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If visiting Fiji you will almost certainly pass through Nadi, whilst the night life is not as developed as Suva a good time can still be had.

Street walkers are to be found on the Queens Road (half way to the airport) near the corner of Ragg St , and around Ed’s Bar. Was propositioned by a gorgeous young Indian girl offering an hour for F$50 ,willing to come down to F$40.

Beware as many of them are obvious and not so obvious transsexuals.

In Nadi town try the Caribbean Jungle night club next to the Nadi hotel, for enthusiastic amateurs. Island Massage on the corner of Main St and Andrews Rd is worth a look during the daytime ,whilst it is a genuine massage parlour ,with no sex on the premises ,the girls seem keen to meet up with you afterwards.

Fiji is a relatively poor country ,average wage F$70 week and has suffered a downturn in tourism since the coup last year. You will find many friendly girls willing to go with you in order to earn a little extra cash. Above all be nice ,don’t try to bargain too far down and you will have a good time

Found Nadi to be also a heppening place as far as Street action and also bar action. You will find all you need in Martintaar/Namaka area about 10 min from Nadi airport. There are a quite a lot of hotels near the place as well – The Dominion Hotel – you can ask the cabbies at this hotel for places to go to meet girls. On the street in front of Dominion you will also find the girls.

The place to go though is Ed’s Bar opp Dominion hotel and Bounty restaurant. Bar gets busy around 1130PM or so and the women are plenty. Most of them come in to get some action – do be generous and give them good tips after you finish. Fiji is struggling as far as the economy is concerned. $100 will get you a girl for the night. $20-40 will get you a good hour or two. Be careful with your wallet though as some girls can be a little frisky. Though they get easily scared.

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