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Street Scene
Try heading east on route 123 until you come to Main Street then turn left and cruise up and down Main Street and reverse the pattern.

Most of the action is along Main Street from the Car Wash all the way up thru North Main Street until about a mile or so before the Avon line. If you can’t find the girls along Main Street check the side streets that run off of it. Have found several girls around the old Bus station, off Main Street look around the phones here as well. Rates are less than what you average in Boston $20-$25 dollars for a BJ and $50-$60 dollars for full service.

Strip Club
Foxy Lady
265 N. Pearl Sreet
Brockton, Massachusetts
508 894-4040
Web Site
Cover $10.00
Full Nude Strip Club
Table Dance $20.00
Full Bar & Food
Mon – Thu: 11:30am -1am
Fri: 6pm – 2am
Sat: Noon -2am
Sun: 3pm -1am


Joy of Living
1674 Beacon Street
Brookline Ma

Hours 11:00Am-9:00pm (last appointment 8:00pm)
Cost $75.00 1 hour

One of the few places close to Boston to offer extras. Don’t be fooled By the white doctor style coats and the Medical History form, just want to stay in business and look above board. Write anything you want they don’t check the information. You can not go wrong with Kamalei, Lily, or Tag. Lily is the most playful of the three, Kamalei, gives great massage with nice ending and Tag really puts a lot of herself into her work. No full service but H.R. & B.J. may take til second trip. About 3 miles west of Downtown Boston.

Joy of Living is the best place in Brookline. Kamalei and Lily are the ones to ask for. Kamalei is only working Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday now. But she operates out of her home in Roxbury the rest of the week. Happy hunting.

Korea Barber Shop
1613 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446
This is a real full service Barber shop like you would find in Seoul. You can get a more than just your hair cut here. Worth a trip if you are a Asian Fan.

I went into the barber shop. funny thing is there’s 2 1613’s. one being a barber shop, the other is a acupunture/ massage place. i guess i should gone to the the latter one right? Man, those prices are steep. with $60 extra after a $80 massage i sure hope its for FS. are the girls there hot or are they old grannies?
maybe i can make them cut me a deal since i need a hair cut, massage and u-know-what. Back room the massage is offered for the rate of $80 for one hour. Once with the girl it will take another $50-60 dollars to get extras. Did you go in and ask or did you just look through the window? They are a barbershop here and Brookline is not the easiest city to deal with so they are careful here hope this information helps you.

In Cambridge, check out Man-Ray in Central Square. It’s a goth / dance club. That is a pretty easy place to meet a local chick and hook up–even if you’re only average looking. There is a hotel down the street which makes it convenient.
Street address is: 21 Brookline St.


The Other Side
535 Water St (SR 12)
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Cover Charge: $5.00
Min Age: 18
Private Dance Area, Table Dance: $10.00
Full Bar & Menu
Hours: Mon -Fri 11am-1am
Sat: Noon -1am
This club has always been a nice clean fun club. Not a high-class gentleman’s club where you’ll find world-class supermodels and rejects walking around with a napkin draped over their tuxedo arm. Instead it’s a fun relaxed place where they serve the same beer, as those other clubs just at a better price. They don’t have a dress code here, you can dress the way you want, and sit and have a drink and enjoy the dancers. If you just want to have an awesome time with some great people and real conversation, and maybe see some T &A at the same try this little club. The Other side is your prototypical blue-collar strip joint. I stopped in during lunch one afternoon and I was the only patron wearing a tie. I sat down next to the stage that has a runway at one end. The girls were 5-7s and weren’t shy about sticking their naughty bits in your face. There was plenty of lewd banter between the dancers and the girls, too. It was fun.

Best to look on Broadway and Essex down to the bus station during the day. The State Police are on the scene, and have been for the past few years. There are numerous undercover cops and a lot of stake outs.

