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Street Action
Plainfield,NJ Front St.
Angela- Puerto Rican Crack whore
$20-BJ $60 FS/inclu. Anal

Long Blond Curly Hair Dark Complexion
decent bod. & face nice & easy going no rush

She’s out by the PO usually Wed. -Sat. after 9:00 pm picked
her several times

The King Spa
on Hwy 231 between Ozark & Dothan is a great place to relax. FS is available for around 100.00. HJ & BJ is less. Cost 40 for 1/2 hour and 60 for full hour. Sugar is my favorite. Great body and good attitude. Highly recommend stopping to see Sugar. She will treat you right.

Went looking for a girl and found one walking along Govenors Dr by the car wash across the street from the Conoco. Her name Chastity not bad looking nor good looking just average, got her into the car and asked her a price and she said $20 for a blow, $30 for a fuck or $40 for half & half.

Since I was back new into the scene, i just took a blowjob and baby was she good, took my whole dick in mouth and worked on it for a good long time, I told her $10 extra if she swallowed my cum and she did and did not spill a drop.

She gave me her phone number and told me to call her when I needed someone and she would be more than happy to help. Also asked her if she would stay all evening with me in a motel and she said for $100 and feed her now that’s a bargain

I highly recommend Breanna’s (256)835-7722. $150-$200 for the full hour. Cum as many times as you can in that hour. Very good looking girls well worth the call. I recommend Regan or Storm. Regan is my favorite she wears short skirts all the time with no panties and like to be fucked up the ass.

The Relax Inn 1st Ave. N/I-20 … need to be very careful here, although there are a lot of girls at the motel. Prices are about $40 for full service, but johns have been known to be robbed. Also you can find several girls walking 1st Ave. N … particularly to the Chevron station on the other side of the interstate.

Third Ave. North between the old Ramada Inn (I think its the Adams Inn now) and Valley Ave. in Birmingham (the Relax Inn is also in Birmingham). Little safer, but you have to watch for what you get.

The Town Inn on third Ave N, just west of Interstate 65… Not a great motel by any means (weekly rate, for instance, is $105 and no phone, etc.), but they do have a bed and you can rent for 12 hours at about 75 percent of the low nightly price. Be careful of women walking here … it’s kind of the deadend street for Bham whores.

Pinetree Spa
$60 for the hour massage, $100-150 (negot) for full service. The Oriental shower and rubdown, with hot water and pumice rag, is as much a reason to go as the full service … they do a great job.

$60 for the hour massage, $100-150 (negot) for full service … however, due to the recently passed anti-prostitution amendment in Birmingham, the ladies are somewhat reluctant to do full service with new customers, unlike the Pine-tree Spa. Both Pine tree Spa and VIP Spa are on the Centerville Parkway… as are other spas. However, good service. The Oriental shower and rubdown, with hot water and pumice rag, is as much a reason to go as the full service … they do a great job.

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