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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Kiev (Kyiv)
Main Cities: Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa
Population: 52,309,000 Area []: 604,000
Currency: 1 hryvnya = 100 kopiyky
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Tatar
Religions: Ukrainian Orthodox, Greek Catholic (Uniate)


The place in Kiev is definitely the River Palace, a big disco-casino-restaurant on a boat on the Dnepr river shore. Everybody in Kiev knows it. Full of girls dancing in the disco, from pretty to gorgeous.
Many are professionals, some are just amateurs, if you are lucky you can find students and locals.
Entrance is 10$, no normal girl in Ukraine can afford to pay that for dancing. Remember, it’s not a brothel, so be gentle, clean and nice, they won’t come with you if they don’t like you.

Prices: Girls ask 200$, but you can take her to your hotel for 100$ or less (max 150$ for the super-gorgeous), please don’t pay more (prices rise due to stupid tourists that are fooled easily remember in Ukraine a worker’s average monthly income is 50$. The later you pick one, the easier it is to bargain. Disco closes at 5 a.m., but many girls leave after 3 a.m. Ask how long she’ll stay, some go after some hours (usually all sex you want included), some will be happy to sleep with you till morning and more.

At the hotel bars, there is limited activity until approx. 9:00 p.m. The girls arrive and leave very little doubt as to what they’re there for. Most did not have much difficulty with English, although some knowledge of the Russian language wouldn’t hurt, particularly when talking numbers. In Kiev, I noticed that the people spoke Russian rather Ukrainian. The starting “negotiable” price seemed to be about $200 US. I’m sure much of that would end up going to the Hotel. Arrangements were also available at the airport, which would eliminate the need for the hotel’s cut.

Outside of the hotel bar, there were several in the lobby, although the presence is a little less obvious. The attractive woman in the skin-tight black spandex suit was very non-descriptive as she asked if I was headed to my room alone and needed some company. As a tourist, finding girls will not be the problem, they’ll find you. The biggest cautions are for theft and disease. I’ve heard reports of girls attempting to drug clients in order to rob them. $60.00 an hour. BBBJ, Full service

Look for the boats along the river which have working girls in Kiev.

Why is no one talking about Russian dating sites used by everyday Russian men and women? How do you think the average Russian working Joe finds an escort or masseuse? He’s certainly not logging onto English language sites which cater to wealthy western men. At best his budget limits him to $20 or $30. Most of the time, in order to find an escort, he simply logs onto free Russian dating sites which are used daily by thousands of Russian men and women throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and all the other former nations of the USSR.

These sites contain extensive search capabilities which allow you to choose gender of partner, age, city, region, country, etc. How do you know if the girl will work for cash? Profiles of girls seeking “Material Support” are usually well highlighted and say “intimate relations for money”. Some of these profiles are posted by escort agencies, while a great deal more are from independent girls. The quantity of girls seeking “material support” is astounding. There are literally tens of thousands of “intimate relations for money” profiles and you will have little trouble finding profiles from even in the most remote cites of Russia, Ukraine, etc.

If you don’t mind deciphering Russian, your search can be even more rewarding if you look at the information inside the ladies’ profiles. Quite often a lady’s profile will say, “I want to find a sponsor” under the section “Material Support”. These are just ordinary Russian girls (teachers, nurses, professionals, etc.) simply trying to earn a little extra money.

Even more interesting is looking for profiles of girls who aren’t necessarily looking for clients. Many women state the goal of their acquaintance (serious relationship, sexual relation “for one or two times”, regular sex between two people, group sex, etc.) Under the section “sexual preference” many girls state their sexual orientation (straight, bi, lesbian), if they have had heterosexual and homosexual relations, sexual preferences and how many times a day, week, etc. they like to have sex. Russian girls are very liberal and many of them complete this section of their profile. Wouldn’t it be exciting to know right from the start that your new date is into guys and girls? Or that she desires sex multiple times a day.   Russian girls are very liberal and not afraid to state this information for everyone to see.

I have used these sites to plan one trip to Russia and a separate trip to Ukraine. The first trip I visited multiple cities including Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Volgograd, Krasnodar and Sochi. I picked my favorite girl (from Krasnodar) to join me for 10 wonderful days on the Black Sea coast in Sochi. Krasnodar was convenient because it’s only a half day train ride to Sochi. The next trip I spent a few days in Kiev, a few in Odessa, and the remaining two and half weeks in Crimea. I had one beautiful 19 year old from Moldova meet me in Odessa and join me for two weeks in an apartment in Alushta. Price (for the girl) $100 per day all inclusive. Not bad in comparison to the rates of agencies in Moscow and Kiev. What I liked even more, she wasn’t a professional. She was a university student that I simply corresponded and propositioned over the internet.

If you don’t speak a little Russian, you can find girls (especially the younger 18-25 year olds) who speak English. If you really like one of the profiles and the girl doesn’t speak English, try some English Russian translation software. It’s not perfect, but it does the job.

I’d even recommend these sites to men looking for a foreign bride. Forget about the expensive memberships and fees. 95% of Russian women use these sites, not the marriage sites for foreigners. To get started, try visiting

They’ll show you how to find these sites and the simple step by step procedures to log on and search for girls. Most sites are solely in Russian, but after a little guidance and practice, you shouldn’t have a problem navigating freely throughout these sites.

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