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Bartenders and cab drivers are good sources for info where to find girls.

Playboy Club
Look for playboy bunny neon sign out
Rates $50-60

Asuncion is not a modern as places like Buenos Aires, or even Lima. Centro closes at about 10 pm and all that are left are the chicas. Most are around a couple large plazas. A taxi driver will know and will take you. Do not expect anyone to speak any language except Spanish. They also speak a local Indian language called Guarani, but if you speak Guarani you must be from Paraguay and know the situation.
The taxi will cruise and when you see a chica that you like, tell him to stop and you get out of the taxi and negotiate. The city is relatively safe and there were no security problems.

The first thing that I noticed were the number of girls that looked 16. They said that they were 20-22 and I did not believe them until I met other Paraguayan women in other circumstances and found out that they look young because of their fine facial features and small size. There were many chicas who were very beautiful, with dark eyes and long hair. Initially it was like a candy store. The cost for 1 hour was about $18.

My first night I found a pretty 19 year old with long hair and a great shape, about 5 ft. tall. She was wearing a blouse and jeans, which was the most common. We went to my hotel, which was a cheap hotel and had no problems. No questions, no charges. When we were in the room, her looks were all that I had expected. The problem was in bed. She did not want to french kiss, she did not do oral, only straight with condom. She was not very responsive. She watched the clock. Looks 9.5, service 2. My second and third outing were the same. Great looking girls, lousy service. On my final night, I saw a group of girls on a corner and had the taxi stop. As I walked over a girl who had been sitting stood up. She was in a miniskirt, which was different from most of the girls, long wavy hair, beautiful eyes, a great smile and I was drawn to her immediately. I asked if she was available and she said yes, but she said that she was not a prostitute. Actually, she looked like that beautiful girl in high school who all the guys wanted to date, but never asked because they would be devastated if she said, No. Looks 10.5. In the taxi we talked, but she seemed to talk a lot more than the others and kept flashing the big smile. I was already considering purchase instead of rental.

At the hotel she said that she wanted to take a shower. She slipped out of her clothes, last removing her red panties, and talking to me all the time. Red is my favorite color and she perfect body. I was convinced that this was a sign of a great night. 5 minutes later she appeared from the shower and asked for her money. I gave her the money and asked if she would stay for the night for triple (about $54) and she agreed. In bed I began caressing her and we kissed a couple times, when she sat up and said that she needed more money. She had a baby and the $ 54 wasn’t enough. I said that we had agreed and she said that she couldn’t do it because she needed more money. Something was weird. Some things began to click in my head and I asked her if it was her first night on the street. Unfortunately, it was. She talked and talked. She filled in the rest of the pieces that I had heard from the other girls to get the story of prostitution in Asuncion. She had just figured it out.

The scam in Asuncion is as follows. A pretty girl gets pregnant and the guy walks out. The girl has no money, but the baby is coming. Near the end, she goes to a midwife who offers to take care of her and deliver the baby on credit. The baby comes and the girl can’t pay the bill- $ 2000. The midwife offers to keep her at her house, with the other girls until she heals and the baby is weaned, then she can get a job and pay it off. Now she owes a few hundred more for room and board. The catch is that there are no jobs, except the streets. The midwife convinces her that the only way that she can get out of debt is to go on the streets. If she does not go out on the streets, she and the baby get kicked out. The midwife now charges her about $54 per day for the room, food, and supervision of the baby while the girl is working. You can live in this city in a cheap hotel for $ 20. That is three one hour customers per day before there is any money to pay for taxi, clothes and pay off the debt. She would need to have about 6 tricks a night to ever get out of her situation and there is not enough time in a night. The midwife is now earning more than the girl, and she has several girls in her house. When the girl is used up, the midwife gets another.

Unfortunately, my date just realized it and thought that the solution was for me to pay double the going rate. She was going crazy. I finally told her that if she could calm down and give me a night of pleasure, I would pay her the $54 up front- her original price for the night, and a tip of another $54 in the morning. She wanted it all up front so she would know that she had it. I told her no, she was being crazy and I did not trust her any more. She couldn’t calm down, so I told her to either calm down or leave. She asked for the money again, and I told her in the morning. She left, still talking. This was the second time in my travels that I ended up with a girl on her first night, and both were disappointing.

There are also a few brothels in town. Bars with girls and rooms. I visited one on one night to check it out and find the prices, but did not stay. The girls were pretty. It was $36 to get in and one drink was free. The bar had plenty of girls. Chick drinks were $18. 1 hour in the private room was $36, one hour out was $ 72. The next time I am there, I think that I will try one of these to see if the service is better.

I arrived Paraguay thinking that there will be no sex this time for me in this trip. I settled down in the Excelsior Hotel and have a walk at the shopping mall next to him and I realized that the girls are quite cute: small, very sexy dressed; the weather was hot and I was horny. I bought a newspaper and look at the classified were I found several adds about massages.

My luck was that I found a girl named Paola in the same street of the Hotel. I walk to her place. She was an 8. Small, strong and patient. Very good looking. She was a professional masseur, so her massage was wonderful. Then I ask for a bj without condom that was the longest, and the best I ever have; so easy and patient. She ate my balls and dick extremely slow and asked to let her know when I want to come in order to be ready to swallow every drop.She was great and when I told her that I was just about to come, she put my dick very deep in her throat and sucked until I was clean. She charged $20 dollars and I gave her tip that she thanked. She wanted to came to my hotel later the same night but I preferred to say good bye.I recommend very warmly that you will try a Paraguayan girl. There are very very good service-givers.

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