New Zealand

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Napier On my last visit to Napier, I decided to visit Monterials massage parlor. This is a reasonable place and was the first massage parlor in Napier, at least as far back as 1986, when I did have an erotic session with a mother and daughter, one of the best I have ever had, but it was not at this massage parlor. The massage cost $50.00 and extras were to be negotiated with the lady. I chose to be massaged by a rather attractive but slim brunette with a good shape and a 1920s style hair cut. Her name was Donna, late twenties, about 5’4” and a size 7 to 8. The massage was sensual before extras were mentioned, very early in the massage fortunately, to which I agreed for eighty dollars ($80.00). She got me erect, which wasn’t very hard as this lady really turned me on, put a rubber on and mounted me and gave me a good going over. She was a good mover as she squatted above me while she moved on me.

This went on for several minutes before she got off and said, “It’s your turn to screw me”. I was more than delighted to oblige as she lay down. She expected me to mount her straight away, but I had other ideas. I kissed her lightly, and she responded somewhat, but not very enthusiastically. I started to kiss my way down her body, pausing at her breasts to give them the attention that they deserved, then moved on down to her belly button and down to her vagina, which was neatly trimmed. Likewise, I had expected her to stop me, but she only seemed to encourage me. She was moist but tasted delightful, fresh and sweet as I attacked her with my tongue. I could tell that she was enjoying it as she moved her pelvis in my face, which I massaged the small but delightful breasts with both of my hands. The more I licked, the more she moved and encouraged me until she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it hard into her, and she let go with one big orgasm. She was not faking this one; it was for real, and it felt as wonderful for me and I think for her as well. I love to give my ladies pleasure. I wiped my mouth and her vagina and went straight up and entered her in one thrust and clamped my mouth on hers. She wrapped her legs around my waist and clasped me tightly in her arms, pulling me as deeply into herself as she could. We were kissing passionately and were thrusting at each other like there was no tomorrow. She was so sexy and aroused as I thrusted vigorously into her. She matched my every move. We were more like lovers as I thrust vigorously into her while we had our mouths clamped on each other, exploring the other’s mouth. We were involved in this amorous activity for at least 10 minutes before I emptied myself, not into her directly, as I had a rubber on.

Even after coming, we moved gently together and Donna did not show any hurry to remove me from her. I stayed inside her for at least another10 minutes while we both moved slightly and continued to kiss. The whole sexual part had lasted more than 30 minutes.

That was the only thing that could have made the session any better by not having to wear one. It would have been good if we had another hour together so that we could have repeated the session, but that was not to be. I think that I paid her afterward and not before we made love. I would like to have a return session with her some time, but I was never to see her again. Likewise, I hope that I am able to meet her for another session some day. Body, 8, Face 8, Service 9.5, BJ 7, Attitude 9 Overall 9. One of the best as she is one hot lady.

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