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Went to a massage parlor in North Plainfield, New Jersey and was looking for some action. I went in and saw a few women sitting around on couches. The cost was $40 for 30 minutes. The girls work on a rotation, but if you ask for someone specific, they will comply.

On this occasion, I saw Bridgitte. She is a brunette, Spanish, and very pretty. She has fake boobs, so they are not that nice to touch. But they sure are nice to look at. Bridgitte charges $60 for head and $100 for full service. She is okay, but not the greatest I’ve seen. I have been to a number of places in Central New Jersey, and I believe that this place is the only one in the area that offers full service.

There are several new massage places turning up and they offer less and charge a lot more. There are several places along Hwy 22. I’ll list a few:

640 Spring St. – Hillside. Very expensive. Girls are even reluctant to do a hand job. They can be talked into it to the tune of $60.

Apricot Massage – Bloy St. – Hillside. Major rip-off. They charge $40 to go into the room and then the girl asks for her tip up front. Minimum tip is $50 and that gets you absolutely nothing. They say it’s for the pleasure of their company. They encourage you to “masturbate yourself” while they massage you. I don’t need to pay to masturbate!

1734 Rt. 22 – Scotch Plains – This place was entirely oriental until a few weeks ago. They used to have a half hour session, but that has gone by the wayside. The door fee is $60 for an hour and the girls are Asian and American. When you go into the room you see a sign which says, “minimum tip $20, maximum tip $80. If your attendant asks for more than the maximum, refuse and speak to the management.” What a crock! I stayed and saw Susan the other day. Susan is a beautiful blonde with fake boobs. But well worth touching and looking at. She asked for $100 for a nude handjob, but accepted $80 for a topless handjob. The session included a short body shampoo, a less than enthusiastic massage and the obvious handjob. Definitely not worth the $140 I spent.

MTM Massage – Rt 22 in North Plainfield – way over priced. All you get is a hand job.
130 Rt. 22 – North Plainfield – all you get is a had job from very homely women. Door fee is $50 for a hour.
Hands on Salon – Rt 22 – Hillside – All you get is a handjob for a minimum tip of $60. Door fee is $40 for a half hour.

Ann’s Place
Full Body 721 Route 22 West North Plainfield, NJ 908/769-9887. Rates: $35 1/2hr before 6p, $30 1/2 hr after. Girls in late 30’s, early 40’s. Never full service, tips in $40-$50 range on top of basic rate can bring oral or manual.

Horizon Center
116 Watchung Avenue North Plainfield, NJ 908/561-7282. Rates: $80/an hr. Hours: lla-9:30p, M-F; 11:30a-Sp, Sa. 2 girls a shift. They offer a Jacuzzi along with full-body massage. Directions: Rte 22 exit Garden State Parkway to 116 Watchung Ave.

Rt 22 in North Plainfield – way over priced. All you get is a hand job.

Oriental Shiatsu
537 Rte 22, near Edgewood Road North
Plainfield, NJ
$60/an hr plus tips. Elaborate parlor has a sauna, table showers, and the girls offer you complimentary cappuccino in the comfortable VIP room, which has a VCR for showing erotic films. 6 cute girls on duty and manual releases are given for reasonable tips, but oral or complete service is never given.

Pure Pleasure
Full Body 591 Somerset St North Plainfield, NJ 908/753-6564. Rates: $30 1/2hr, $40 3/4 hr and $60/an hr. Large, clean place, American staff who give manual releases for an extra $40-$60 tip. Girls do their massages in the nude and fondling is allowed, the girls are real lookers, in 20’s to 30’s. Some girls have actual massage technique experience, even getting an ordinary massage can be quite a treat. Located in a small budding behind a Midas Muffler and Grease Monkey.

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