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Addis Ababa
When in Addis go to Club Memo along Bole Road. Any taxi driver would know of this fantastic place. 90% of the women here are beautiful and willing to spend the night if not the entire weekend with you. Practice Safe Sex.

Seeing as I just returned from AA, I thought I would shed some light on the action here. For street girls one can try from the football stadium in Addis up by the Post Office building, but use a car as after dark it can get risky. For hotels and disco’s you can try the Dome Club at the Concorde hotel or the Memo nightclub.

Most of the girls are from eighteen years on and have probably had a baby and the guy has left them. Then they live at home and do this to help support the family. Prices are varying from about 300Birr = £30.00 to 700 Birr.

Unbelievable!! No information about Addis in 2 years?? How many blind man are there on earth?? I didn’t find so much nice women on earth than in Ethiopia (next for me is Chile). I did not go to any club, because in the first night I found a slim girl just beside the hotel. She was a singer (and prostitute I guess). She was really nice, the most active women in bed I ever had, but sometimes a little bit crazy. Just before and after her orgasm she cried and bet me, it was a little bit difficult. Next day, I found a girl at the bus station, student, 20 years, accompany me for the rest of the time. She was very shy, but after 3 day she did fantastic BBBJ.

Just returned from AA. The current hot location is the Dome Club in the Concord hotel. The most women and the most reasonable.300 birr seems to fair quite nicely. 8.32 birr= 1 USD. Stayed at the Concord where a mid level room cost 220 birr. Functional, and free entrance to the Dome Club (15-20 birr value). Street action best on Bole road which is the airport road. New hotel on NEW Bole road is the Desalegem (misspelled)across from the Turkish embassy, 36 USD standard room and 60 USD for the suite, plenty of street action their. Also worth mentioning is the Memo Club just off Bole road, the Silver Bullet bar and grill, and My Pub. Street action starts around 8:30 PM the bar & grills around 10PM and the nightclubs at midnight.7 days a week

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