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Golden Times
still the top place, lots a 7-10’s. Also Nikki’s bar. $80 short time $100-150 to take back to hotel. Nice GFE girls. Aquarius Massage and River club Massage (upstairs downstairs same bldg) OK but hit and miss quality, ABOUT $50-60 ymmv.

No street action at this time, but lots cheaper places where a quickie can be had for $20, but lower quality. . Le Palace has beautiful girls but big clip joint “buy me a drink” $200 Quickies. Hotels no problem, lots a discounts, most hotels have a half price “corporate” special if you ask, can get first class hotel for $50 a night with a little haggling. Any hotel in center of city is fine, nobody walks here, you will almost always take a taxi even to go 3 blocks.

Very clean safe city, lots a fun, $2 cab ride anywhere, US dollar is the official currency, ATM’s on every corner, Internet cafe’s, clean water and clean cheap food. Spanish helpful but not necessary, Interesting side trips to Canal and Jungle. Odd thing is, the taxi drivers here are really STUPID, always get lost, don’t know where these places are. First country I have mongered in where the taxis didn’t know much.

We took taxis around town for $2, hired driver for trips outside city. Strongly recommend our driver, speaks English, big bodyguard type, has nice A/C car, knows Everybody. , R. Vanhorn, Paid him about $50 per day to “limousine” us around the city, $100-150 for all day long distance trips. Well worth it. Good place for beginning to advanced mongers. Rated above Costa Rica, for value, cleanliness, not as touristy

I went into colon by taxi and all you have to do is ask any driver to take you to the brothels and they will gladly oblige, there are about ten located within walking distance of one and other. They are all the same in structure and roughly the same in quality. They are set up as bar/clubs where the alcohol is relatively inexpensive ($1 for beer, $2 for mixes drinks), and there are about 20 to thirty girls to choose from. the average cost for the company of one of these girls is $20 for the hot ones and $15 for the average ones, then you have to pay a $10 hotel fee for an hour.

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