Kings Cross

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Check out street action in kings cross, on the main strip close to the bourban & beefsteak and the strip clubs. AVOID THE STRIPCLUBS, RIPOFF GALORE. street action is very good, and you get exactly what you pay for. for $80 australian/$45 American you will get a blond haired, blue eyed, knockout girls that you could never get with your best pick up lines on yur own non-whore adventures. The room they use will cost you $20 australian/$12 American Xtra, if you haven’t got a room close by, or don’t want to take them to your hotel. They are great! Do everything except anal, condom only, clean chicks. Look long enough and you can find one that will do whatever you desire

Also in the Cross area around the corner from the Greek deli in a “L” shaped street is a couple of brothels and a couple of Asian massage parlors/gentlemens clubs. the two brothels are not labled but look for the red light by the door.

once inside, the madame will as what you like and she will bring out her available girls. a mix of Aussie and Asian.

of the massage parlors, my fav is the second one(has pink glass if i remember) mostly Thai girlsa with a few Filipina thrown in. one great thing is you can drink for free as in Oz you cant have a liqour license if you have a prostitution license!! great company with free booze, what else can a guy ask for!! great rates too… about A$100 for 1.5 hours… if they are slow, or the girl really likes you, they dont watch the clock. i have been there enough the papasan doesnt bother me and my regular girl.

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