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Mar Del Plata

Most of the strip joints that I visited were within walking distance of the main Casino next to the beach. One I visited, Moonlight, had a couple of girls that I give an 8 for body, 4 face. Had a great time with one of them for 60 pesos for 1 hour downstairs in a box room. The rest of the women I saw in that and other joints rated 2-3 so I guess I was lucky to find this place and these girls.

I myself am relatively fluent in Spanish and never have any problem communicating on important matters, (like sex), but English use and comprehension seemed pretty good overall- all the girls understood at least a little. The only people I encountered in BA were Caucasian, natives and tourists, so I can’t say if they have any racial attitudes. Lastly, the Orleans cafe is at “Cordoba and San Martin” My cab driver had no problem finding it.

I would only reiterate that I was VERY impressed with the overall beauty and great attitude of the Argentine women. If I didn’t already have tickets booked to the PI, I would seriously consider a month there. In addition to the women, there are also fantastic restaurants, museums, scenery, culture, mountains, jungle, waterfalls etc. With the recent peso collapse, you now have 1st world value at 3rd world prices. You could have a great adventure here. Hope this helps.

BA was great! First night went to Newports. Met 2 girls 6/7 range wanted 150 Pesos. However, both were very fun.Second night went to La Diosa met regular girls but my buddies went to Solid Gold and pulled 2 girls 6/8 range same price..150. All went well. Blacks had the hottest girls in town though. However, they wanted($100US) for play time.


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