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Tashkent, When I first came to Uzbekistan, I thought there would be prostitutes all over since the average income is so low, but surprisingly there was not much going on. I stayed at Intercontinental Hotel, no action in the lobby nor in the bars. Same in the streets, I stayed out in the main street where people go out at night, but no girls standing there. I guess this is because police is present everywhere, so you really have to try hard to find a girl.

There are two types of women: Russians and Uzbek – the latter are Muslims and look like a combination of Asian and European, very attractive. People are very friendly and open-minded, I met a Russian girl (no whore) who showed me her city, when I wanted to take her to my hotel room she said “Next time” (unfortunately this was my last day). I recommend to find a girl in a club, invite her for dinner the next day and when you see she likes you, try to sleep with her, maybe even for free or for a tip, and maybe without rubber as Uzbeks do not like condoms.

This place has thousands of extremely hot women that are very inexpensive $25 for 1hour suck and fuck. They girls are around 18 and blonde. The hotels in Manas are full of ladies. I wouldn’t recommend going to their houses for sex though, their houses are often extremely filthy and cramped full of people.


The Dutch Club has been mentioned, but the rates there are from about $40 for two. One girl will cost $50 but can be negotiated down. The Dutch Club is one of the more famous places but there are plenty more available. Club Papillion is better. Girls there very from $0 to $200, but still most can be obtained for $50 or less. There are other clubs, but some have younger girls and/or drugs. Both of these can mean serious trouble with the police, so I cannot recommend them.

Knowledge of Russian is an advantage but even if you don’t know any, you will be able to get by. Normally let your girlfriend negotiate the cab home though for a cheaper rate. Condoms are recommended but the local girls do not insist on them. You may want to, just in case. I have never been ripped off by a local girl, but there are plenty of stories. Best have your valuables safe when inviting a new guest.

Just had to respond to the misleading previous Uzbekistan post. That post is an order of magnitude off. In reality, $10 is plenty for an hour with a girl walking the streets in Chilanzar and $10-15 for a better girl (6-8) at the bus stop across from the Tata Hotel. At the Dutch Club almost ALL the girls are hooking, not only a few, but they expect to rip their clients off. Even there, $100 would get you 24 hours, not just one hour

Came back from Tashkent last week and had a blast. The place is pretty much just like any Russian city with the same wide boulevards, drab clothing and depressing commie-era block housing. 85% of the population is Muslim, but very mellow about it and they still love to drink and party. Everything is very inexpensive- $100 at the airport exchange got me enough money to wallpaper my house.

I went to the Dutch Club around 10:00 pm on a Thursday; look for the big “Dutch Market” sign with the windmills. Paid a nominal entrance fee and walked up a dirty staircase and was quite disappointed. A large and very dark disco/bar type place with only 3 ethnic Russian skanks smoking and minding their own business. I decided to stay for one beer only.

Putting on my jacket and about to leave, a stunning, petite young Uzbek girl walked past me, ignored my obvious stares, and asked for a light from the bartender (everyone smokes here). It took me no less than a full hour of maximum charm and politeness to convince her to go with me, but my efforts were well rewarded. Feruza, by a stroke of extreme good fortune, was a grade school level English teacher and we had no trouble conversing. She stayed with me for 3 days and we explored the city and had marathon sex & room service sessions at the Intercontinental Hotel (“guests” only need to present a passport at the counter, no charge). She was a complete amateur, shy in the sack and never once asked me for money. I gave her around $200 when I left, and she was quite happy.

We returned once to the Dutch Club later the next tight and it was in full swing, but there were alot of men and couples and few obvious whores. It appeared to me that, from my observation and experience, the paid tail scene here is very low key and requires alot of effort. My travel partner tried out Club Papillon and stated that it was nicer, had alot of women, and the women were hotter and much more aggressive. The expats I met concurred with this and stated that Club Papillon is THE PLACE for tail in this remote corner of the world.

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