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Since I have enjoyed your sex guide from all the contributions, I thought it was my turn to give something back. I had the opportunity to live in Takoradi, Ghana for 2 years so I know the hooker scene pretty well. Takoradi is about a 3 hour drive west of Accra and is on the coast. The prostitute scene is pretty straight forward: on Friday nights, you will find all the prostitutes at the West Line Hotel (chartering a taxi should not cost more that $1 U.S. to get there or anywhere else in the city). Most hookers will do oral without a condom and it’s wise to use a condom for everything else. Most won’t do anal but you’d be surprised if you ask them first. Nothing worse that not asking and then finding out later that they don’t do oral. As for prices, it’s the same problem everywhere: ex-pats vs. local prices. Some hookers expect up to $100 U.S. which is insane. Most are too scared to mention price hoping you’ll give them something instead of nothing. Believe it or not, you should be able to get them for no more than $10 U.S. On Saturdays, they are at the African Beach Hotel but again, there are a lot of ex-pats that jack up the price. The ‘bottom of the barrel’ hookers hang out at the CobiPop bar which is downtown beside the taxi stand near the Zenith Hotel. For these women, again, some will go with you without talking price but you should not pay more than $10 U.S., even less sometimes. The CobiPop is open late every night. There is a lot of part-time hooking because of the poverty and if you have the time, it’s easier to link up with someone on the street rather than the full-time hookers who can be very aggressive. Just chat them up and see what happens.

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