs and includes one drink free… get inside.. its usually dark and loud music… get used to it..

Go around and look at the available girls.. if you like anyone just approach her and ask if she is free and name and then the country.. then ask for the price.. most of the girls give full service and charge extra for anal.. and yes these prices are for full night…!!! if you like the girl and the deal is struck.. take a taxi (normally Lexus in Hotel taxi stand) and take her to your hotel.

from Hotel she will call her madam to give your room and hotel details to be safe.

Most of the hotel accept a girl visitors as they all know the purpose and reason.. some hotels insist the guest to be accompanied with girls..

The clubs to look for are: Premier, Cyclone (50-100 girls), Intercontinental, Imperial hotel, etc.. most of the 5/4 start hotels have a bar/club and there are ladies there..

Dance Bars: there are lot of Indian Dance bars where you get drinks and food and girls dance on the stage in various dresses from sexy to ethnic.. These places do not provide any girls.. its just to see the dance and have drinks/food.

Massage Parlors: The local newspaper “Guld news or Khaleej Times) is flooded with Massage parlor Advertisements.. call any of these parlors and ask them if they provide full service. Inquire about the girls how many from where.. and she will guide you to a nearby landmark. You call her again from there she will tell you directions to the apartment.

Generally they offer half hour massage with Oral and vaginal sex for DHS 500 incall. you spend some 1 hour there, the girls are good to excellent and normally 2-5 girls will be there to choose from..

Street Scene: Chinese and African girls can be picked up from main streets and near shopping malls and 4/5* hotels.. you need a car to pick them up and price starts from DHs100 to DHs 200.. generally low quality stuff and avoid them… Sometimes inside the Malls, you find certain girls looking at you smiling… but they could be some sales girls so be careful, just ask if they are free.. if she says yes.. go ahead.. otherwise say sorry and move ahead.

Good luck.. if you are in Dubai.. Booze & sex is not a problem.. you just need a hotel and some cash in your pocket.

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