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I had a chance to visit Bermuda a couple of years ago on business. It is a very beautiful, serene place but also very parochial and conservative. There are dress codes for the movies, you can’t take your shirt off when riding your scooter around town during the summer and all the stores close at 6 PM during the week. Sundays are worse when nearly everything is closed (including gas stations).

Most single folks head to Robin Hood, an English style pub, on Richmond Road or to Coconut Rock, a downstairs disco on Reid Street to party. It’s hard to get any pickups because Bermuda had a 5 to 1 male to female population. Also, Bermuda women seldom fool around because everyone would know. It’s such a small place that word travels fast.

Believe or not, there is street action here. Almost all hookers are black or multi-racial girls. Your best bet is to head to the taxi stand on Front Street and grab a black cabbie. White cabbies are not hip to this and will either tell you there is no action or tell you they can’t help you cruise for a girl. So, grab a black cabbie and tell him you want to cruise for an escort. He will probably take you to an area near Court Street. It’s a rather seedy area, but you can boogie out of there with a girl back to your room. Girls here tend to be 20-35 years old , multiracial and about 5-7 in looks while being casually dressed (jeans and tennis shoes).

There’s also an occasional hooker right around dusk on Church Street across from City Hall. The latter girls tend to be better looking and get picked up really fast. These are about 7-8 in looks and dress much nicer (evening dress, etc).

The girls I brought back went for $40-80 plus taxi fare back to their location. One even went with me to a remote area of the island I was staying on at the time. Most girls went for $40-60 and only one asked for $80. I got full service from all of them.

Be careful of an island wide scam, usually on repeat dates. I gave my number to one girl who insisted that I pick her up by taxi for our next date. I did so and she asked for money for the baby-sitter (yeah, right). She jumped out of the cab with the money. I think I remember this girl’s name to be Cynthia, she was a multiracial girl with green eyes.

The other scam was I called a girl for a repeat date. A cute 20 year old multi-racial girl. She arrived by taxi and asked for the taxi fare. She jumped back in the taxi and took off.

So, I got laid 4 times and ripped off twice. That’s life !

Another cool bar to cruise for girls is an inland black bar called Place’s Place. A black gentlemen asked what I was doing there since I was the only white dude. I told him I was looking for a girl and he almost came back with one for me. She was on her way home and too tired to party. Just have a beer at this place and ask around.

I’d like to recommend a really cool cabbie: cab #26 from Radio Cabs (phone: 295-4141). Ask for this cab # when you call in. He cruised a lot one night with me and also offered to hook me up with girls in Paget (another parish on the island) who were in his words, “not city girls that rip you off, they are nice country girls that will treat you better”. I wanted to take him up on his offer, but my business on the island ended before I could do so. Have fun in Bermuda, but be careful of scams!

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