Santa Cruz

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Street Walkers
Near the Plaza de Estudiantes along the Primera Anillo there will be a crowd of girls waitng for a date. Usually a range of 4-7s but there are some cute ones hanging around. 100B $14 for 1 hour. Other arrangements can be made. You can find two girls that are willing to go together if you want a threesome. You can pick up one for the week for about $150 dollars. But be careful some of these girls are underage.

A number of girls are in the center of town, about 9PM these girls(18 to 25) all line up on the streets, to talk,wait for buses, cabs, walk to the coffee shops, etc. If you have a car drive by and get them to notice you and then if your Spanish is up to it, ask them if they would like a ride. Invite them for coffee, get her number and you may get a call.

Check the daily paper “El Deber” in the classified section. You’ll find 20 to 30 massage listings for in call or out call.

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