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In Adelaide, South Australia it is possible to find good cheap sex. Its possible to get a full service from $50 Australian dollars, however, a good quality girl starts at $100. How do you find them? Well, just pick up the local newspaper The Advertiser and check out the adult relaxation page and there you have it. They all offer full service but they do not say so when you call. Its usual thing, you get undressed and then you can talk business. Massage with a hand job is usually 50 dollars. One place in the city or gouger street offer 15 massage with a hand job for 25 dollars. The ladies are all Australians and around 5 in looks. On prospect rd there are some good Asians ones and they usually cost 70 for a head job. They always use condoms. One nice girl is Casey. On payneham rd there is one nice place and its 90 for a full service. Warning, all Asians massage parlors have Chinese girls, even if the ad in the paper says Korean or Singaporean. Many Asian places have 30+ in age working there and not very attractive. You are better off going to the place on Currie Street. Can’t remember the number but you can see it in the paper. Overall, Adelaide is a good place to have some fun because its cheap, much cheaper than in the big cities. Good luck and please send comments!

13 Wharf Street
Can chat with the ladies prior, average service.

Le Penthouse
35 Wharf Street
Attractive women, expensive.”line up” introduction system

Purely Blue
175 Abbottsford Road, Bowen Hills
Rates: $125 for 30 mins., $210 for one hour

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