Niagra Falls

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Street Scene
Street action on Ferry, Stanley and Main Street. Check outside of the Motel 8 and the corner of Main and Peer.

Massage Parlors
Main Street Massage
5904 Main Street
Niagara Falls, On
975 371-1109
C$70 70 Minutes
It was easy to find the location a nice clean safe place. It is definitely old, and not up-scale, but found a nice young Japanese/Chinese Masseuse. She gave a very good massage and then offered a body slide with a happy ending for C$120 dollars. It was very good and she earned the money would try again.

Tokyo Spa
4926 Victoria Avenue
nude massage and HJ for 60 extra
massage 45 for 45 min

Lundys Lane has several strip clubs and massage parlors
full nudity and good looking girls

A while ago I’d gone back there. Partly because of casino. After blowing all my savings again I withdrew 300 cn from credit card. it took me hours of driving to get there and I wasn’t about to leave there without getting laid. I went the usual routine. Mints, Private Eyes, Sundowners. the Sundowners had a lot of young pussies. It was exciting at first, bringing back memories and shit. but got boring so I decided to get a lap dance. This blonde girl from Kitchener she told me she was 20 but looked more like 25. things were different. No more touching pubic area anymore.

Anyways I asked her to go out to motel together. I’d done this before and most of the time girls just say no thinking u are a cop or something. but this time she said come back at 1 when she leaves. so I went back there around 12:30 and she was still there. we left separately she didn’t wanna get caught, she hopped on to my car in the parking lot. I took her to the closest motel. inside the club I couldn’t really see her face cuz it’s dark. now I find out that she’s more attractive than I thought. she was about 5’8 tight bod and her pubic hair was blonde too. She looked like Swedish Alicia keys with the body of Heidi klum. I really thought I got a great deal screwing such an attractive chick for 250 cn. so we get down to the biz.

She started to lick me all over and blow me in the 69 position. I ate her pussy too. she sucked me so hard I swear I was gonna explode in her mouth. but I don’t consider anything sex unless I ejaculate inside a vagina and looking at my cum dripping down from it. So I told her to lie down and she put a rubber on me. I spread her legs and pushed them all the way next to her face. it was funny seeing a sexy girl in that position having trouble breathing. her pussy wasn’t pink but pretty tight. maybe she was faking it but seemed to me she was enjoyin’ it. 10 minutes later I couldn’t hold it any longer. I came inside her completing my conquest.

when it was over she got a little upset since I took off the condom right before and she had to wipe her pussy many times. Again Canadian chicks r cheaper and more attractive. when in the Niagara falls (hopefully not your honeymoon) give them a try

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