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Babylon Revisited
9th St. and Lombard St. Philadelphia, PA 800/871-9705 – 215/440-9705. Rates: $125 1/2hr, $175/an hr. Full service available here but, strict with new clients. Those coming here for the first time must book, 2 hrs in advance and must show a valid driver’s license before getting in. Well-furnished rooms 3-4 girls a shift.

Beauty Paradise
319 N. I first St.
Philadelphia, PA
$50/an hr, plus tips. Some young and cute Oriental girls work at this business which has a good quality body shampoo, some sauna time for the basic rate. No reports of oral. Private parking in a nearby lot and cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

Callowhill Relaxation Station
1442 Callowhill St.
Philadelphia, PA
215-1636-9777 215-636-0500.
$50/an hr. Cost an hr includes a body shampoo, full body massage, hot sauna. 4-5 girls a shift, all pretty and young. No reports of full service, but extra tips can bring a manual release. All Oriental girls. Open 7 days, 24 hours. Located between Vine St & Inquirer building, accept all major credit cards.

I carry some of the best of memories about this place. And I don’t know if body-kissing and rim-jobs were invented in Korea, but I have very little doubt that they were perfected there. Remember when it was named Toy’s Relaxation Center? I met Toy herself once in back in those days and she gave me the gracious bow of sincerity when I complimented her on the wonderful ship she was running. Nowadays, it’s another generation running it, but it still rates up there with the best of these numerous places in the thankfully tolerant City of Brotherly Love.

Cherry Garden
233 N. 12th St
Near Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA
$50/an hr, plus tips. Both a steam and dry sauna as well as showers. About 4-6 cute Oriental girls who give a manual release for a basic tip. Open 24 hours, 7 days. Convenient parking in rear.

Chopsticks Spa
1241 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA 215/567-7991
Rates: $50 entrance fee for massage, body shampoo and sauna. 5 rooms. 2-3 girls a shift. Hours: 1Oa-3a.m.

Clarion Relaxation
247 Juniper St.
Philadelphia, PA
Oriental Full Body
$50/an hr. 3 young cute girls a shift. Good full body massage plus a choice of dry sauna, Jacuzzi or whirlpool. Basic massage is good. HJ for $40, oral for $20 more. NO FS, basic massage is good. Open 24 hrs, 7 days. Walk-ins welcome. Lots of free parking at this location.

202 Quince Street.
2151627-7001. Rates: $50/an hr plus tips. 5-6 girls a shift, young, very cute. $50 alone gets a body shampoo, sauna and body rub, then tips start. Open 24 hours, 7 days. Located off Chancellor St., near the Historical Society.

No longer calling itself the Hwoi Sung, now is BonanzaVII. Making a turn in here today was refreshing in it’s own way because I’ve so rarely happened into session with any non-Koreans on the general scene in town. When I marched on into the routine with Nena, though, I instantly recognized the compact pu-ying frame, features, and complexion. Product of Thailand, no question. I waited until almost the end to just bait her to saying she was from there by commenting how her tan wasn’t like the salon machine-tans that the Koreans are so into cooking onto themselves. This go with Nena really didn’t top the ass-kicking good lays I’d been having at the Callowhill throughout this summer, but she massaged better and I put some time into massaging her. Also spent a while kicking back entwined with her after the action was done. What the hell, I’m curious enough to stop here again. Only I don’t think it will be too long before I’m back at Callowhill. BTW, I’d noticed this place has a web site but -damn!- it only turned out to be a map. These people are still a long way from wanting to show anything of themselves on the internet. You could probably alarm them more by pulling out a camera than if you pulled out a handgun.

Dreamland Relaxation Center
1800 Ludlow St.
$150 got me a nice assisted bath and massage, followed by half and half with a very lovely, polite and skillful Korean girl named Kim. I felt like a million bucks coming out.

Fantasy Retreat
5219 North 9th Street
Phil, PA
$70-200 hr
full body rubs, shampoos, priv. sessions, 2 girl sessions, striptease fantasies. 9a-11p.

Fuji Spa
1900 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, 215-564-4840.

