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Mucho action available in Antigua for great prices. The main girl Houses are Bruce’s Men’s club & Casino, Stables, and two other clubs in town.(can’t remember the names) Bruce’s is best as the owner handpicks the girls from Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Guyana, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. For the best looking girls, get there by 9pm, as the best are taken away for the night early. $100 local currency ($30 US dollars) will get you a full hour of service with a room. She will massage you, wash your privates thoroughly, then full strip session, suck, f–k, any thing goes, including photos/kinky, whatever!!! Clean, Condom girls only. Great Sex! $300 local currency ($100 USD) will take her home with you for a night you will take to the grave. She will even cook you breakfast & feed you in bed, bath you before she goes, everything.

Bruce’s IS indeed the best and friendliest. Occasionally they play porn at the bar to get you in the mood. Bruce may have his favorites but the girls are NOT generally hand picked. The girls hear of bars like this up and down the islands by word of mouth and phone to organize a room (which they pay for like a guest house). Quality control is minimum and half the girls are far from good looking. Local guys love fat women and there are a good number of them there. There might be 2-4 that look good but that is more than the other bars. Most are from the Dominican Republic and but others come from Guyana, and Trinidad. None are Antiguan. There are none from Brazil, Chile, Columbia or Venezuela as previously reported as girls from these countries need visas to enter the country. Girls from DR are pretty friendly but the language is a barrier for any subtle needs. Average price IS $100EC which converts to $40US not $30 as thought. I often see tips to go to these places early but girls do not dress themselves up or leave their rooms until late. If you go at 9.00 pm or before you may find yourself waiting for them to come to the bar.

Stables has an uglier looking bunch of ladies and anything outstanding gets snapped up fast. 99% of customers are local guys who sometimes view strangers with a suspicious and less than friendly eye. Stables usually runs a strip show on Friday and Saturday nights and charge $8 for admittance. I have never paid to get in as I’ve seen few girls there I’d like to see undressed!

There are several small girl bars in St. Johns, mostly with half a dozen Hispanic girls. The main one is Wendy’s Bar which was mentioned.

There is no up market operation so if you want something special in nice surroundings you need to set it up ahead of time through an agent like in St. Maartin. They use local contacts to organize the best girls available to match client’s needs and set you up in private accommodation. They are not actually in Antigua but work all the islands on request. They will even fly in a girl for you if necessary. They specialize in very attentive escorts, often semi professionals, and provide them by the day or week. These are more like girlfriends than girls and prices start around US$ 475 per day INCLUDING accommodation. I have used this service twice for business clients and it was very discrete and professional.

To avoid culture shock you need to realize that the Caribbean is third world where girl houses are pretty seedy. Antigua is no exception. Dutch islands are the best presented and regulated. If your not used to them you might feel rather nervous BUT they are fairly safe places provided you actively avoid confrontation. Antigua is quite a conservative community. Some areas look rough but crime levels are MUCH lower than the US. Prostitution is NOT legal but authorities turn a blind eye. Customers are NOT arrested. Girls at the bigger bars have medical checks every 2 – 4 weeks. There are no pimps and no gangster element to prostitution here. Girls are all freelance and keep 100% of what they make which is why prices are good.

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