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Manama, I used to live in Bahrain for about 3 and 1/2 years. Bahrain is a nice place actually, considering that it is in Middle East. Unlike Saudi Arabia, for instance, much freedom is granted to the residents. Women can drive, you don’t have to shut down your stores during prayer time, alcohol is legal (although you should not get drunk in public)…

One thing that might not be obvious is finding girls. It is very difficult if you are staying overnight, since even within hotels, there are special police people in surveillance. If you are staying overnight, the best odds might be to get a stewardess.

Otherwise, well hidden from the special police, there are Thais and Filipinos who do some extra work for cash. They cannot be contacted directly. They can be contacted through their “agent” only. I do not remember any tel number (it’s been 5 years I left Bahrain). But go to the bars in hotels, very often, to let others become aware of you. Then start getting into conversation with the waiters (who are usually Filipinos) and very slowly let them know what you are looking for. Patience is the keyword here.

If you are lucky and get hold of the telephone number, you will be granted an overnight stay with a Thai (most probably) at about BD100, or about US$300 (usually in one of their secret houses. I told you hotels are not safe!). At least BD20 for a short time (1 hour). They will satisfy most of your requests. Guys, hope you get as lucky as I was!

The best place to look for women is at Trader Vic’s. You’ll find Thai, African and Filipino women. Prices start at about 25BD. You can also try some of the clubs like “Rock Bottom”.

N.B. Bahrain today announced that it will not issue tourist visas to single Russian women any more, which knocks out the “freelance” market. But as the other guy said, any 3 star hotel has live-in mucky whores who will do the business for BD40-100 but ask first how long you get! There are some right pigs and some real beauties, but I cannot stress enough the need for serious rubber use, apparently std Hepatitis is on the rampage here at the moment, so whatever you do be careful!

There have been confirmed sightings of streetwalkers around the side of the Elite Hotel in Juffair. Not connected with the Elite Hotel, but with the smaller hotel on the right hand side as you look at the front. Going rate seems to be BD40 taking them back at your place although this is negotiable. Went to Wranglersand was offered a very tasty Chinese for BD40, and when I turned her down, the price dropped to BD30 instantly. Also, lots of Chinese hookers in the new Rock Bottom bar in the new Ramee Hotel in Juffair. Going rate again BD40.

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