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After seeing some bad press for Broadways, I felt a balanced viewpoint might be in order. Having never visited a massage parlour before, I walked in, as you might imagine, feeling quite nervous. I was immediately set at ease by the smiling girl behind the desk. She informed me that there were only two girls, herself and another, who opened the door to the next room and introduced herself when she knocked on the wall.

I chose the girl at the desk (cute face, small breasts and beautiful ass), paid $30 for a half hour. Once in, she asked if I had ever been there before, I told her no. She told me about the other services available (the big three) for 60, 80 and 100 bucks. I went for the full service.

She started with a massage, which was passable, not as hard as I like. We talked a bit and I told her I had read a review on the net (about 2 years ago) which was favourable, and she informed me that more recently someone had called it a dive, which was not the impression I got – It was humid, probably due to the jacuzzis, and I could see mildew being a problem but the room I was in was quite clean. Anyways, if you want the Hilton, get a room there and an outcall service. I wasn’t there for the decor.

All in all, she was very nice and while the sex wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, her attitude and friendliness was. A great half hour for a reasonable price, and no street paranoia.

Broadways is literally a hole in the wall. There is a door with the street number in a bad neighborhood and you go up an old wooden stairway. When I got to the top of the stairs and saw the doorways, towel lying on floor, girl popping head out of door, desk in a barren room which looked as though it had been salvaged from an alley, a thrill of excitement went through me. I knew I was going to get the action here that I couldn’t get from Laura at Time Out.

The girl at the desk was named Chrissy and she was fine. Blond hair, perfect face with a little gold fleck on the left side of her nose, full body like a 1960’s pin up model but not too full, I’d be hard pressed to give her anything but a 9 and this was AFTER I had just gotten my fluids drained by lovely Laura. Chrissy was wearing a white shirt, a grey plaid mini-skirt (I think) and sat in such a way that I could peek at her white cotton panties. Early 20’s. She looked pretty and slutty, a fantasy girl and, to make it even better, she had the same name and looked a lot like that girl I could never have in high school. I wanted to do her right there on the desk! I figured she was too good to be true, perhaps the girl at the desk wouldn’t be available, especially not a girl looking this damned good. But she was.

Chrissy told me it was early, (about 6 PM) so there were only two girls working, herself and one other girl. She knocked on the wall and the other girl stuck out her head. Mid-twenties, dark hair, hispanic features, about 5’10” thin and well toned body, wearing little more than a pink towel. I forget her name but I know it wasn’t “Vanessa.” She would have been just fine, I’d give her a 7, but Chrissy just had a prettier face. I paid about $64 Canadian to get into the room with Chrissy. She wrote down what I was using for a first name and I noticed she wrote a “7” next to my name. I am always on the alert for a rip off when dealing with a new establishment or a new girl, and I was a little paranoid.

Chrissy came into the room with a delightful long-legged, wanton walk past the tub where I was soaking. The room had the tub at one end and a bed with cheap faux brass headboard and tawdry red sheets WAY on the other side of the room next to a small table and lamp afloat on a yellow iceberg of light in a black sea of old wooden floor. There is old newspaper taped over the window. One look at that room and you know that if you pay to play and don’t do anything stupid, you will be on that bed with the girl of your choice, her legs spread wide, full of your cock. So Chrissy sits on the bed, WAY on the other end of the room, and opens up negotiations before even getting in the tub, fully dressed. I told her I usually used Laura at Time Out but had read a review of this place on The World Sex Guide. Chrissy asked if the review was good or bad. I said the review was generally good, that you could get “full service” at Broadways and not get ripped off. I said that I had gotten in the habit of dumping my money at Time Out during my infrequent trips to Winnipeg but if I could get “full service” at a decent price, I would take my money here. I also mentioned the reviews had criticized the decor but, well, “I ain’t here for the damned decor.”

So, well, I told her that I’d read “Vanessa” will give head for $60. So I thought, well, for “full service” I would probably have to double that to $120. I said that I wanted head as well as intercourse in a couple of positions. Chrissy was ready to take it, we had settled on $120, but I went up to $150 and told her that she should make me happy and we won’t have to talk about a tip. I wish I’d had a copy of the info from this website but I didn’t want to take it across the U.S./Canada border, so I’m sure I paid too much, and I am determined to pay less next time. Chrissy was nice about fetching my pants without once attempting to handle my wallet. She said that if she tried to rip off any guys she wouldn’t be allowed to work there, “that’s just how the owner is, if you complain I’ll get fired.” I said I would never want something like that to happen.

