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The United Arab Emirates is the last place on earth to go to for having sex. Prostitution is illegal and though it’s not hard to find prostitutes in Dubai, getting one in Fujairah is like looking for a pair of ovaries inside a man’s body. But here are some of the places that u can try your luck at: 1) The Ritz Plaza Hotel : There is a disco on the top floor where there are a lot of Indian, Arab and filipino girls hanging around. They will never approach you but will reciprocate if u make gestures towards them. Usually frequent eye contact is more than enough to transmit the signal. The girls are mostly clean and safe and will ask you for about Dhs 700 initially but this price can be negotiated down to around Dhs 500 for a stunner to about Dhs 200 for an ugly fat-ass. The hotel allows guests into rooms and the rates are very nominal for 4 star service. They charge about Dhs 200 for a nice double room with breakfast. 2)16 Building Area : The basketball court in the 16 building residential complex is also a good place to pick up a girl. Most of the girls hanging around are Egyptian teenagers who are looking for extra pocket money. They can be taken for only short-periods of 2-3 hours and they will be satisfied with anything around Dhs 200. 3)Dana Cinema/Plaza : There are a lot of hookers making rounds of the Dana Cinema on weekends. On Thursdays u can find absolute stunners there. The mostly hand around the A & W Restaurant, the Rock ‘n’ Roll cafe and the box-office. They are the best girls u can get in Fujairah and u have to pay a premium to avail their services. They usually charge around Dhs 1000-1200 and do not negotiate. On Thursdays, this rate inflates to about Dhs 2000+. The other places worth trying out are The Al-Diar Siji Hotel, The Hilton Fujairah , The Beach Motel , Summerland Resort and Oasis Residence.

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