Glen Ellyn

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There is or was a secluded little Asian massage parlor along Roosevelt Road in Glen Ellyn. I think it’s called “Glen Ellyn Health Spa” The first time I went in there I was greeted by a chubby little Korean woman who had to be in her 40s. She told me the prices ($40 half hour, $60 hour), and that either included bath. I took the hour session, and followed the woman to one of the massage rooms. She told me to undress and put on a towel. After a few minutes she returned wearing big rubber boots and led me to the shower room. She had begun to draw a bath while I was undressing, and it was almost ready by the time I got in there. She showed me the button that turned off the whirlpool and got me to understand that I should turn it off when I had enough. Then she left. After about ten 10 minutes I was pretty well blanched, so I turned off the whirlpool. I waited fort a few more minutes, but I was getting extremely warm, so I got out of the tub and dried myself off and wrapped the towel around myself, then I sat there and waited. Little Chubby Lady came in a few minutes later and seemed really upset that I had taken care of myself. By this point i was really worried that she was going to give me my massage, and sexual service or not, it was not something i was looking forward to. While she was fussing over me another woman came in wearing a short one piece tube top/dress. She was also Korean, probably mid-30s with nice legs, but I could tell she had an attitude: she had been doing this for a while. LCL left the room, and the younger woman introduced herself, saying her name was Pat. She asked me if I had ever been there before, and I answered that I had not. She told me that it was time for the shower, but i saw no shower stall. She reached forward and pulled the towel off of me, and she told me to get up on the table that sat there against the wall. I did, lying face down, and she proceeded to give me an invigorating washcloth and warm hose water scrub. She told me to roll over and she washed my front. When she brought the washcloth to my mid section she stopped and pointed at my genitals and said, “Washee washee?” I nodded, and she perfunctorily washed and rinsed my privates. She announced that I was finished, and she motioned me off of the table. She toweled me off, which I found mildly erotic. She handed me a fresh towel and instructed me to wrap it around my waist, and to follow her. She led me to the same room that LCL had, where my clothes were, and told me to get on the table. I got on the table face down with the towel over my butt, and she proceeded to give me a very expert, very thorough rub down. I had been hoping that there would be some hanky-panky, but to this point I hadn’t sensed it, so I figured that $60 was a nice price to pay for some pampering and a really good massage. Pat changed her technique to a light caressing with her fingertips, and I figured my time was almost up. Then I felt her fingers run up inside mu thighs a few times, and then she pulled at one thigh to spread my legs out a little. She did this a few times, and then I felt her fingertips lightly brushing at the hair on my balls. Then, just as I thought it might have been a mistake, i felt her finger definitely contacting my scrotum. My cock was expanding rapidly. Then Pat pulled at my hip and guided me until she could reach underneath me. She gently pulled my cock out from underneath me with her fingertips and aimed it downward at my knees, and she relaxed her pull on my hip. For a few seconds she tickled my cock, and then she said, “You like?” I said yes, and she pushed at me to indicate she wanted me to roll over. Once on my back she gave me a few open palm strokes. Then she turned and produced a bottle of baby oil. She poured some in her palm, and then she applied it to the head of my cock. This woman was GOOD! She simply rubbed her oily palm in a circular motion over the underside of the head of my cock, and in seconds i was spurting all over the towel she had laid on my belly! Afterward she suggested a tip. On a subsequent visit Pat exposed her tits and let me squeeze them. Another time I tried really hard to hold off on her expert HJ. She laid her head down on my belly and cooed and purred (I thought she was going to give me a BJ, but she already had me oiled up), and, try as I might, she coaxed the orgasm right out of me. It hit me so fast that I didn’t have time to warn her, and it shot out like a fire hose! I think the first spurt hit her in the face, but I couldn’t be sure. As I kept going, the place seemed to have fewer and fewer girls. the last time I went there Pat was no longer there. After the shower, i was receiving a massage from a younger, but not as pretty, Japanese (I think) woman who, at the time, seemed to be the only one in the place (it was afternoon). I didn’t have a clue how to ask her if she did the HJ, but I think I was making progress.She had walked on my back, and then had me roll over. She straddled me (the towel covering me) and squatted while she massaged my chest. She wore spandex shorts, so her figure was very plain to me. Her pussy hovered less than an inch above my towel, and occasionally bumped into my cock beneath it. I cooed my pleasure at the teasing, and just as she asked me what I was cooing about, the doorbell rang, and then someone pounded on the door very loudly. She got up and went to the door, and then I heard a man’s voice say something like, “You’re not supposed to be open! We closed you down yesterday. Why are you here?” Then there was a knock on the door to my massage room. I answered, and the same man’s voice said, “Get dressed. This place is closed.” I said yes sir! and got dressed very quickly. When I opened the door the male policeman said to me, “Did she take any money from you?” I though I was dead. Yes, I told him. “How much?” 60 I said. “What did she do?” She barely got started i said. Then he looked at her and said, “Don’t you owe him his money back?” The woman handed me $60, and the cop told me, “You’re done here. i suggest you leave.” There are some things I don’t need to be told twice! Call me chicken, but I never went back. I don’t even know if the place is still there or closed for good. Take a look, behind the White Hen on Roosevelt Rd., just 2 or 3 blocks east of I-355.

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