Garden of Tokyo
1207 race st., 1st floor, phila pa 215-523-9975
Just was in town and read about it in the city paper so I stopped in. the paper says 24/7, it’s across from the convention center, no sign outside. Went in, was asked about being there before (my standard answer – yeah, but like 9 months ago). Got a body scrub, ok massage, then before the rollover was kissed and near-rimmed. After rollover, she asked if I wanted a condom or not (which I guess was code for the fs) – asking for the condom got a good fs session. She was cute, and there were even more cute orientals there. I’m guessing at about 6. Only bad thing – they never once discussed price (never brough tit up) and figured I knew it since I was “there already” so at the end, she was just waiting for the money. I didn’t want to break my ‘cover” at this point and ask so I paid $175 which was probably 25 or so too high, but I was in a good mood (just closed some business) and didn’t want to play games. If anyone’s been here before and can clue me in to the usual price scheme I’d appreciate it. I will definitely go back.

Happiness Oriental Spa
1812 Ludlow St
Behind Holiday Inn.
$50 hr. plus tips in. 6 cute Asian girls a shift. Sauna and showers. Some of the girls give manual for moderate tip. 24/7.

Hong Kong Spa
north side of Race Street, between 12th and 13th, in Chinatown, on 2nd floor. Name on door
doesn’t match ad they run in paper for
20% off, but its Hong Kong spa or something
like that. Anyway, with coupon its $140
for Full Service. No muss, no fuss,
and Thai girl was real knockout.

Japan Studio
1819 Ranstead
Between Chestnut & Market on 18th St
Phil, PA
800-254-1505 215-669-0332
$50/an hr. Good Oriental parlor, gives a first-rate massage plus a steam sauna and Jacuzzi. Often gives discounts on the spur of the moment so when you call you just might be able to arrange for a sessions with $10 off. Open 24/7. Major credit cards accepted.

Lily’s Oriental Spa
118 Sansom St corner 16th.
$50/an hr. Relaxing room, sauna, new staff. Open 24 hours

Magic Sauna
10am-3am Body Shampoo and dry Sauna, muscle relaxation, new management, free parking rear,

Natural Gardens
1211 Race St. 2nd Floor.
215-1563-6144 – 2151563-2929. Rates: $50/an hr. OK Oriental parlor, About 3-4 cute girls on duty. Give good Shiatsu or Swedish massage and throw in a body shampoo. Open 24 hrs, 7 days. Credit cards.

Oriental Full Body
247 Juniper St. Philadelphia, PA 215/972-5133
Rates: $50/an hr. 3 young cute girls a shift. Good full body massage plus a choice of dry sauna, Jacuzzi or whirlpool. Manual release available for a tip in $40 range, oral about $20 more. No full service, but basic massage is good. Open 24 hrs, 7 days. Walk-ins welcome. Lots of free parking at this location.

1017 Spring Garden Street
Between 10 and 11I Sts.
Phil PA215/765-4767.
$50 plus tips in $20 to $100 range, depending on service. Three or four big and clean rooms with full body shampoo as one of the spaces and one of the included services. Three Oriental girls a shift. Metered parking out front and across street making this establishment convenient for the day time and evening driver. Open 24 hours, 7 days. Located across from Spaghetti Warehouse.

Sanson Studio
1112 Samson St.
$50/an hr plus tips. This low basic rate also includes a session in the sauna and a satisfying body shampoo. 8 cute girls on duty a shift, reasonable tipping brings about an oral or manual session. Located on the second floor of a business building and there is a parking lot out back. You enter through the green door behind the parking lot. Walk-ins welcome, accept both cash and credit cards.

The door fee isn’t necessarily taken at the door. In all recent visits I’ve been quickly ushered into a bedroom and had that entrance fee taken by the attendant sent to take care after a little introduction(s). That provides a little chance to bolt if something smells wrong. Okay, there’s room for error there if you pay your attendant the entrance fee before you clarify how good it’s going to get. And I wouldn’t say that having your $50 or $60 taken at the door is uncommon. At this or the other point, you’re no longer trying to salvage the entrance fee; as you say, they’ve got it. But, if nothing else, definitely clarify that if you’re going to add a full service tip, you’re going to get full service. You’re on Strategy A, Plan B now. If you’re not going to go all the way, give a lesser tip that corresponds to that. Yes, you’ve spent some money, but the idea now is to chisel, say, a third off the cost and then either try your luck at another spa or piss off straight back to the old drawing board. I’ve really never experienced such problems in Center City, though. The places here don’t have the same paranoia of the law like spas in New Jersey (where I’ve had to sign a document at the reception desk stating that I didn’t come to hire sex and then had to settle for being jacked off at the end of a massage) nor the cold up-yours attitudes that I’ve seen in New York (where I’ve had the shorts hustled off me and got the worst lay of my life at a horrible cost. And if those Manhattan spas have been wacked down for good by NY’s finest, good riddance to them). These here (Philly’s) subject places are much more ethical and understanding of clientelle. One more thing that may be overlooked because it’s so simple: one should probably always say that he has visited before when asked by a house-mother or girl. Sure, maybe it is your first visit to that particular place or maybe your last visit there was ten months ago but just say yes. Saying otherwise is just un-necessary, un-productive honesty. And Philly’s fillies aren’t entirely immune to paranoia besides.

