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I was in Vientien and wasn’t all that impressed. Dunno, maybe it was a slow month for girls (like they all went to Thailand or something. I thought the prices being “quoted” were way high ($40-$70 USD equiv, which really surprised me), and got tired of doing the haggling. Maybe I just kept setting my sights too high. Had some attractive sights, but basically saw the city in a day. It’s way more of a time-warp than Cambodia (from my perspective) in the areas of development. That open air cafe/bar mentioned in a previous post does get a fair bit of action going in the early evening, but there is a fair bit of competition for the pretty ones (of which there weren’t very many). I actually ended up with a Cambodian girl I met there for a few days, while my bud sampled a couple local girls (he had so-so impressions of them).

Summary: Prices being quoted were shockingly high. Then again, wasn’t dressed like a backpacker so maybe they figured we were UN reps or something. Some babes, loads of ugly chicks, difficult to distinguish between working & non-working girls in some places. Not for the faint of heart, or those looking for developed red-light areas.

The nice thing about Laos, unlike places like Thailand and the Philippines is that it is not well-traveled and there is not a huge sex industry. Does not mean that there is no sex for hire but that it is much less commercial. That’s the charm of it. The local girls there have darker skin and subtle features that are quite unique. Best way to get laid is to get a local to take you to a brothel (it would be hard for a foreigner to find them on their own). Once you are in, you will get good and respectful service. They are courteous and polite, will serve you drinks and you will not be rushed when you are with the girl. Some places even get you an opium pipe if you want to do that before or after the sex. It is like a time warp. A nice change from the commercial sex of the present times.

I went to a couple in Ventian, but I imagine that it is the same in other cities. Sorry, but I could not tell you how to get to them. Best thing is, as I said, to get a local to take you. I understand that there are quite a few and there are not well-kept secrets. It is not that expensive, we paid about $50 each for a whole night affair (including snacks and drinks), and with a generous tip. The girl asked me if I wanted to use a condom and I did. She gave great oral (I finished in her mouth). I did not try anal but I had the feeling that it would have been OK with her. She had great technique overall, without giving me the impression of being with an experienced and jaded “pro.” The girls in those places were quite young: 18-22 range, all very pretty and exotic-looking. Safety in Laos is OK and foreigners are treated courteously

I went to Vientiane, Laos in January 2001. I was staying at the Tai Pan Hotel for USD 49.00 (inclusive breakfast and airport shuttle bus round trip). I booked it through the internet. The rooms are nice, big and clean. Generally speaking Laos is comparable with Thailand 30 years ago: cheap, unspoiled, beautiful scenery and pretty girls.

Now about the “interesting” part: The Laos girls look like Thai girls! Pretty, young and horny. They are very eager to meet foreigners and they do everything for you.

Go around 7.00 pm to the Khop Chai Dev Food Garden, Nam Phu Square at Setthathirath Road. It is a restaurant in a nice garden and has live music, both local and later in the evening international music. Go to the bar and after 7.30 pm the girls are joining. The beer is cheap (2 liters for about 12000 Kip or less then 2 USD). The girls speak English. You can pick one and go to your hotel room or they prefer to go first to one of the international discos were you find plenty more pretty girls waiting for you. The “first night girl” asked for 200’000 Kip or USD 25.00 ( 8000 Kip = 1 USD) which I immediately agreed to pay since she was one of the prettiest girl I have ever seen. She was very exited that she got that amount of money. And I tell you she was worth it! We had sex several times. She was a horny bitch and she did everything a man can dream of. Her pussy was nicely shaved (not the long hairs Thai or Chinese girls sometimes have) and she was wet, wet, wet. When she took of her sexy black g-string, it was all wet already.

Another good place to meet your “girl-friend for the night” is the Samlao pub also located at Setthathirath road opposite “Vat Ont Teu” temple. Ask for Paul (an Englishman) at the bar. He is the owner and since 9 years in Laos. He can tell you more about the country and “interesting” things to do. The second girl I had asked for 150’000 Kip ( 19 USD) it she was worth it again. She was horny and she wanted it anal only. She was screaming all the time and I think all the other hotel guests could hear us. This was my first trip to Laos but surely not the last.

I was in Vientiane in June of 2000, and while I didn’t check out the scene thoroughly (I had brought some entertainment along with me from Bangkok because I wasn’t sure what to expect), there did seem to be some action available. Let it be said that Vientiane, while not the most exciting or modern place on earth, has a very serene, relaxing quality about it (when bombs aren’t going off) and some great food (and cheap!). If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of places like Bangkok, this is a nice place.

I stayed at the Hotel Novotel, which was the nicest place in town (around $70/night). It’s a newer, clean hotel with good service. They have a night club in the hotel and there were many women, most in the 6-9 range, that were available for the evening. Laotian women are fairly pretty and generally look like the Vietnamese. It is a very poor country though so they are sometimes not as well maintained (clothes, hair, make-up, etc.) as some of the other Asian countries, but still very presentable and very sexy if you like Asian women. I did not price it out (as I said above I already had my own entertainment), but I would assume Thailand-or-cheaper type prices ($20-$50 for the night). The Laotian currency is extremely depressed and everything in this country is CHEAP, so I would not expect the action to be any different.

Beware that Laos is still a communist country (technically) and has stiff penalties for engaging in prostitution or sex of any nature with an unmarried woman. The bartender at the Novotel told me that if one was caught on the street with a local woman, the fine was $1000 and 30 days in jail or something like that. I’m not sure how true this is (and I would expect that one could bribe one’s way out of it without too much difficulty given the extremely poor state of the economy there), but be cautious. It may be that the bartender’s ulterior motive was to get me to go to their nightclub, but who knows. It may pay to just stay at a place like the Novotel where you don’t have to leave the premises to get what you need.

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