In addition, there is a semi-active neighborhood watch that goes on. If someone sees you pick up a SW they’ll report your license plate to the cops. Granted, they cannot prosecute, but what they do is send a letter to you house saying that they noticed your cars in a prostitution / drug high area and that it’s not safe for you to be there. Might make an uncomfortable explanation if you live with someone who regularly opens your mail. I would suggest checking out Lowell if you really need to have a relatively ugly SW. Otherwise, I’d just stick to escorts, assuming you have the funding necessary.

On Branch Street Head towards School Street and turn left, go over the bridge and then turn right at the convenience store on Broadway. Once on Broadway go down to Suffolk and turn left look around Market Merrimack Street. All throughout this area you can find girls walking just make eye contact with them and you are in. You will also find several run down seedy bars in the area, I never had much luck in them. The same girl you see in the bar along will not even look at you then she see you on the street and jumps in front of your car. It is a strange thing but true and has happen.

Lowell is getting in on what Lawrence started doing awhile back – absolutely inundating the area with LE and trying to fight the tide of the ‘problem’. I was close friends with a Lowell LE for many years.

100 Great Neck Road North
Mashpee, Ma.
Couch Dance: $20
Hours: 12pm-1am

Look for the sign that says Zachary’s Pub. Cover is high at night, but only nude club on cape cod. One main stage and a couple of side stages. This club gives you your change back in $2 bills, i.e. so you tip the dancers more. No contact during the private dances. Some nice looking girls working. Other than this club your only choice drive about an hour away.

Avatar Spa
151 Mystic Avenue
Medford, MA 02155
10:00am to 8:00pm
New to the area but worth a trip very close to downtown Boston (10 Minutes)

The Magic Lantern
I stopped in here last July when I was in the area, and it was the most energized club I’ve ever been to. I don’t know if it was just a great night, but if not, then definitely check this place out. It’s not a particularly huge club, but the women are VERY nice and very attentive. Things were busy early on and as the night wore on, the crowd thinned, of coure. So, they shorten the runway stage with a mirrored wall and the club feels busy again. It’s a great way to keep the energy up. The bar is nice and the dances were as close to physical as the law will allow. Thumbs–and other appendages–up. You’ll never get any of the women to do anything they shouldn’t, though. The private dance room is unfortunately a centrally located fish bowl room with a staffer stationed RIGHT at the door. He’s staring in constantly…as are may other people in the bar. The “fish bowl” is small and that’s too bad if there’s any more than two dancers in there at once. Overall, though, a great time. A definite return…if I ever end up in that part of the country again.

Foxy Lady Southcoast
161 Popes Island
New Bedford, Massachusetts
508 999-6684
800 817-6313
Nude Strip Club
Web Site
Cover $7.00
Table Dance $30.00
Full Bar no food
Hours 11:30am – 1am
First class feature dancers here, no food, fully nude club.

Mandala Massage Center

1193 Walnut Street
Newton, Ma
Hours 9:00am-10:00pm Monday thru Sunday
Rate 76.00 for 50 Minutes

licensed massage center in the Boston area. 8 miles west of Boston call ahead for appointment. cash, mastercard or visa. Girls 7-8’s 20 to 30. limited extras are offered.

Strip Club
King’s Inn
635 State Road Route 6
North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
508 999-9962
Topless Dance Club
Cover $4.00
Table Dance $20.00
Full Bar & Lunch Food Service
Hours Mon – Fri 11am – 2am
Sat 3pm – 2am
Small club, half a dozen girls topless only, great looking girls working are very friendly

Centerfolds 2000
139 Southbridge Road
North Oxford, Massachusetts
508 987-5222
508 987-2601
Cover $5.00
Table Dance $20.00
Full Bar & Food Menu
Hours 11:30am – 2am Daily

I have ventured into hundreds of strip clubs in my life and I have never been to one as dark as this one. Once I entered the place it took me fully 10 minutes for my eyes to adjust enough so that I could find a place to sit. The stage was very dimly lit, too. Overall I couldn’t tell you if the girls were attractive or not.
You could get a dance for $20 and a shoulder massage for $10. I declined a dance since I wouldn’t have been able to see her anyway. I did try the massage which was sublime. I thought the place was better than that. It was dark, but I guess I get around in the dark fine. I spent the evening with a great woman who was not a very great dancer, but had a fine body and was great conversation. I ended up paying for it in the VIP room–they get your bloody money! Sort of a waste. I could have gotten laid for less, but this is all I was in the mood for. Classy place with VERY friendly staff, and just fun.