After a morning meeting in Philly, I decided I needed some R&R and I tried this place for the first time. I was greeted by an old mamasan and escorted into one of the empty rooms. I asked how many ladies were working and a if I could take my pick, but she said only one girl was available and she said that I will like her. I said okay and after a few minutes a Korean girl that I was going to bang entered the room. She was a little heavy for my taste (I like them just right – Miss Korea types), but she make that up in her performance. It looks like it is accepted in the Korean Philly sex arena (I’m Korean and speak the language well) that full-service is $150. I paid her the money without any questions and we went straight to the table shower. She soaped me up and she soaped herself and she started give me a body massage with her tits. I thought I was in “Soap Land” in Japan. It was a very nice touch.
When we got to the room she wasted no time and got right down to it. She started to give me a bbbj with excellent technique. She really knows how to give a nice bj and I love getting a skillful bbbj. Then she did something that I only had done in Korea. She started to lick my ass-hole. If this is done right, it is one of the greatest pleasures known to man and she knew what she was doing and was driving me nuts! I thought I was going to shit on her face. Just amazin… Then she put a condom on Mr Happy and I banged her in different position and finally came doing doggy style. All in all a very good session in deed. I got to go back next time when I’m in Philly and try a different girl.

Shanghai Gardens
42B South 3rd St
Btwn Market & Chestnut Sts.
$40 1/2 hr, $50 3/4 hr and $60/an hr, plus tips. About 4 girls a shift, young and very cute. Four rooms each has a massage table, tips in $60 and up range bring manual or oral. Open l0a-10p, 7 days. Major credit cards accepted

Shogun Spa
16th and Sansom in Philadelphia. I visited the place in May. It is a fairly typical Asian massage parlor in the sense of how it is run. I was let into the front door, on the second floor, by an older Asian lady who showed me to one of the rooms. She asked me to get comfortable and offered me a drink. She returned with the drink and told me that one of the girls would be with me soon. P.B. (that was how she pronounced her name though I didn’t get the spelling) came into the room and we negotiated services and cost after I had fondled her breasts. I had asked for anal and we settled on $150 which included the door charge. We then went to another room and then to the table shower. After the shower and a brief strip show P.B. started to give me oral and then crawled on top. When I asked about the anal again the answer was no but I must say I did not leave disappointed. All and all I spent about 45 minutes there and I would go back next time I am in Philadelphia. Would have like to have greeked that fine ass.

Shogun Spa
118 South 16′” St on Sansom Philadelphia, PA 2151557-9176. Rates: $50/an hr. Was known as Lily’s Oriental Spa. A clean, relaxing place where you get a full body massage and body shampoo and a table shower for the $50 and manual for a tip. No reports of any more sexual fun here but the massage is good if that is what you are looking for and the manual is OK. Girls range from average to very cute, in 20’6 to 30’6, only about two girls a shift. Basically, old Lily’s but under just a new name.

Studio 88
42-B South 31st St.
Between Market and Chestnut
Philadelphia, PA
$60/an hr. Manual or oral is available for tips of $50 or more. 7 days, starting at l0a with various closing rimes but they always close late. Your basic fee gets a good quality body shampoo, table showers in a private room with the girl of your choice and then what else is available depends on the tipping.

Tokyo Gardens
Oriental/Full Body 216 North 131″ St. between Race St. and Vine Phil, PA 2151405-0070. Rates: $40/40 minutes, $50/an hr. A block from Convention Center. Gives various forms of professional massages and a soothing body shampoo and table shower. A clean business, about 34 girls a shift. Open 7 days, 10a-4a and this place also caters to couples.

Toy Massage Spa
1400 block of Callowhill.

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