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Prostitution in Yerevan, Armenia: The economic situation in Yerevan is pretty bad, the average wages are around 50$, unfortunately this fact does not reflect on local prices – it’s hard to find a girl below 50$, even for an hour or two. Another peculiarity – most of the girls don’t do French, and they let you know it right away –“pyatdesyat baksov, mineta net” they tell you in bad Russian, which means – “fifty bucks, no BJ”.

Locations: Near the opera, and beyond the little park, near the Aeroflot offices. Also – near the Mexican “Cactus” restaurant, not far from the opera, and near the “Marco Polo” restaurant, on Abouvian street.

Another, and better option – walk into one of the many currency exchange shops around Yerevan center, and ask quietly the owner as “man to man” what and where you can find. I did it myself, and got a number of a great girl, 20 y/o, dark skinned, great raven hair, thin, with great smell. She said she was trained and worked in Dubbay. For 40$ for two hours she did everything, including tongue massage of every spot (yes, including french also). The only problem – tough communication, she didn’t really know any language besides Armenian, so I had to say everything three times – in English, Russian and even some Arabic I know, hoping she would understand. But anyway, she knew exactly what to do – I came four times in two hours, a record for me.

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