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Maastricht has no Red Light District but there are a few bars and clubs where you can meet working girls. Most of them are located near the old city and close to the harbour. I happened to pass a place called Club Brazil just by the river in the very centre of the town. It was Thursday night around 10 pm and business was slow. I was the only guy in the club. The selection of girls was so and so. Six girls where working that night, three of them where outright ugly. Two of them were good looking but in there early 40:s. And only one was a real smasher. Her name was Rachel a slender black Caribbean girl in her early 20:s with long curly hair and a shy smile and very warm eyes. We went up to here room for one hour. One hour costs 250 NLG. With an additional 100 NLG if you want to use the Jacuzzi. Her room was okay but a little drab. She was very pleasant and spoke excellent English. We talked for a while before she took her clothes of and revealed a very slender and proportionate body. She asked me if I wanted a blow job and I nodded. She unzipped me and gave me a very nice sucking (with condom) until I came with a scream. Afterwards she undressed me and we cuddled up and talked some more before I came in the mood again. Then we had a real long •••• that started in the missionary position and ended up with me doing her from behind real passionate. It was one of the best fucks I have had for several years. Afterwards we had a shower together before my time run out. Next time I travel to Maastricht I will try to bring a girl by to my hotel though. I really enjoyed the sex itself but the drabby surroundings takes some of the enjoyment away.

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