Berlin Area

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Area Directory

Agentur Winter Strasse des Friedens 7 Gera 07548 Tel 0365 8002890
Europa FKK Sauna Club Essener Straße 27a Leipzig/Mockau 04129 Tel 0341 2251751
La Folie FKK Club Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 63 Berlin/Charlottenburg 10627 Tel 030 3275969
Thaiclub NIU Schererstrasszlige 10 Berlin 13347 Tel 030 4679950
Weiszliges Haus (White House) Haumluerstrasse 13 Stasszligefurt 39418 Tel 039 25281705

There is no shortage of hostess clubs near Stuttgarter Platz across from the S-bahnhaltestelle. The scenario is pretty much the same: the girls try to get you to buy them as many drinks as possible. All of them are available for other services, usually in a back room. Its not a very safe scene (had read a newspaper article about a journalist who was stabbed in this area a few years back coming out of a club) but at least safer than you would find on the street picking up a street hooker.

The sex kinos are cheap but the quality of the women and the cleanliness of the surroundings leaves much to be desired. Berliners don’t call them Schmuddelclubs for nothing.

The only true FKK experience in Berlin is at La Folie. Its close to what you can find in NRW or Hessen and as a plus, most of the women are German. In other places, you have to speak Polish or Russian to get good interaction with the women.

I’ve heard of Bel Ami and Club Rasputin. Heard they are expensive though.

Also have heard good things about Cafe Pssst in Wilmersdorf. The contact area is a milk bar (milkshakes, etc…). You take the women to the back for action. The authorities tried to close this club but the owner fought back and as far as I can tell its still open for business.

Then there is the swinger club scene. Heard good things about Zwielicht but never been myself.

Yes, its easy to stop a cab at night on the street in Berlin

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