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Perth, Australia. I have not been active for a year or two, but I don’t think things have changed. The best bet is an f/s massage parlor (check this on the phone first) where you are likely to pay $140 AUS or $80 US. These are tolerated and there should not be hassles. They are advertised openly in the daily paper. One hour means until you get off, but you can take your time. Showers and condoms are insisted on. Girls are usually 20-30 and between 5-8 depending on luck. You don’t have to take the first girl they send you. Street girls are few, usually addicts, and the police are likely to hassle. I have never been conned or hassled in a parlor in Perth. No need for paranoia, it’s a straightforward deal. Enjoy!

While working a few weeks ago, I spotted a massage parlor tucked away in a shopping complex, the sign read “The Depot”. Intrigued, I browsed through the weekend’s personal section to see if it was, in fact, a sensual massage rather than a traditional massage. Sure enough, it was listed under there with a “$70 Special” slogan. So one night after work I nervously walked in and found myself in a small waiting room with a receptionist sitting behind a desk. She asked if I had been there before, I replied that it was my first time there. She then explained that it was a $40 fee and all other prices were to be negotiated with the girls.

I handed over my cash and was told to take my pick of the girls. I was shocked to find that they had been sitting on lounge chairs behind me for the entire time, which I had failed to notice. Unfortunately, there were only three girls to choose from and none of them were stunners. I decided to go for a redhead sporting a very revealing gray dress who appeared to be around 35. She led me down a hallway and into a small cozy room which comprised a CD player, a small table with oils etc. and, of course, the massage table. She started small talk before getting into the prices…sadly, my memory fails me in relation to the prices, but I chose the hour-long full-service package, which came to about $120. Likewise, she asked me to undress, then led me to a shower down the hall, where I cleaned up. I was then led back to the room and asked to lie down. She started the massage, which was very relaxing, after about 15 minutes, she asked if I would like to massage her. Eager to get my hands on her hot body, I agreed…nabbing the bottle of oil from her, I proceeded to massage all parts of her body, which she seemed to enjoy. I was then asked to swap with her and lay on my back…she then massaged my chest legs before slipping on a rubber and giving a mind-blowing blowjob. Sensing that I was getting close, she slowed things down and proceeded to slide her oiled body up and down mine, making sure her breasts paid attention to my member. After many minutes of this, she asked me to stand up…she then bent over the table and allowed me to take her from behind until I came. A quick shower later and a quick kiss goodbye, my massage was done. “The Depot”….Osborne Park Looks:7 Attitude:9 Performance:8 Overall 7.5

Private Perth Escort Hi, I offer a very satisfying VISITING ONLY escort service for guys, girls and couples in Perth, Western Australia. I am educated and adventurous. Have a fantasy? Please let me know! I am sure we can work something out for your pleasure.

Perth on the west coast of Australia seems to be the entering point for most Asians coming to Australia.

There are several brothels and massage parlors with Asian girls. Countless Asian girls come here on a student or tourist visa and work for a few months, then go back home. Most Aussie girls are big and a little heavy. I have been spoiled with the little Asian girls. Plenty of different nationalities, whatever you want you can find it, though the quality is not great overall. The local newspaper, Western Australian, has an ad section for brothels and massage places. Have had good experiences with most of the massage places. Also, the massage places seem to come and go, so I won’t try to be specific, here to day gone tomorrow. As with any place depends on when you go and whom you get. Evenings seem to have the best choice and quantity of girls, and more customers. Daytime can be a nice treat, first in line for the day and still fresh. When you look in the paper, most of the first few columns will be numerous ads for brothels. These ads will sound like individuals, but if you start calling some of them, you will quickly realize they are mostly brothels and the same brothel over and over. The first 50 or 60 ads will all be from about six different brothels.

Escorts: Hundreds of escort ads, most girls actually come from brothels. What you say you want and what shows up are two different things. Usually $AU300 for an hour, you get to pay for the driver and time away from the brothel, etc. Massage Private Houses and Parlors: Usually AU$150 is good for an hour FS and BJ, all with condom. This is my preference, better service by smaller private operations, no big overhead to pay for. Most of the Massage houses are in Victoria Park, just east of the central business district. Easy to get there by taxi or even a bus, and then a short walk, you will need a map book to figure out your route. Massage and Jerk: More of these places popping up. Most will say no sex in their ads. The girl is naked, no touching and gives hand jobs. Sometimes if you pay for an hour, they will try to jerk you off twice. The massages are usually better but no fucking.

Langtrees: AU$300 will get you FS one hour. Well known but at the high end of the market. Double Dee’s Sweethearts: Total waste of time. AU$150 got me in the room for what should have been one hr FS but instead turned into no you can’t touch, no I won’t do that, that is extra. Had I paid for the extras, I would have spent over AU$300 for the same service you can easily find for AUS $150.

Aphrodite: Not much selection AU$200 for an hour, service was good. International Massage: AU$150 for an hour, good service and decent selection of young girls. Young in Australia is under 30 and over 20, 18-20 is very rare. Small massage tables to fuck on, not great. La Cherie: AU$200 for an hour, good service and double beds to fuck in, nice place. Casey’s: Didn’t stay, nothing even worth trying. Dirty little place. Most of the brothels are in East Perth, easy to walk from the central business district or take a taxi. Perth does have plenty of freelancers all over town and some strip clubs. Prostitution is open and accepted for the most part. Never any hassle with the police or rip off scams. All in all, not the greatest place in the world for pussy, but there is a lot available.

Just got back from Perth in June, visited the international massage parlor. The price was 150 AUS dollars for one hour half-and-half, she let me get off twice. She was around an 7.5 on my scale. She was an 18-year-old Chinese girl. Included in the deal was a shower. This place is a small hotel/home type place open 24 hours a day, there is a couch/waiting area, and this is in a residential area, look in the phone book or obtain a card from one of the many girls passing out cards on the streets. Everything was a straight fwd. Have fun

West Australian newspaper under the Personals in the classifieds. Rates $140 for 30 mins to $200 for one hour. “Ruby’s,” offers a 20 min. special for $99.

Adarose Fremantle In Western Australia, Fremantle is well known for its character, charm and stories which date back to the Swan River Colony Settlement in 1829. Fremantle is still very much a port city today and many of the original buildings are well known historical features, offering a wonderful insight in to the way that the city has developed since its more youthful days. Those early days of military settlement and the convict era have grown and developed Fremantle into the cultural hub of Western Australia that we love and cherish, with food, arts, markets and history. The streets of Fremantle is a treasure trove with a sublime mixture of the modern and the old with something for everyone to enjoy.

On the gorgeously historic South TCE, is a building of intrigue and heritage which dates back to before 1907, once believed to be owned by a man named Arthur Johnson. The building of 205 South TCE has lived through The Depression, two World Wars as well years of servicing patrons coming and going, her structure surviving for over 100 years.

Perth’s longest established brothel and escort agency, Ada Rose is newly refurbished and under new management! The gentlemen of Fremantle and Perth have been visiting at Ada Rose for over 30 years to delight their appeals and senses in the art of seductions and sensuality. The premises boast being in mint condition with timber floors, high ceilings and many other original features that will take you back in time. Now her allure and charm are being revived to continue to welcome clients from near and far to share in the high quality of the services and escorts available. yla/ ecial/ 0-quickie-special/

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