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There seem to be two options. The first are girls in Jounieh, they can be for anything from 10$ to 100$ plus 10-20$ to rent a “chalet”. Any taxi driver will be able to help you. The best times are from around 5 to 9 pm. The other option are the Super night clubs. After trying it once I think that it’s just a rip off. You enter any of these clubs and see lots of gorgeous women, mostly from eastern Europe/former USSR, and think that this must be your luck night. Next thing you know you are paying almost 10 $ per drink plus 60 – 100 $ to open a bottle of champagne for the girl. This then entitles you to talk to the girl for an hour and a half and to meet her the next day from 1pm to 8pm. When I was told this I thought that it sounded fair, but the next day the girl just wanted to be shown around town and fed. She made it quite clear that anything else was out of the question.

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