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Club Sarah
Herzogstraße 13
45881 Gelsenkirchen
Tel 0175 7333473
02 09 4 59 67
02 09 497127
Daily from 10am till 4am
Will do outcall also
24 hours a day
“Ring the red bell”
Thai massage, Erotic foot games, Role Play,
Love swing, FT, Lesbo show, they do it all.
Web Site

Devensstrasse 88
45899 Gelsenkirchen
Tel 0209 56022
Entry fees
Single Men 80 Euro
Single Women free
Pairs Tuesdays 10 Euro
Pairs Friday and Saturday 20 Euro
4pm – 12am
8pm – 2am
8pm – 3am
Closed Holidays
400m2 Home, Pool, Sauna
Web Site
Your Hosts
Sabine and Klaus
80-100 Guests per evening
Condoms are provided
Age groups 20-50 years old

FKK Sauna Club Grimberg
Grimbergstrasse 12 45889
Gelsenkirchen – Bismarck
Tel 0209 879089
Info 0209 879089
35 Euro Entry
Thursday Dessous Party
Saturday Straps Party
Happy Hour 10am – 12pm and 9pm -12am
25 Euro Entry
Drinks free
after 5pm food is served
German and Dutch Customers only
A42 Exit Ge-Bismarck Direction Ruhr-Zoo after 400m on the left side
Web Site

I wonder why this club is not yet posted. I visit the place as regularly as I can. I live in Belgium, so it takes me a two hours drive. To the contrary of the Herne club, that is close by, Gelsenkirchen is still the real FKK club with all the girls in the nude, french kissing and “natur Franzözisch” on the couch. I was there this morning and had for the second time a session with two girls: Conny and Yasmin. They are both blond German chicks. Conny is skinny with nice small tits. She must be in her mid thirties. Yasmin is younger, petite with soft and sexually sagging cup 3/4 cup breasts. I was first petting with Conny on the coach. When we went up to the room, I asked her to get Yasmin to join us. The girls let me lie on the bed between them. Alternately, one french kissed me and let me play with her tits, while the other was sucking and licking my balls. Then one girl sucked my dick, while the other sucked my balls. I asked them to each suck one of my balls at the same time. This seemed to be a quiet difficult procedure, but we all had a good lough. Yasmin took a ball in her mouth and sucked hard, while Conny tongue-kissed me deeply and finally jerked me off. There were 6 girls this morning. Three Russians, one Turkish (I once had a so so experience with her) and the two Germans Conny and Yasmin.

So I think I can tell you why there are not too many posts on this FKK, which by the way, used to be my favorite a few years back. Years ago this place was very popular with locals. They had a good pricing policy and a lot of very good girls. Then the physical condition of the building started to deteriorate. There bacame a mold and mildew situation in the showers and downstairs area, the locker room fell into disrepair, and they stopped even cleaning the shoes (this is disgusting). The upstairs couches became dirty without ever being cleaned and the rooms were very dingy with spunk tissues all over the place and maybe even spunk on the bed (this is quite disgusting too, don’t you agree?).

Then, about a year ago they had a problem with the police and taxation authority over papers. One girl was unhappy and started the mess. The place continued to fall to pieces. A lot of the great girls left and went to other close by places. Now fewer girls and less quality was working and it finally became so bad that a lot of locals started going elsewhere (I couldn’t believe it when this happened, because a lot of the locals get happy at one place and never go elsewhere).

They continue to have good pricing plans, “happy hours” (I think 90 DM action)and they are friendly to all who come. This could be a good place but they need to clean up their act. As newer and more spectacular places open, the ones that are dirty will not attract new customers…..and they fall to the position that this place has.

On the positive side the neighborhood is nice, the zoo is a good attraction for the kids and there are some very good restaurants nearby of all cultures including Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc., etc. Your car is safe in the park, or even on the curb…..the place has a real “villa whorehouse” look

I went last Monday morning to “Partytreff” Schmiederstraße 11. The place is not easy to find since this is a small blind street behind the station but the place is worth a well kept secret. Entry is 75 Euro for a 6 hour session. There was 3 girls present, all in their very early 30’s and if not stunner at least very nice to see. The house has strong connection with partytreff in Mettmann but the ambiance is more cozy. There was no more than 5 men present which was clearly not enough for the strong appetite of the ladies. The morning was spent chatting in the coffee room and having a get together party on the “Wiese” once each hour or so. Despite me reaching an age when retirement starts to be a possible option, I had the biological proof that the girl was not faking her orgasm.

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