Magic Lantern

399 Boston Road
Palmer, Massachusetts
413 283-9275
Nude Strip Club
Cover $3.00
Table Dance $20.00
Full Bar Food Snacks Club Hours:
Mon – Sat Noon – 1am

I visited the Magic Lantern one afternoon in September. The place was small and very beat-up. The girls looked very young and had tight bodies. I stayed for about three sets and then left. I didn’t inquiry about personal dances but by observing the private dance area I could deduced that since it was so open, not a lot of “extras” would be available

Cabaret Lounge

96 Newbury Sreet
Peabody, Massachusetts
978 535-9777
Web Site:
Full bar and Food Menu
Hours 11:30am – 12:45am

A typical Mass. club. Serves booze but the girls can’t come anywhere near you. Most of the girls were attractive or they had fantastic bodies, e.g. Champagne. Stopped in on a Monday and had a few drinks. Relaxed and spacious, there’s plenty of room to just slip off and visit with one of the ladies, catch Monday Night Football, or drink up the gorgeous gals. I paid no cover. The woman dancing for me may as well have been in another room.

Golden Banana
151 Newberry Sreet
Peabody, Massachusetts
978 535-9777
Nude Strip Club
Cover $10.00
Full Bar & Full Menu
Mon – Sat 12:30pm – 12:45am
Sun 6:30pm – 12:45am

I liked this place better than the Cabaret. Brighter and better looking girls. Because of MA laws however, since booze was served there was no contact of any kind. Did not try a $20 air dance but the girls were plenty busy. Had cage dances, too which were entertaining.

Boston: I went to go see Mia today. She is on the website I believe she is also listed in the Boston Phoenix. I have to say that she is a beautiful Asian girl. Only a couple of odd occurrences though. First off, she is listed as outcall, but after talking to her on the phone she said that she does do incall. I’m a little cautious about an escort coming to my home. Any way, I call her up this morning and she sounded very pleasant on the phone. She gave me general directions to where she was at. She told me to call her once I got into Boston. I called her from my cellular and she told me to go to exit 12 in Quincy. She is located in a motel room. I was kind of taken aback by this, but went with it any way. She told me to park in the restaurant parking lot across the lot of the motel. I guess she was just being safe. I called her back to get the room number and she said that her friend was in the same room with someone and to call back in ten minutes. So I waited saw the guy come out. He didn’t look like a cop so I felt like I was safe from getting busted. I’ve heard a lot of motel incalls are really just cops trying to bust us guys just trying to have fun and get laid.

Mia called my phone and told me to come to the room. She greeted me total naked. I have to say, what a body! she is very petite, Asian. She has nice hair, smelled nice, and very friendly. Her friend was also in the room and Mia asked if I wanted both of them today. I declined, but she also asked me if I minded if her friend watched. I said “Hell no I don’t mind!” After we took care of business she undressed me and she immediately jumped on top of me and gave me a very enthusiastic BJ(w/condom) For the next twenty minutes we fucked like jack rabbits. She finished me of with a BJ/HJ. All the while her friend was getting herself off in the other bed. She was pretty cute too. Even after Mia was not in a rush to kick me out. She even offered me something to drink. All in all, Mia is very pretty, professional and laid back. I’m definitely going back to see her, and I may even have her outcall to my home once I get to know her better. She is definitely the type that could be your girlfriend. No bullshit!

I’m a lover of Asian women and there some Asian escorts in the Phoenix that I have had bad experiences with. With the exception of Tia in S. Boston. But some other ones are really dudes who try to pass themselves of as women. These women should advertise themselves as pre-ops and not women. Mia’s rates are $150/incall, $180/local outcall, $225+/out of area outcall. Give her a call guys you wont be disappointed.