Chrissy stripped all her clothes off right then and there and got in the tub with me. The feeling I got when I saw that pussy appear from those sweet white panties after looking longingly at the back of Laura’s bathing suit earlier was hard to describe. Chrissy had a perfect and fully shaved pussy. She arched her back, balanced on her hands, let me behold that pussy up close. I was in paradise. Chrissy’s conversation was wooden and impersonal, but it seemed more from awkwardness than coldness. Chrissy has a distinctive silver ring of a naked woman bound up, hands and feet which she claims that she found.

In the tub, she let me play with breasts, pussy, stick finger and a half in pussy. She wiggled when I was wanting to put in more than one finger, tightened up her little asshole when I touched it, wanting to put in a finger. Well, I got out of the tub and into the bed pretty quick. Didn’t even bother about a massage. Chrissy had me lay down and I told her that I would like to play with her pussy, get as hard as I can, and she can put on the condom. I played with her pussy but it was still just one finger but she was nice and tight. She put on the condom and mounted me like the pro that she is. We talked some while I did her doggy style and missionary as well. I had to pull out while I was doing her doggy style to keep from coming when I started pounding her pud and she said that was OK, that she liked it rough. Between positions at one point she smeared some KY into her pussy. I was, however, my unfailingly polite self and didn’t fuck her as rough as I would have liked. These girls have to be careful and I didn’t want to give any “freak” signals which would make Chrissy feel uneasy. This paid off when Chrissy put her hands behind her own back while I fucked her, vulnerable and helpless, doing an excellent job of acting like my cock was SO big that it hurt a little. I lightly raked my teeth over her neck while she was like that, and she liked it. I rank Chrissy as the sweetest, prettiest little nympho I’ve ever had. She isn’t a good conversationalist but, please, treat her very nice.

Chrissy told me some things like she wasn’t at Broadways very often, she was hoping to travel to India and had already been to South Africa. It’s a shame that I will NEVER eat pussy from a working girl nor enter her without a condom. I looked at that pussy longingly and thought how much I’d like to eat it, but wouldn’t. I wanted to finish up by having Chrissy blow me. She seemed to actually PREFER intercourse and appeared a little miffed at needing to blow me when I wouldn’t put my mouth on her, but she was a good girl, switched condoms, started sucking, though with more hand than mouth. She wouldn’t get in a modified 69 so I could have her pussy right over my face and play with it and, in fact, when I reached over to play with her pussy while she blew me she said she didn’t like that. Well, whatever. Her swollen pussy lips were still nice to look at while the little slut blew me though I really would have PREFERED to have one finger in her pussy, one in her ass, and a hand on her tits.

Chrissy must be a little new to this because she didn’t know when I came and kept sucking until I informed her. I regret that I was drained from the titty job with Laura because I would have loved to just do Chrissy all over again, and Chrissy was indeed standing by, patiently, like a good girl. I hope she was waiting to see if I wanted to do her again. Well, the answer is that on some night in the future I want to do her again and again, and I will treat her very nice, but Chrissy needs to loosen up the pussy and asshole for fingers when I’m throwing that kind of money her way, even if it’s Canadian money. All the same, Chrissy is an extra-fine package, apparently a little new to the biz, she made a sincere effort in the sack and did not rip me off. The other girl at Broadways looked good, too, and so it’s goodbye for now to Laura at Time Out and hell-oooooo Chrissy and the other girls at Broadways.

Oh, by the way, on the way out I saw a young guy with a University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux jacket going up the stairs with that hopeful hayseed look on his agrarian albino face, slip of paper in his hand with (I assume) a scribbled address. This confirms to me what everybody in this part of the country knows, that if you want massage parlor services in the whole barren, awful state of North Dakota or the equally bleak Northwest quadrant of Minnesota, you have to drive to Wonderful Winnipeg, and more and more people are using this, the finest site on the whole internet, to seek out these services, dropping plenty of tourist money in the cities which allow them to exist.

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