93 South to or North (depending on direction) to Qunicy. Take Furnace Brook Parkway exit and follow until you reach railroad bridge and go under bridge. This is Hancock St. After this it’s just back streets. suite number is L12 (lower level, #12). 617.472-2990
Girls wear surgical uniforms. $70 up front. Hand release or BJ (w/condom, of course). Clothed is $40, nude session is $80. You have to do the asking.
Black and Latinas.

Strip Club
Squire Lounge
604 Squire Road Route 60 & Route 1
781 289-7000
Hours 11am-2am
Cover $10 Saturday Night
Table Dance $20
Full Nude

Great looking girls. Clearly this is the gig to have for the ladies. The club is nice, with a good looking bar staff and a cutie wandering around selling shots, massages, pizza and whatever else: $3.50 well spent. Like many places, if things are slow, the girls seem to get off the stage and head straight to their groupies. I couldn’t get the attention of several woman all night, and although the club could certainly accommodate more people (it’s a pretty good sized place), I would hardly call it slow. There must have been sixty guys in there. Overall, though, a nice place with great looking women. I’ll return if I get to Boston again.
Street Scene
Revere has a limited amount of street action. The best area to try is the lower end of Shirly Ave down around the 7-11 Store, MBTA Subway stop and Ocean Ave at Shirly Ave. You will not find a lot of working girls here and not all hours but one or two should be around.

Lion’s Den Sports Bar
99 Bridge Sreet
Salisbury, Massachusetts
978 463-1782
Nude Strip Club
Cover $10.00
Entry Age 18
VIP Dance Area, Private Dance $20.00
NO Alcohol served here full food Menu
Mon – Tue 4pm – 12am
Wed – Thu 11am – 12am
Fri – Sat 11am – 1am

Ten’s Show Club
11 North End Blvd
Salisbury, Massachusetts
Nude Dance Club
Charge: $5.00
Min Age: 21
VIP Dance Area, Private Dance: $10.00
Full Bar & Food Menu
Mon – Thu 4pm – 1am
Fri – Sat Noon – 1am
Sun 2pm – 1am
This club has multi-stages and a VIP Lounge for private dances. Great light effects and full bar and food menu but not open during the day weekdays.

Stopped by Tens on Christmas Eve afternoon for the first time. It is located in the middle of the beach tourist area. Since it was afternoon there was no cover. The club consists of one main stage and 4 small surrounding “satellite” stages. When I arrived there was a gorgeous, young girl fully nude on each stage. It was spectacular. The girls were all beautiful and in their late teens to early twenties. I just floated around from stage to stage taking in the magnificent scenery.

I definitely recommend this sultry spot to anyone who loves tight girls. Definitely not a bad place to spend a few hours. They get a lot of girls from UNH.
Beer is cheap – you’re better off coming here than one of the town’s seedy bars. The stages are hopping on busy nights (the usual’s). Same routine as many other multi-stage places. Full nude on the main and topless on the satellites. Almost definitely no touching and almost definitely no chance of extra action. Like I said, most girls are just UNH students looking to make a few extra bucks, but you can never tell. You also get a lot of other UNH students up in Matthews (tyngsboro, I think). From what I’ve seen, they grow them nice up there.

Choi’s Health Spa
184 Broadway Rt 1 North Unit 12
Saugus, Ma
781 231-0606
seven days a week
credit cards, cash
$100 hr + tip
Web Site

New to the area, but route one was a hot spot for massage in years past. A nice place well done layout offers: massage, body scrub, sunna, steam room, exercise room, jacuzzis and lounge area. No extras offered on first trip, great massage. I believe things will open up here after they settle in, worth watching. Please post any more information you may have. Massage service in this State is real hard to find.

have been to Choi’s twice and have been rebuffed both times when asking for “extra service”. Both times I was given a lecture on MA laws concerning massage. The massage itself wasn’t that great either. I won’t return.

Lipstick Massage
Mcgrath Hwy and B-way area
617 422-1793
$150 massage
$200 fantasy fetish session
two girl domination seessions are $250 to $300
9:30a-11pm 7 days

500 New Ludlow Road
South Hadley, Massachusetts
413 538-6969
413 532-3621
Web Site
Nude Strip Club
Cover $5.00
VIP Room Table Dance $25.00
Full Bar & Snacks
Hours Mon – Wed 4pm – 2am
Thu – Sat Noon – 2am

Went to a lingerie place on Columbus and got a tall dippy white chick (early 30’s) named Jade to model body stockings, shoes and nude…massaged my cock with her foot (not allowed to touch me she said)…1 hour Self service with complementary wipe up TP for $185…Avoid unless you like jacking yourself off. Run by pushy Czech broad. Better to go to Asian MP in bridgeport…same money but with accommodating Asian nookie available.

Anthony’s II
1257 Boston Road
Springfield, Massachusetts
413 796-1111
Nude Strip Club
Cover $3.00
Table Dance $10.00
Full Bar & Full Menu
Mon – Sat 11:30am – 2am
Sun 6pm – 2am

I stopped by this dump a couple weeks ago. It was so deserted thought it was closed. I ventured on anyway and saw a woman behind the bar. I queried if they were open and she said yes. I ordered a drink and sat down. After taking my money for the drink she motioned over to the stage and explained that this is where the dancer would be shortly. So I moved over to the stage, which was small, dirty and dimly lit. Meanwhile the “bartender” started rmoving her clothes. I guess she was the show, too. Normally I wouldn’t have minded by the was a very unattractive woman with absolutely no chest. I quickly finished by drink, said a hasty good bye and left never to return!

Strip Clubs
Club 418
137 Fort Pleasant Ave
Springfield, Massachusetts
Nude Strip Club
Min Age 21
Full Bar

Fifth Alarm
775 Worthington St
Springfield, Massachusetts
Nude Strip Club
Cover Charge: $2.00
Min Age: 21
Full Bar
Mon – Sat 11:30am – 2am
Sun 12:30am – 2am

Mardi Gras
91 Taylor St
Springfield, Massachusetts
Nude Dance Club
Phone: 413-733-5057
Cover Charge: $3.00
Min Age: 21
Table Dance: $20.00
Full Bar & Food Menu
Hours: Noon – 2am Daily

Teddy B’s
453 Worthington Sreet
Springfield, Massachusetts
Nude Strip Club
Min Age: 21
Full Bar

Club Alexs
584 Washington (Rt. 138)
Stoughton, Massachusetts
Nude Strip Club
Cover Charge: $10.00 no cover at slower times of the day
Min Age: 21 but have a couple of times for 18 plus each week
Table Dance: $15.00
Full Bar & Food Menu
Hours: 11am – 2am
Sunday 1pm – 1am

Blue Moon Lounge
130 Frost St
Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
Nude Dance Club
Cover Charge: $5.00
Min Age: 21
Table Dance: $20.00
Mon-Fri: 3:30pm-2am
Sat: Noon-2am
Sun: 4pm-2am

361 Middlesex Rd
Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
Nude Dance Club
Web Site:
Cover Charge: $6.00
Min Age: 21
VIP Dance Area & Private Dances: $10.00
Full Bar & Food
Mon-Sat: 11:30-2am
Sun: 3pm-2am

I read an earlier review and I will have to disagree on the “best club in the area” rhetoric.
The girls were average Strip Club fare in looks and rather stand-offish, the food was lousy, and the stages didn’t allow adequate viewage. I would much rather venture to the Blue Moon up the street where the girls get much more intimate.

Mario’s Showplace 2
197 Thompson Rd
Webster, Massachusetts
Nude Strip Club
Cover : $5.00
Min Age: 21
VIP Area Table Dance : $20.00
Full Bar

Castaway Lounge
Corner Of Rtes 5 & 10
Whately, Massachusetts
Nude Strip Club
Cover Charge: $5.00
Min Age: 21
Table Dance: $20.00
Full Bar

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